Category: Wedding Planning

Providing Snacks And Other Wedding Refreshments

Should you consider welcoming your wedding guests with snacks and light refreshments before your ceremony begins? What about offering a cocktail hour between your ceremony and reception events? These gestures are not always necessary, but they can be appreciated by your guests, particularly for a wedding taking place later in the evening. You can also… Read more »

The Right Photos And Videos Can Help You Preserve Memories

Many couples decorate their homes with photos from their wedding, and videos can help you relive amazing moments from your special day. If you want to make sure you have images you cherish, the right professionals can be key. Fortunately, you can find professionals who are able to work with you to capture the most… Read more »

3 Things To Keep In Mind While Planning Your Reception Meal

The idea of picking a meal for everyone at your wedding can feel daunting. Of course, this can feel like an opportunity as much as a challenge – the right selection can keep people buzzing, and add to their enjoyment of your wedding day. You can count on preferred vendors to help you with your… Read more »

Taking Steps To Pick Your Ideal Wedding Cake

Finding that perfect wedding cake – the one that looks great in your reception space, and feeds all those hungry guests – can be challenging. It may not be made to last, but the look of your cake is important. After all, few images are more recognizable than the tiered wedding cake. Of course, you… Read more »

Finding The Right Attire For You And Your Bridesmaids

Even if you only wear it once, you will hold onto many photos, and memories, of your wedding gown. Finding the right dress can take time, and you should make sure you have time for any needed alterations before your wedding day. Of course, this dress is not the only one you need to select… Read more »

Decorating Tips For Your Outdoor Ceremony Space

When your wedding ceremony is set among the natural beauty found in Texas Hill Country, it can be easy to create a wonderful setting with little effort. While your lovely outdoor space can do wonders for your event, you can find that adding the right pieces can help you personalize your affair. Your aisle and… Read more »

3 Helpful Hints For Setting Up Your Wedding Gift Table

Your wedding gift table is more about function than style, but you can certainly spruce it up with the right decorations. You can highlight your wedding colors, include personalized pieces, like your engagement photos, and add floral arrangements to give it a more attractive look. Of course, you should be careful to avoid doing anything… Read more »

Being Prepared For The End Of Your Reception

The start of your wedding is a magic moment. You can finally truly enjoy the ceremony and reception you have spent so much time planning. While your goal during your wedding should be to have the best possible experience, you do need to make some plans so that you are prepared for the end of… Read more »

Drawing Decoration Inspiration From Your Venue

While you can easily envision different pieces of your wedding, it can be hard to tie everything together before you find your space. Once you know where your wedding ceremony and reception are taking place, you can We offer several great venues you can use to host a beautiful wedding. Your venue can help you… Read more »

Making A Space For Kids At Your Reception

With the right planning, and a beautiful Texas hill country setting, there can be plenty to love about your wedding ceremony and reception. When it comes to your youngest attendees, you may need to make some accommodations. Kids can be great fun at a wedding. The arrival of your flower girl and ring bearer can… Read more »