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Tips To Help Couples Prepare For Their First Dance

You and your partner will be the center of attention throughout your wedding, but some moments during your event may feel more nerve-racking than others. Your ceremony can feel like a daunting moment, particularly if you exchange your own vows. However, your reception puts you in the spotlight in a big way during your first… Read more »

Tips To Help With Selecting And Serving Your Wedding Cake

The search for a wedding cake can be one of the most fun experiences you have while planning your wedding. After all, this is a chance to indulge your sweet tooth while trying to decide on what you should have for dessert at your wedding. While flavor certainly matters, the cake also tends to double… Read more »

Fitting Wedding Toasts Into Your Reception Plans

The toasts shared during your wedding afford the people closest to you and your partner the opportunity to share meaningful words about your relationship. While the speeches given can range from humorous to purely sentimental, they can be a particularly touching moment in a day already rich with feeling. As lovely as this tradition can… Read more »

These Tips Can Help You Plan Your Ceremony Experience

Your wedding ceremony can be one of the most beautiful and emotional moments you experience, and it can be an experience you and your partner cherish forever. Of course, you will have to put some time and effort into planning this moment during your engagement period in order to fully capture its magic. We offer… Read more »

Finding The Appropriate Length For Your Engagement Period

The day of your proposal can be one of the absolute happiest of your life. After making plans to wed, you and your partner have an important decision to make – when should your celebration take place? Because committing to a date also means committing to a deadline for all wedding preparations, this is not… Read more »

Deciding On The Wedding Gifts You Want On Your Registry

Building your wedding registry can be fun. After all, you have an excuse to browse stores and online inventories in search of products that can help you start married life in style. With that said, you might find yourself hesitating before making selections. If you and your partner already live together, or if the two… Read more »

Selecting Bouquets And Boutonnieres For Your Wedding Party

Flowers can feature prominently in the centerpieces you create for your reception, the decorations you use for your altar, and in many other spaces during your wedding. Of course, some of the most recognizable floral arrangements you feature during your event are the ones that you and your wedding party carry with you. You can… Read more »

How Many Traditions Should You Include In Your Reception?

Hosting your wedding reception calls for you to make choices about what everyone will eat and drink, what to offer for dessert, and putting the right entertainment in place. In many ways, you can think of a reception as a traditional party, albeit one where you happen to be wearing some unusually fancy attire! However,… Read more »

How Bold Should My Wedding Colors Be?

When it comes to planning your wedding decorations, few choices will help shape the event’s overall look like your wedding colors. Your wedding colors play a part in highlighting the formality of your celebration, and they allow you to establish a theme. If you want to have a formal wedding experience, subtle color choices can… Read more »

Using A Ring Bearer And Flower Girl In Your Wedding Ceremony

When they make their respective marches down your aisle, your ring bearer and flower girl can elicit a positive reaction from your guests. This is usually one of the cutest moments of your wedding, but it is one that can take some planning. After all, working with younger children can be a challenge, as they… Read more »