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Should Our Ceremony Feature A Ring Bearer And Flower Girl?

While the ring bearer and flower girl roles are often featured in wedding ceremonies, many couples choose to leave these roles unfilled. These roles work well in traditional wedding events, and it can be a nice way to include younger family members or the children of close family friends in your special day. Make sure… Read more »

What To Think About When You Put Out Your Wedding Guest Book

There are many ways to commemorate your wedding. Pictures, gifts, and even the decorations you use to personalize your space can be worth holding onto. One thing you can be especially excited to hold onto is your wedding guest book. Traditionally, your book takes the signatures of the guests who were on hand for your… Read more »

Deciding Who You Should Include In Your Wedding Party

While some wedding planning tasks can wait after you become engaged, there are others you can take care of quickly. Many people who plan to wed can have a clear idea of who they want in their wedding party. With that said, questions over how large your party should be, and who will be able… Read more »

Traditional Reception Activities Guests Look Forward To

Your guests can be thrilled by your plans to wed, and honored that you and your partner have invited them to be present at your ceremony. With that said, weddings are about more than just the moment a couple formally declares their plan to share the rest of their lives. Your wedding reception will serve… Read more »

Fun Alternatives To Traditional Wedding Gift Requests

The traditional wedding registry can include items that make sense for many, but not all, couples who are ready to walk down the aisle. If you do find yourself less than enthused to receive gifts that “make sense” for a registry, you can still feel pressure from friends and family members who want to provide… Read more »

How The First Dance Fits Into Your Wedding Reception Plans

The first dance tends to take place early in the wedding reception, and may even be the first traditional event you take part in (after your formal arrival, of course). While you have the freedom to choose whether you do something elaborate or simple, you should see this as an opportunity to set the tone… Read more »

Who Should Serve As Your Ring Bearer And Flower Girl?

Including a ring bearer and flower girl in your wedding ceremony provides more than just a nod to tradition. By filling these roles, you create opportunities for smaller family members (or family of close friends) to take part in your wedding. You also add a sweet moment to your event. While the choice to have… Read more »

Designing Bouquets For The Bridesmaids And Bride

While weddings typically feature many floral arrangements in their decorations, the bouquets held by the bridesmaids and bride can receive special attention. The bouquets can help complete the look of everyone’s outfits, and they create more opportunities to show off your wedding colors. It can be hard to resist the urge to create something elaborate,… Read more »

Use Our Landscapes To Create Stunning Bridal Portraits!

As you take part in different pre-wedding moments, you will have the opportunity to capture images of yourself in your bridal gown that you can are eager to preserve. Your bridal portraits provide you with a lasting record of you the way you will look on your wedding day. While the focus of the picture… Read more »

3 Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Your First Dance

The happy couple’s first dance tends to take place near the start of the wedding reception. By putting it before dining, you can keep guests entertained while giving your caterer some extra time to prepare everyone’s food. Like the ceremony, this event will see everyone’s eyes on the two of you as you share a… Read more »