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Who Should You Invite To Your Rehearsal Dinner?

Your rehearsal dinner, that final event before your special day, can be a welcome moment with close friends and family before your wedding. Of course, it is more than a purely social gathering. The dinner follows your rehearsal for the wedding ceremony, which can make everyone in your wedding party feel more at ease over… Read more »

Honoring Your Family, And Their Traditions, At Your Wedding

Your wedding celebration will gather your friends, and your family members, to experience your commitment to your partner. While every guest matters, the presence of family is significant – after all, your marriage will mark your entry into your partner’s family, and vice versa. To reflect this, you may want to find extra little ways… Read more »

How Elaborate Should Our Pre-Wedding Events Be?

Like your wedding itself, your pre-wedding events can take some planning. Your bachelor and bachelorette parties, your engagement party, the bridal shower, and your rehearsal dinner will demand time, energy, and some financial support. How much of these resources should you use on them? Elaborate or high-end gatherings can be fun, and they can help… Read more »

Working With Your Ring Bearer And Flower Girl

Your ring bearer and flower girl can be absolutely adorable, but less than agreeable when it comes to planning their part in your wedding ceremony. Even if they are well-meaning, and trying their best, they are still kids, after all. So what can you do to make sure they make their walk down the aisle… Read more »

Should My Partner And I Exchange Gifts Before Our Wedding?

There are many wedding traditions you can follow over the course of planning, and enjoying, your wedding day. Of course, some traditions can be of more interest to you and your partner than others. Many people see the exchange of gifts between the bride and groom as customary. Sometimes, this gesture is incorporated into the… Read more »

Helping People Find Their Seats During Your Wedding

What should you do about seating arrangements during your wedding ceremony and reception? While people are largely free to sit wherever they please during the ceremony, you may want to take care to observe a few rules. The front rows are traditionally set aside for family, and you may choose to separate those attending on… Read more »

What Should I Do For Music During My Reception?

Many different factors can affect the course of your wedding reception. Your food and serving choices, seating arrangements, and planned moments can all guide the evening in different ways. Your choice of music will also matter. You can find there are different advantages to hiring a live band, or hiring a DJ to take care… Read more »

Do I Need To Assign Seats For My Reception Dinner?

Different couples can think about their wedding reception dinners in different ways. The decorations, food, and planned moments can be affected by the size of your wedding party, and the formality of your event. Because you may have a different sense of what you want from your reception than others, you may look at certain… Read more »

Providing A Groom’s Cake At Your Wedding

While the traditional tiered wedding cake has long been a recognizable fixture during wedding receptions, the groom’s cake has grown in popularity. The groom’s cake can be richer or heavier than the “standard” wedding cake, offering chocolate or fruit flavors. This dessert can also have a more unique appearance, as many couples will seek a… Read more »

Take Advantage Of Your Wedding Rehearsal Time

Much of your wedding planning can take place outside of your venue, and without the direct involvement of your wedding party. However, when it is time for your wedding rehearsal, you will need that space, and those people, to make sure everything is planned effectively. Your rehearsal is about more than just a last-minute gathering,… Read more »