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Use Our Venue For Engagement Photos And Bridal Portraits!

The joyful memories you take from your wedding day can be with you for the rest of your life. With that said, you should have a professional wedding photographer on hand to help capture the magic of this event, as their work can help you hold onto some of your favorite moments and create great… Read more »

Will We Have Time For First Look Photos Before The Ceremony?

The hours that lead to your wedding can be filled with activity. You and your partner need to concentrate on dressing and looking your best, but you also want to make sure that decorations are in place, wedding vendors are arriving and can set up, and that beverages, the wedding cake, and other important consumables… Read more »

Helpful Information About Wedding Guests And Picture Taking

Even though you have a wedding photographer on hand to document your celebration, you can safely assume that your guests will want to take pictures with their phones. Should you see this as something you will want to discourage or downplay, or a means of gathering other perspectives on your special day? Throughout the reception,… Read more »

Making Time For Group Pictures Before Your Reception

As you work out what vendor services you need for your wedding, you should look into securing the services of a wedding photographer. Photographers capture meaningful and magical moments throughout your wedding ceremony and reception, and even images from before your event begins. In addition to snapping pictures of people enjoying your wedding, they can… Read more »

Taking Photos As A Couple Before And During Your Wedding

While you will take many photographs on your wedding day, some of the images connected to your celebration will be taken well before the day itself. Couples will typically pose for proposal or engagement photos early in their engagement period. Texas Old Town can give you a lovely space to take these pictures, as our… Read more »

Photo Opportunities At Your Wedding You Do Not Want To Miss

With a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony to enjoy, along with a fun-filled and lovely indoor reception, there will be no shortage of photo-worthy moments during your celebration. With that said, there are certain moments that are particularly image-worthy during a wedding, and it can be important to make sure they are captured. Many of these… Read more »

Use Our Landscapes To Create Stunning Bridal Portraits!

As you take part in different pre-wedding moments, you will have the opportunity to capture images of yourself in your bridal gown that you can are eager to preserve. Your bridal portraits provide you with a lasting record of you the way you will look on your wedding day. While the focus of the picture… Read more »

Tips For Couples Who Are Ready To Take Engagement Photos

Before your wedding day takes place, you and your partner will have the chance to pose for photos that celebrate your impending union. Engagement photos tend to be taken shortly after the proposal, giving you enough time to select favorite pictures for a wedding website, or even for the invitations you ultimately send to guests…. Read more »

Making Time For Wedding Photos With Family Members

Your wedding will bring many people together, as you invite both friends and relatives to be a part of your celebration. While you can feel close to everyone you welcome to your event, it can be important to make time to enjoy this experience with close family members. While wedding photographers and videographers are tasked… Read more »

3 Reasons To Hire A Photographer For Your Wedding

Your friends and family members may capture some great images of your wedding, but if you want to come away with a collection of beautiful photos, you should have a professional photographer on hand. Many couples choose to pay for photography services while also hiring a videographer to record their event. Their services can make… Read more »