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Honoring Parents’ Roles In The Wedding Celebration

The parents of the bride and groom are often featured throughout a wedding celebration. They can also be involved in the planning process, as well as many of the pre-wedding events that take place. Whether you intend to host a traditional event, or want to do something different with your wedding, you can find space… Read more »

Planning Your Arrival To The Wedding Reception

While the wedding procession will keep you and your partner (briefly) apart when your ceremony begins, you are able to arrive as a duo when enter your wedding reception. While some couples make more of this moment than others, your arrival at the reception effectively starts your event. Whether you choose to do something simple… Read more »

Things To Consider As You Plan Your Walk Down The Aisle

The bride’s walk down the aisle is among the most memorable moments of a wedding ceremony. While the procession can appear to be a straightforward moment, you should put some thought into yours as you work out the details of your special day. You have some flexibility when it comes to choosing who walks with… Read more »

Fitting The Cake Cutting Into Your Reception Plans

Your cake cutting can be a fun, photo-worthy moment at your wedding reception, one with more importance than you might realize. While serving dessert is not necessarily the last thing you will do during your reception, this moment is often used as the final “formal” moment of the evening, and a time when some guests… Read more »

What To Consider As You Search For A Wedding Officiant

While you should take care to make sure that every person who serves a role in your wedding is right for their task, it is difficult to overstate the importance of having the right officiant. This person will have the opportunity to speak to what makes your relationship special, and they will help set the… Read more »

Make The Most Of Your Time During Your Wedding Rehearsal

If you want your wedding ceremony to live up to your expectations, make sure you take full advantage of your rehearsal time. During your wedding rehearsal, you can have all of the people with roles to fulfill at your ceremony present to learn what is expected of them. Even if their task is simple, practice… Read more »

Should We Stick With Family Traditions Or Do Something New?

Some people enter their engagement period with a clearer idea of what they want for their wedding than others. With that said, knowing what you want may not settle all of the questions around what you should do on your wedding day. Couples who want to move away from tradition sometimes enter conflicts with family… Read more »

Tips To Help Couples Prepare For Their First Dance

You and your partner will be the center of attention throughout your wedding, but some moments during your event may feel more nerve-racking than others. Your ceremony can feel like a daunting moment, particularly if you exchange your own vows. However, your reception puts you in the spotlight in a big way during your first… Read more »

Tips To Help With Selecting And Serving Your Wedding Cake

The search for a wedding cake can be one of the most fun experiences you have while planning your wedding. After all, this is a chance to indulge your sweet tooth while trying to decide on what you should have for dessert at your wedding. While flavor certainly matters, the cake also tends to double… Read more »

Fitting Wedding Toasts Into Your Reception Plans

The toasts shared during your wedding afford the people closest to you and your partner the opportunity to share meaningful words about your relationship. While the speeches given can range from humorous to purely sentimental, they can be a particularly touching moment in a day already rich with feeling. As lovely as this tradition can… Read more »