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How Much Is Enough? Planning Your Wedding Budget: Part One

You’ve got the ring on your left hand, and more importantly your dream guy by your side. Now it’s time to let the wedding planning fun begin! First things first, you will need to establish a wedding budget. And while this may sound like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be stressful or scary…. Read more »

Tips for Throwing a Beautiful, Budget Wedding: Part Two

If you recently became engaged, you may have just begun the process of planning your dream wedding. And while planning can be really exciting, it can also be overwhelming, especially if you are working with a tight wedding budget. Fortunately, we’re here to share a few helpful tips for keeping your budget on track, while… Read more »

Tips for Throwing a Beautiful, Budget Wedding: Part One

Most brides-to-be learn pretty quickly just how expensive weddings can be, especially if they start the planning process without a budget to help keep their spending limited to what they can actually afford. Fortunately, it is possible to throw a hugely entertaining wedding that is big on style, without a ginormous budget. If you are… Read more »

Feel Your Best as a Bride with Some Self-Care

Every bride wants to feel like she’s glowing on her wedding day. Sure she wants to take her groom’s breath away, but it’s just as important that she feel her best, inside. Unfortunately many brides-to-be go to extreme measures trying to fit into their dresses, or reaching their personal bests physically. And they sometimes resort… Read more »

What to Consider When Hiring a Wedding Photographer: Part Three

So, you have finally narrowed down the list of photographers in your area to your absolute favorites. Or perhaps, better yet, you have taken your sister’s advice and fallen in love with the photographer who also shot her wedding! Unfortunately, there is the chance that now you will learn that your dream photographer is over… Read more »

Where to Begin With Wedding Planning? Part One

Did you recently become engaged, but aren’t sure where to begin with the wedding planning? It’s okay. Looking at a to-do list a mile long is enough to make anyone a bit anxious. Luckily, there are a number of resources – and people – that can help make the process a bit more streamlined and… Read more »

When to Save, When to Splurge: Part Two

Yes, you could let your dwindling wedding budget freak you out. But the alternative is much more fun. By making a few strategic swaps of higher end items for less expensive ones, you can help get your budget back on track without feeling the pinch. In fact, you might even get a rush realizing that… Read more »

When to Save, When to Splurge: Part One

If you’ve recently sat down to develop your wedding budget and have started to book essentials like a venue and a photographer, you may be surprised how quickly that figure seems to be shrinking. You may even be fearful about how far your funds can stretch, considering how much more you have to do and… Read more »

DIY Wedding Invitations

Though cake testing might be more fun, designing and mailing your invitations is crucial to pulling off the wedding day of your dreams. After all, what good is a picture perfect wedding day without all your favorite people to share in your excitement? Thankfully, there are a lot of ways you can DIY your invitations…. Read more »

Questions to Ask Before You Hire Your Wedding Caterer

There are a lot of logistics to work out, while planning a wedding. But few things may elicit as much excitement from your fiancé as when it comes to planning the catering. Since the food choices can make or break an otherwise great event, for both you and your guests, this is no place to… Read more »