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Using Bright Colors To Decorate Your Outdoor Wedding

The Texas Hill Country landscapes available to couples who reserve venue space at Texas Old Town provide stunning backdrops for wedding ceremonies. With access to such lovely natural settings, you can find that few decorations are needed to plan a gorgeous event. With that said, the decorations you do provide will help you personalize your… Read more »

How Your Vendors Help You Realize Your Wedding Vision

While some couples enter their engagement period with a clear wedding vision, others will piece one together as they start the planning process. In both cases, it is safe to assume that talented wedding vendors will play a role in making their celebration a success! Texas Old Town can help couples who want to host… Read more »

Tips For Creating A Truly Stylish Wedding Exit

A memorable ending to your wedding can create a moment well worth photographing, and it can help close your event in a way that satisfies your guests. You should think about both how you want your departure to look on film and how you actually leave the venue for the night. When you think about… Read more »

3 Suggestions To Help You Create A Magical Outdoor Ceremony

With the right surroundings and the right decorative touches, an outdoor wedding ceremony can feel magical! Texas Old Town supplies you with a stunning Texas Hill Country landscape, one that can be perfect for your outdoor Austin wedding event. The landscape serves as a beautiful backdrop year-round, providing sprawling spaces and finely cultivated areas that… Read more »

3 Fun Features To Add To Your Wedding Reception

While it can certainly be a beautiful celebration of your love, and a chance to thank the people in your life who are present on your special day, your wedding reception can also be a time to relax and have fun! After so much time arranging all of the details of your wedding, you can… Read more »

Why You Need Your Full Wedding Party At Your Rehearsal

The wedding rehearsal is more than a formality, or a pretense to gather for your rehearsal dinner. This is your chance to work with everyone involved in the ceremony so that they know their roles and can comfortably perform them on your wedding day. It is also your chance to make sure your vision for… Read more »

Common Questions Couples Have About Wedding Desserts

The question of what to serve during your wedding reception is an important one. You have options when it comes to what you provide for your main course, as well as how your guests are served. When it comes to serving dessert, many couples feel committed to the traditional tiered wedding cake. However, this is… Read more »

Traditional Reception Activities Guests Look Forward To

Your guests can be thrilled by your plans to wed, and honored that you and your partner have invited them to be present at your ceremony. With that said, weddings are about more than just the moment a couple formally declares their plan to share the rest of their lives. Your wedding reception will serve… Read more »

How Much Time Will It Take To Plan Our Wedding?

The wedding planning experience can vary greatly for different couples. While some couples have a clear vision for their wedding before they become engaged, others will need to take time in order to figure out what kind of celebration they want. The planning process can also be affected by their planned guest count, the desired… Read more »

Avoid These Mistakes When Making Your Seating Chart

While you and your partner may feel close to everyone at your wedding, it may be difficult for you to imagine how all of them should be gathered together at your wedding reception. This is one reason that the creation of a seating chart can be difficult for many couples. In addition to having a… Read more »