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How Do I Decide Who Receives A Plus-One Invitation?

The time you spend deciding on your guest list for your wedding can be a particularly stressful moment. After all, you may not have the budget to welcome everyone you would like to invite, and you may fret over the possibility of accidentally leaving someone off your list. One issue that can complicate matters is… Read more »

Helpful Guidance On Giving Gifts To Your Wedding Party

You can count on guests to bring gifts at your bridal shower, and on the day of your wedding. While most traditions see people bring gifts to the happy couple, there are some gift-giving responsibilities that will fall to you and your partner. It is customary to offer gifts as a token of thanks to… Read more »

Who Should You Invite To A Pre-Wedding Event?

The several events that lead up to your wedding day all carry their own significance, and they can be suited to somewhat different attendees. Many of the responsibilities connected to planning these events can fall to your parents, or to the people in your wedding party. With that said, there is one area you will… Read more »

Common Questions People Have About The Rehearsal Dinner

Your ceremony rehearsal and rehearsal dinner can be thought of as the final pre-wedding events before your big day arrives, and they both serve important roles. Your ceremony rehearsal can help everyone who will be at the altar with you feel comfortable with meeting their cues on the day itself. Your rehearsal dinner will give… Read more »

Should You Write Your Own Wedding Vows?

Bringing a DIY spirit to your wedding can be about more than just your decorating choices. Self-written wedding vows have enjoyed enduring popularity; you may have been to several weddings already where couples penned their own words to each other. Not every couple feels comfortable with this. You and your partner may feel that traditional… Read more »

Crafting Great Invites And Thank-You Notes

Wedding invitations do more than just communicate the details of when and where your wedding will take place. You can give guests an idea of how formal your event will be, and direct them to your wedding website. As commonplace as electronic communication has become, you should send physical invitations. Wedding invitations are not the… Read more »

Planning For The Key Moments During Your Ceremony

Wedding ceremonies are often guided by longstanding traditions. From the arrival of the wedding party to the moment where the couple shares their first wedded kiss, you and your guests are likely familiar with the different moments that make up this event. With that said, you should still take the time to make sure everything… Read more »

Picking Outfits For The Wedding Party

When you walk down the aisle and prepare to meet your partner at the altar, you will both be surrounded by the important people in your lives. As important as it is to find the right bridal gown and groom’s attire, your wedding party needs to be ideally dressed for the occasion, too. You can… Read more »

Involving Parents In Wedding Matters

Your parents (and your partner’s parents) may offer assistance when it comes to paying for your wedding costs. Tradition has often seen the parents of the bride pay for her wedding, but this tradition is not adhered to as strictly as it once was. Still, it is common for parents to provide at least some… Read more »

Making Sure Your Registry Works For You, And Your Guests

How will you make sure your wedding registry is beneficial to you, and accessible to your guests? For you and your partner, an effective registry is one that supplies you with items you need (or just want). While this is often a chance to collect items for your shared home, your needs may differ, particularly… Read more »