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Planning A Formal Wedding Reception

Will it be difficult for you to plan a formal wedding event? With the right venue setting and support, you can create an event that is connected to tradition and ready to impress your guests! With our Texas Hill Country surroundings, you can plan a formal gathering that stands apart thanks to the abundant natural… Read more »

How To Create Wedding Magic During Your First Dance

The first dance tends to be one of the first events during a wedding reception. It can take place soon after your guests find their seats, or it can wait until after dinner is served (but before the dance floor officially opens). Your time together on the dance floor can be a fun and lovely… Read more »

Planning Your Departure From Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding can be a magical and unforgettable experience, but (unfortunately) it has to end sometime. Traditionally, the happy couple will depart in a grand and stylish fashion, which lets the guests know that the reception is coming to an end. To give your exit a more exciting look and feel, you can have guests… Read more »

What Wedding Toasts Add To Your Reception

During the wedding ceremony, you and your partner will have the opportunity to share your commitment to each other. By penning your own wedding vows for the ceremony, you can share a personal statement about what makes you so excited to enter into your marriage. When it is time for the wedding reception, other important… Read more »

Questions You Might Have About The Cake Cutting Tradition

The cake cutting tradition can be an important – and fun – part of any wedding reception. This moment does more than just tell your guests that dessert is on its way. It creates a moment you will want your wedding photographer to document, and it has long served as a symbol of the first… Read more »

Making Time In Your Reception For Wedding Traditions

The wedding reception gives guests more freedom than the ceremony. During the ceremony, everyone in attendance watches as you and your partner exchange vows, but during the reception they can dine, drink, mingle, and congratulate you on your union. While this makes the reception less structured, it does not mean that you should have no… Read more »

3 Things To Keep In Mind When Creating Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitations that you send out should do two important things. You should make sure that they are clear, and that all of the necessary information is both present and accurate. It can also be important to make sure that they look nice, both to hold the attention of invitees and because they give… Read more »

Should Our Ceremony Feature A Ring Bearer And Flower Girl?

While the ring bearer and flower girl roles are often featured in wedding ceremonies, many couples choose to leave these roles unfilled. These roles work well in traditional wedding events, and it can be a nice way to include younger family members or the children of close family friends in your special day. Make sure… Read more »

What To Think About When You Put Out Your Wedding Guest Book

There are many ways to commemorate your wedding. Pictures, gifts, and even the decorations you use to personalize your space can be worth holding onto. One thing you can be especially excited to hold onto is your wedding guest book. Traditionally, your book takes the signatures of the guests who were on hand for your… Read more »

Deciding Who You Should Include In Your Wedding Party

While some wedding planning tasks can wait after you become engaged, there are others you can take care of quickly. Many people who plan to wed can have a clear idea of who they want in their wedding party. With that said, questions over how large your party should be, and who will be able… Read more »