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Save Money with Some Smart Wedding Planning Tips: Part One

While planning their weddings, most brides adhere to the tradition of wearing or carrying something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. But that tradition doesn’t have to be relocated to a single piece of jewelry or an embroidered handkerchief. Chances are you have friends and family members that would be thrilled to let… Read more »

Wedding Traditions It’s Okay to Shirk: Part Two

Not every couple wants to host a traditional wedding. In fact, many modern fiancés want to celebrate their own unique love story by throwing some wedding traditions to the wind, in favor of choosing what makes the most sense for their tastes and timeline. From traditional timing of the toasts to bouquet and garter tosses,… Read more »

Wedding Traditions It’s Okay to Shirk: Part One

When it comes to wedding planning, some brides and grooms want to stick closely to tradition. Many couples even take cues from their own parents’ or grandparents’ weddings, when it comes to planning how the ceremony will go, or even what kind of cake they’ll serve at the reception. However, many modern couples want to… Read more »

The New Bachelorette Parties: Part Two

If you are the maid-of-honor, bestie, sister or other friend put in charge of hosting a bachelorette party, it can be difficult to determine what’s the best way to celebrate the bride’s upcoming big day. It’s especially important to consider that not every bride wants a traditional bachelorette party. Some people prefer the kind of… Read more »

The New Bachelorette Parties: Part One

While there will always be bridesmaids who want to host what has become considered a wedding tradition, the wild and crazy bachelorette party, not everyone is cut out for super late night adventures on Sixth Street in Austin or the strip in Las Vegas. Some friends are looking to have a more subdued kind of… Read more »

Five Southern Traditions All Couples Should Consider! Part One

Who doesn’t want to host an effortlessly glamorous wedding? And no one masters that combination quite like the quintessential Southern bride! Fortunately you don’t have to live south of the Mason-Dixon Line, to host a fabulous, Southern-inspired wedding. Here are five of our favorite traditions that any couple, regardless of geography, can incorporate into their… Read more »

Ideas for Your Non-Traditional Wedding: Part Three

Have you been to dozens of weddings that all looked and felt the same? Sure you were happy to celebrate your friends’ love, but was that the only enjoyable aspect of those cookie-cutter wedding days? If so, you might decide you want to host a non-traditional wedding, one that will be memorable and fun for… Read more »

Ideas for Your Non-Traditional Wedding: Part Two

First comes love, then comes a lot of planning, for your wedding that is. And if you don’t consider yourself a typical bride, wedding planning can feel even more challenging. Many fiancés think they have to cave to tradition, when it comes to planning their nuptials. But that’s no longer the case. So talk to… Read more »

Ideas for Your Non-Traditional Wedding: Part One

So, you want to throw a non-traditional wedding? There has never been a better time to be an unconventional bride. From what you wear to the vows you exchange, you really don’t have to stick to any wedding traditions, if you don’t wan to, especially if you and your groom are the only ones paying… Read more »

Avoid These Outdated Wedding Traditions

Even if you and your fiancé don’t plan on chasing the latest wedding trends, that doesn’t mean you have to host a traditional ceremony or reception. On the contrary, there has never been a better time to shirk outdated wedding traditions, in lieu of plans that work better for you and your families. Don’t want… Read more »