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Stick to Your Wedding Budget with These Simple Tips: Part Two

What matters most to you on your wedding day? This might seem like a very big question, and it is certainly one that can have a lot of implications. But answering it might be simpler than you think, and best of all, it can be incredibly helpful. That’s because no amount of advice online is… Read more »

Stick to Your Wedding Budget with These Simple Tips: Part One

We get it. Talking about your wedding budget doesn’t exactly scream fun. But for most couples, working within their wedding budget is extremely important to limiting stress, and helping to ensure they have the wedding of their dreams, without going into crazy amounts of debt to do so. Fortunately, once you have established what you… Read more »

Ready to Get Married Already? Consider a Quick Engagement

Have you decided that a long engagement simply isn’t for you? In fact, are you wondering if it would be possible to plan a wedding in the next few months? While that might seem like a tall order, here at Texas Old Town we love helping our brides take the steps necessary to prepare for… Read more »

Is a Wedding Budget Really Necessary?

Many brides shudder at the idea of having to establish a wedding budget before they can get into the more fun aspects of wedding planning. Unfortunately, failing to set a budget upfront can often be a recipe for disaster. Failing to set a realistic budget, or not sticking to it, can cause dangerous patterns of… Read more »

Save Money with Some Smart Wedding Planning Tips: Part Two

If you’ll be incorporating borrowed vintage items into your big day, to help add sentimental value to your celebration, why not run with that theme and buy some additional items used, as well? Not only can this help save money, in many cases, but finding true vintage pieces is a great way to add character… Read more »

Save Money with Some Smart Wedding Planning Tips: Part One

While planning their weddings, most brides adhere to the tradition of wearing or carrying something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. But that tradition doesn’t have to be relocated to a single piece of jewelry or an embroidered handkerchief. Chances are you have friends and family members that would be thrilled to let… Read more »

Make Your Money Count with Smart Buys

While wedding planning, many brides are so focused on staying under budget that they might be tempted to choose whatever has the lowest sticker price. Unfortunately, in some cases this can actually backfire, costing more in the long run than their first choice would have. If you choose a wedding venue you don’t love, for… Read more »

Savvy Shopping Tips for Budget-Conscious Brides: Part Two

Most smart couples want to throw a stylish celebration, without going over budget on their big day. Fortunately, it has never been more possible to achieve a beautiful wedding day, even on a budget. It just takes smart shopping, and making a few key decisions early on to help keep your wedding spending on track,… Read more »

Savvy Shopping Tips for Budget-Conscious Brides: Part One

Most brides want to host the wedding of their dreams, without breaking the bank in the process, and it is possible to do just that, with some smart wedding planning. Whatever your wedding budget is, it is important to stick to it so that you and your groom can enjoy your day without stressing about… Read more »

How Much Is Enough? Planning Your Wedding Budget: Part Two

Once you, your fiancé and your families have established a total budget, it is time to start breaking down how that money will best be spent. There are many helpful resources online, with suggestions what percentage of your wedding budget should go towards your reception, your flowers, etc. However you choose to allocate your funds,… Read more »