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Should I Offer More Than Just Wedding Cake For Dessert?

As it stands tall on your dessert table, your guests will have an easy time spotting your wedding cake. A beautifully decorated cake can be attractive, and it can help you end your night on a particularly sweet note. Of course, even a towering tiered cake can only hold so many slices, and you want… Read more »

What To Expect During Your Bridal Shower Celebration

Your bridal shower is a chance to enjoy yourself, and celebrate your upcoming wedding with people who are important to you. Traditionally, this event also gives friends and family members an early opportunity to gift you with items that you can use to set up your new home with your partner. While you can certainly… Read more »

Who Should Accompany You During Dress Shopping?

Dress shopping will be one of the most exciting parts of your early wedding planning efforts. After all, it can be hard NOT to look forward to that special moment where you find the perfect gown for your wedding day. Before you begin, make sure your budget is set, and look into your dress options… Read more »

Properly Thanking Your Guests And Wedding Party Members

When you stand at the altar and exchange vows, you can appreciate the sight of so many friends and family watching you share this moment with your partner. Whether you have a large gathering, or an intimate affair, your guests can help make your wedding day feel truly special. Traditionally, you can share gratitude with… Read more »

Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Your Reception Traditions

While your wedding reception can be a less formal, and less structured, event than your ceremony, there are still some key traditions you and your partner can honor. You can share a first dance together, and dance with your respective parents. You can also make time for wedding toasts, throw the bouquet, and cut your… Read more »

Should I Have Live Or Recorded Music For My Ceremony?

Your walk down the aisle can be the most memorable moment for you, and your guests, at your wedding. The sight of the bride, the dress, and the groom’s reaction can be unforgettable. Of course, there is more to the moment than just what people are seeing. Music can have a real impact on your… Read more »

Finding Ways To Thank Your Wedding Guests For Their Support

Because your wedding is a special, significant moment in your life, the presence of your friends and family can be truly meaningful. While the typical guest list can range greatly in size, every person who attends is showing attention and affection for you and your partner on your special day. Traditionally, the couple provides some… Read more »

Find Ways To Honor The Memory Of Loved Ones At Your Wedding

Your wedding day allows you to celebrate your future surrounded by friends and family. Unfortunately, there may be an important person, or important people, who are no longer with you to help share your joy. While you plan your event, you may want to look for ways to honor the memory of a friend or… Read more »

What Kind Of Support Should You Ask From Your Wedding Party?

Taking on the task of planning a wedding is hardly easy. Fortunately, even as you prepare to commit your time, energy, and resources to preparing for your special day, you can look to your wedding party members for support. Bridesmaids and groomsmen can do more than just stand beside you during your ceremony. You can… Read more »

Keeping Up With All The Thank You Notes You Need To Send

The end of your wedding means the end of planning and preparing, and the start of your married life. Well, almost – after your special day is wrapped up, you still need to do the work of writing and sending thank you notes to the people who brought gifts to your wedding. These notes should… Read more »