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Making The Right Style Choices For Your Hair And Makeup

Selecting your hairstyle and makeup preferences will play a big part in determining your ultimate wedding look. While your wedding gown will certainly be the most identifiable aspect of your appearance, these style decisions matter. To make sure they look their best, brides will commonly arrange for professional hair and makeup services, and enjoy a… Read more »

Searching Different Spaces For The Right Wedding Decorations

For most of your life, you can remain blissfully unaware of where you can go to find wedding decorations. When you find yourself planning your special day, the question of where you can go to locate the right materials becomes more than a little pressing. Different people have different needs when it comes to decorations…. Read more »

Using Professionals For Your Wedding Photo And Video Needs

You can easily expect most of your guests – possibly even all of your guests – to have some kind of recording device with them on your wedding day. Our phones make pictures and videos remarkably easy to capture, which can give people an inflated sense of what they can do behind their lens. While… Read more »

Is It Time To Start Creating My Seating Chart?

Creating the ideal seating chart can take time, even if your guest list is on the small side. It can be particularly difficult to arrange when you have guests who have few connections to other people at your wedding, or when you have larger friend and family groups who will have to be spread over… Read more »

Determining How Formal Or Informal Your Wedding Should Be

On your wedding day, you can have the important people in your life together to help you share in a truly special life event. Because this is your day, you should feel free to make the event as formal, or informal, as you want. Between stunning outdoor settings and multiple accommodating venue spaces, Texas Old… Read more »

3 Tips That Can Help Take Stress Out Of Wedding Planning

Even a relatively small and intimate wedding experience can be challenging to arrange, and the cause of some stress. Between selecting proper wedding attire for you and your wedding party, finding the right vendors to serve food and drinks, preparing your guest list, and planning your decorations, you will have plenty of demands on your… Read more »

Exploring Your Serving Options For Your Reception Dinner

Your wedding reception can feature lots of dancing, a fair number of drinks, and plenty of time for you to interact with your guests. Of course, as much as this evening is about bringing everyone together and celebrating, you still want to deliver on your reception meal. Texas Old Town can point you in the… Read more »

3 Tips For Couples Who Prefer To Host A Child-Free Wedding

When it comes to creating a guest list, the bride and groom can obviously be the authorities on who should receive an invitation. One consideration you can make when forming plans is whether you should make your wedding a child-free affair. Limiting your wedding to adults can make more room on your guest list, and… Read more »

What Can You Gain From Scheduling Your Wedding On A Friday?

Many couples feel that they absolutely must plan their wedding on a Saturday. This can certainly be a popular choice, and may be what your friends and family anticipate. With that said, making this choice can come with drawbacks. Because Saturdays are so frequently preferred, you may have fewer available dates to pick from on… Read more »

Your Bridal Suite Can Make Wedding Day Preparations Easier

The hours leading to your wedding ceremony can be filled with activity. You, your partner, and everyone in your wedding party will need to be ready to walk down the aisle. You can also be concerned about arrangements concerning your decorations, your catering, and your entertainment. In addition to providing couples with venue access for… Read more »