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3 Tips To Help You Stay In Your Wedding Budget

Even a small, modest wedding can come with serious costs. When you start to plan your special day, you and your partner should identify your wedding budget as soon as possible, so you can work your plans around this figure. Trying to decide what your budget should be after committing to different expenses, or making… Read more »

Making Plans For Your Wedding Reception Bar Service

The right wedding reception allows everyone to end their night in good spirits. Your bar service can help foster a celebratory mood during the event itself, but planning to offer drinks can lead to some difficulties. As popular as an open bar can be, the demand it places on your budget can be significant. You… Read more »

Tips To Help You Find And Exchange Your Wedding Rings

Your wedding rings can be the most important pieces of jewelry you and your partner possess. They symbolize the lifelong commitment you two are making with each other, and it can certainly feel intimidating to make a purchase this important. While you can show off your engagement ring from the moment you become engaged, your… Read more »

Using Your Bridal Shower Registry To Help With Wedding Needs

Your bridal shower can give you a chance to bond with the women in your partner’s family, and share a touching moment with the people in your life. Your bridal shower registry also gives you a chance to prepare your home by receiving helpful items. One thing you might not realize is that certain useful… Read more »

Finding Ways To Limit Costs And Still Have A Great Reception

A successful wedding reception does not have to be a significant financial drain. Of course, there are many important investments you will have to make. Between the costs for providing food, beverages, and decorations, this portion of your special day can be particularly pricey. Fortunately, there are smart choices you can make to limit expenses,… Read more »

3 Budget-Friendly Tips To Help Plan Your Wedding

Are you ready to tackle the various responsibilities that await you when you plan your wedding? There are many issues you may face as you prepare for your special day, but one issue that can be particularly frustrating is trying to keep under your budget. While tradition often sees the parents of the bride support… Read more »

Planning Your Bar Service At Your Wedding

While many couples love the idea of having a totally open bar for their guests, it can be a big part of their overall expenses. Is it worth the investment? An open bar can be an expectation of your guests, and couples can feel uneasy about not providing it. There are alternatives you can explore…. Read more »

How Can You Save Money On Your Dream Dress? Part Two

Did you have a serious case of sticker shock the first time you saw your dream wedding dress? Well, luckily there are some nearly surefire ways you can help to save money on your bridal look, without having to sacrifice your great sense of style in the process. Here are a few more great tips… Read more »

How Can You Save Money On Your Dream Dress? Part One

If you have recently become engaged, then you likely already know how overwhelming it can be trying to find your dream wedding dress with so many wonderful options available. Besides narrowing down fabric choices and fits, you also have to make sure you find a dream gown that not only suits your style but also… Read more »

Can Wedding Items Double As Home Décor?

Does the idea of having to box up and give away a bunch of decorations, which represent your hard-earned money, after your wedding day make you want to cringe? If so, before you start shopping for wedding décor, why not consider what you could invest in that would double as home décor long after your… Read more »