Category: Wedding Traditions

Things To Consider When You Register For Gifts

By bringing gifts from your registry to your wedding, your guests can help you fill your shared home with items you need, and show that they care. By building the most useful, user-friendly registry possible, you can make this experience easier for everyone. Couples often feel as though they need to limit themselves to only… Read more »

Designing Your Wedding Program

The wedding program you design can neatly outline the order of events that will take place during your ceremony. Of course, they can do more than just let guests know what you have planned. Wedding programs are often kept as keepsakes by guests, who can use them to commemorate the event. You can also use… Read more »

Honoring Family During Your Wedding

Many people are eager to take a moment and honor their family during their wedding, but you may be unsure of how you can include this in your event. While some family members can be included in your wedding party, and given official roles, others – like grandparents – may not fit so neatly in… Read more »

Preparing For Your Pre-Wedding Events

Between your engagement and your wedding day, you can look forward to several events to help you commemorate this big life change. These engagements can vary considerably in tone – for instance, a bridal shower is usually a more reserved affair than your bachelorette party. These events leading to your wedding day can help celebrate… Read more »

Your Ring Bearer And Flower Girl

Your ring bearer and flower girl will have pretty simple jobs, and any mistakes they might make are typically more adorable than disruptive. Of course, involving children in a ceremony can bring a few challenges. After all, they may be uncomfortable with all the attention they receive as they walk down the aisle, and particularly… Read more »

Planning – And Enjoying – Your Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner for your wedding can feel like a fun, informal gathering before your big day, but it also serves to help you feel prepared for your ceremony. A beautiful wedding is not something that comes together by accident – a rehearsal dinner allows you and your wedding party to walk through the steps… Read more »

Selecting The Right People For Your Wedding Party

You will have many decisions to make over the course of planning your wedding. Selecting the right space, securing the right vendors, and finding the right dress are all important considerations. Of course, one prospect that may feel especially daunting is selecting the right people for your wedding party. You may be worried that there… Read more »