Category: Wedding Planning

Using A Wedding Book To Help Organize Your Planning Efforts

A wedding book, or wedding binder, is something many brides over the years have used to organize their efforts to plan their weddings. Some couples will find it easier to perform planning tasks on a computer, or a tablet, but many people still enjoy having a physical collection of everything they need to turn their… Read more »

3 Things To Address When Planning Your Reception Dinner

Your reception dinner is a time for celebration. It will be your first chance to cut loose and enjoy yourself after your ceremony, and your opportunity to really interact with your guests. While there are traditions associated with the reception, it can also give you more freedom to create the event as you see fit…. Read more »

Honoring Family During Your Wedding

Many people are eager to take a moment and honor their family during their wedding, but you may be unsure of how you can include this in your event. While some family members can be included in your wedding party, and given official roles, others – like grandparents – may not fit so neatly in… Read more »

Helping Your Groom Feel Involved In Planning Your Wedding

It can be all too easy to think of a wedding as something the bride is responsible for planning. In reality, couples will often find that a division of tasks will make it easier to prepare for your special day. What you may discover is that you have spent more time thinking about what you… Read more »

Selecting And Ordering Flowers For Your Wedding

Your flower arrangements can be one of the most visible, and most striking, elements of your decorations when it comes to your wedding. You can take the time to add flower arrangements at your ceremony entrance, or around the altar, to create an impressive visual. Arrangements at your reception tables can also add an element… Read more »

Keeping Up With Your Wedding Planning Responsibilities

As excited as you may be by your upcoming wedding, you may find yourself feeling stressed from time to time as you contemplate the scope of your responsibilities. Organizing a wedding and reception can take considerable work. Even arranging professional help can be time-consuming, as you need to meet with wedding vendors, and figure out… Read more »

What To Consider When Selecting Bridesmaid Dresses

As you plan your wedding, celebrate your bridal shower, and let loose during your bachelorette party, your bridesmaids will be there to support you. While the bride and groom tend to command the attention during a wedding ceremony, selecting the right bridesmaid dresses is certainly important. This can be challenging, as your bridesmaids can be… Read more »