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Honoring Parents’ Roles In The Wedding Celebration

The parents of the bride and groom are often featured throughout a wedding celebration. They can also be involved in the planning process, as well as many of the pre-wedding events that take place. Whether you intend to host a traditional event, or want to do something different with your wedding, you can find space… Read more »

Choosing The Theme You Want For Your Wedding

While the typical wedding is shaped by many popular traditions, couples have a wealth of choices when it comes to making their event their own. As you think about the way you want your ceremony and reception spaces to look, and what kind of celebration you want to host, your ideal wedding theme can take… Read more »

Common Questions That Couples Have About The Reception Meal

What kind of plans should you make for your wedding reception? The reception and ceremony should share a theme, and exhibit the same degree of formality. In other words, the plans you make for your ceremony should influence the details of the reception, including what you plan to serve for your meal. This helps establish… Read more »

Making Time For DIY Projects While Planning Your Wedding

Is there time in your engagement period to work on DIY wedding projects? If you are someone who is comfortable with crafting work, you can have a relatively simple time making space on your calendar for work on pieces to feature at your wedding ceremony and reception. However, if you are relatively new to these… Read more »

Finding Time To Plan Your Wedding And Honeymoon

How hard will it be to plan a wedding? Some people are naturally comfortable setting deadlines and tasks for themselves, while others can struggle to keep up with the demands of arranging an event. With that said, adding event planning to your current daily demands can be difficult even if you are fantastic at staying… Read more »

Tips For Setting Up A Wedding Welcome Table And Gift Table

While many of your decorative touches help you establish the theme of your wedding, and generally create a lovely setting for your celebration, some will have more practical purposes. The wedding gift table and wedding welcome table can both address the needs of your guests – your gift table gives everyone space to leave items… Read more »

Planning A Smaller, More Intimate Wedding Event

A wedding is an important life event, but that does not mean it has to be a large one. Some couples will feel that a larger, more elaborate wedding event does not suit them. The right space can make an intimate, less formal gathering feel magical, and give you the necessary room to show everyone… Read more »

3 Things You Can Do To Make Your Wedding Rehearsal Easier

Your wedding rehearsal can have more value than you initially realize. Many couples who expect that everything will go smoothly can find themselves running through the steps of their ceremony multiple times to make sure everyone is on the same page. Fortunately, when you take this matter seriously, it can be a productive and beneficial… Read more »

What Should My Wedding Planning Timeline Look Like?

While weddings vary in size and style, the right wedding timeline can benefit just about every engaged couple. Setting your timeline helps you gauge how much work will go into different tasks, and it will help you organize different matters to avoid complications. Even a casual wedding with a small guest list can demand your… Read more »

Should The Date Of Your Wedding Affect Your Event Plans?

How should a couple decide on the right date for their wedding? For some, the top priority will be choosing a date that gives them ample time to plan and prepare. Others may have a certain date they find meaningful, which can be more important than the length of their engagement period. Of course, there… Read more »