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How Table Centerpieces Showcase Your Style At The Reception

Once you establish a wedding theme, you can start looking for decorative pieces that contribute to the mood and level of formality you want for your special day. While every decorative touch matters, a few choices will inevitably attract more attention than others. One decorative piece that is particularly important if the wedding centerpieces you… Read more »

Should We Fit The Bouquet Toss Into Our Reception Plans?

While working out your plans for your wedding reception, you may find yourself unsure of whether you really want to include certain moments in the event. While there are many traditions people expect to see honored during your special day, you have control over what you do or do not fit into the course of… Read more »

How To Communicate With Guests Using Online Tools

Throughout your engagement period, you can field questions from guests and wedding party members. Fortunately, you can address some of the most common questions and concerns in advance by setting up a wedding website. The website you create lets you share more than you can fit into your invitations or save-the-date cards. Because your wedding… Read more »

Selecting A Bridal Gown For An Outdoor Wedding

The selection of the bridal gown can take time and patience. Even if you have a clear idea of what you want, it may take time to find a dress that has both the right look and right fit for you. As you plan a wedding with an outdoor ceremony, think about how your surroundings… Read more »

Tips For Using Repurposed Items As Wedding Decorations

Many couples are excited to showcase a DIY spirit when creating the look for their wedding. While this approach is often taken to create a rustic wedding theme, there are many ways to set your wedding apart when you work to create your own decorations. If you want your wedding to have a classic look,… Read more »

Serving Groom’s Cake And Other Fun Desserts At A Reception

Dessert often marks a sweet end to an evening. During your wedding reception, the arrival of the cake is one of the last formal events you will enjoy. While the classic tiered wedding cake is one of the most memorable and recognizable images at a wedding, it is just one of several desserts you can… Read more »

What To Consider As You Search For A Wedding Officiant

While you should take care to make sure that every person who serves a role in your wedding is right for their task, it is difficult to overstate the importance of having the right officiant. This person will have the opportunity to speak to what makes your relationship special, and they will help set the… Read more »

Do Your Bridesmaids Really Need To Wear Identical Dresses?

Bridesmaids have traditionally worn the same dress for a wedding, but couples are now starting to offer more choice to the people in their wedding party. While you want to create a consistent look, you may prefer to let people choose gowns that offer different fits, feature different necklines, or provide other variations that let… Read more »

Should We Stick With Family Traditions Or Do Something New?

Some people enter their engagement period with a clearer idea of what they want for their wedding than others. With that said, knowing what you want may not settle all of the questions around what you should do on your wedding day. Couples who want to move away from tradition sometimes enter conflicts with family… Read more »

Tips For Couples Who Want To Host A Smaller Wedding Event

For many couples, the ideal wedding experience is one that features a smaller turnout. Choosing to keep your guest list small can do more than just help you lower your event costs. Taking more care in selecting who you want in attendance can limit your event to people you feel especially close to, and it… Read more »