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Dessert Ideas To Help You End Your Wedding On A Sweet Note

Even though dessert tends to be a part of your wedding night’s end, it is something that guests can look forward to throughout your celebration. Because the tiered wedding cake is such a staple of the wedding reception, you can present them with something appetizing from the moment they find their dinner tables. While some… Read more »

How Do I Choose Between Artificial And Real Flowers?

While you may feel that real flowers are the only kind that are appropriate for wedding decorations, you may be surprised at the benefits of selecting artificial flowers for at least some of your pieces. If you plan to create DIY wedding decorations, artificial flowers can make the process easier simply because you do not… Read more »

3 Options To Make Wedding Planning Easier

Adding wedding planning to an already busy life can seem like an easy recipe for stress, but many couples find themselves juggling these new challenges with their current responsibilities. If you have feelings of uncertainty around wedding obligations, the first thing you should do is remember that you are not alone. You may be surprised… Read more »

3 Important Early Decisions To Make While Wedding Planning

No matter how long or short your engagement period might be, there are a few decisions about your wedding you should make early. These choices can help you eliminate a lot of questions and options you might have to explore, and they can help you communicate about what people should expect from your event. The… Read more »

Things To Consider When Decorating Your Aisle Space

When the bride makes her appearance, the eyes of everyone in attendance tend to be on her. Your walk down the aisle is one of the loveliest moments of the entire wedding, and a great opportunity to create memorable photographs. It is also a reason to think about the look of your aisle. With the… Read more »

When Should I Start My Search For Wedding Vendors?

As exciting as it is to become engaged, and share the news with your friends and family, you may need to move quickly from celebrating to planning. One matter you should treat as a priority is the search for wedding vendors. If you hope to plan a wedding event within twelve to eighteen months, it… Read more »

Is A Wedding Website Really Something We Should Create?

Your wedding invitations should provide guests with the most important information about your special day. In addition to listing the location, date, and time, you can include guidance on preferred attire to help make sure people have an idea of how formal your wedding will be. While these are certainly relevant details, there may be… Read more »

3 Things To Consider Before Finalizing Your Guest List

The process of creating, revising, and finalizing the guest list for your wedding can be a daunting one. You can face tough questions about who should or should not be included, how many plus-ones you can comfortably offer, and whether you should make your event a child-free gathering. When you have the list finished, and… Read more »

Choosing Beautiful Bridal Bouquets And Floral Arrangements

Because you keep it with you for so much of the wedding, you may want to think about your bridal bouquet as part of your attire. It will be featured prominently as you walk down the aisle, and it will appear in the group and couple photos taken by your photographer. It can also stay… Read more »

Tips To Help You Craft Your Personal Wedding Vows

When it comes time to say “I do” at your wedding ceremony, you will have time to share your love with your guests by reciting vows. Many couples have chosen to abandon traditional vows in favor of words they crafted themselves. This can be beneficial to people who see less of themselves in traditional vows,… Read more »