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Looking for an Alternative to Traditional Wedding Cake?

Do you want to serve dessert at your wedding, but feel uninspired by traditional wedding cake? While it remains the going tradition, wedding cake isn’t for all couples. And that is more than okay. After all, there are lots of fresh alternatives to wedding cake, ones that will be just as fun to eat and… Read more »

What Wedding Colors Are Right for You?

Choosing your wedding colors is one of the simplest and frankly, one of the most fun, ways to help ensure you plan a beautiful and cohesive wedding celebration. From bridesmaids dresses and table linens, to floral arrangements and groomsmen’s ties, there are so many wonderful ways to incorporate your favorite colors into your wedding ceremony… Read more »

New Wedding Traditions We Think You’ll Love

Sure, many wedding traditions are no longer commonplace, and many have been shirked altogether. Your parents probably won’t be giving your groom a goat or gold coins, or a dowry at all. And you probably won’t be literally tying your hands together, though that was long tradition in many cultures. That doesn’t mean there aren’t… Read more »

Skip the Bridal Shop When Searching for Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Are you in the process of planning your wedding, and feeling bad about asking your bridesmaids to spend hundreds of dollars on dresses you know they’ll never actually want to wear again? While it is improtant to remember that this is your big day, and the people that love you will do all they can… Read more »

Does a Modern Bride Really Have to Wear White?

Are you excited to be planning the wedding of your dreams, but far less thrilled at the idea of picking out a formal white wedding gown? Many modern brides feel that traditional wedding gowns just aren’t for them, yet they worry about whether it’s really okay for them to shirk this age-old tradition and go… Read more »

Get Inspired By Your Family’s Love Stories

Yes, there are dozens of magazines filled with beautiful images of weddings, and honestly a lot of styled shoots. Pinterest, too, is overflowing with inspiration when it comes to planning your dream wedding. But sometimes, the best source of inspiration isn’t online, or even editorial imagery. It’s your family’s own photo albums. After all, your… Read more »

Wedding Traditions It’s Fun to Break!

Sure, wedding traditions have their place. Even when planning a thoroughly modern wedding, it can be nice to give nods to weddings past by following time-honored traditions, or even incorporating elements from your family’s historical weddings. That said, we think there are some traditions it is more than okay to break. In fact, it can… Read more »

Thoughtful Gifts for Your Groom-to-Be

Not every couple chooses to exchange gifts on the wedding day, but if you and your fiancé plan to adhere to this particular wedding tradition, it is important to find something special and meaningful to gift your groom. While it’s certainly the thought that counts behind any gift, rarely will an occasion be as significant… Read more »

Forget Pinterest; Get Inspired By Your Family’s Wedding Past!

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, there were only a handful of wedding magazines to inspire brides’ decisions about what to wear, serve, and how to decorate their weddings. Before that, brides were often reliant upon relatives and friends who’d gotten married before them, to help them plan the wedding of their… Read more »

Wedding Trends That Will Never Grow Old

Your love will last forever, so why not celebrate it with a wedding that is rooted in tradition and filled with timeless trends? Sure, many things come and go. This year’s “It” dress could be deemed a dud a few year’s down the line. Those shoes you just had to have this summer, will someday… Read more »