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Crafting Vows For Your Wedding Ceremony

Your marriage celebrates your decision to spend the rest of your life with your partner, but it also presents an opportunity to share what your relationship so far has meant to you. One way to express your feelings is to pen your own vows to share during a wedding ceremony! Even during more traditional events,… Read more »

Stylish Groomswear For Outdoor Weddings

By choosing to host your wedding ceremony outdoors, you can create a visually stunning celebration that wows your guest. Texas Old Town provides access to stunning Texas Hill Country landscapes that can make an event feel truly magical. In many ways, planning an outdoor event can be similar to the experience of planning a ceremony… Read more »

Take Beautiful First Look Photos At Your Outdoor Venue!

When couples take first look photos, they can capture more than just the moment of the bridal gown’s reveal. They take stunning images of the happy couple just before they walk down the aisle, which can result in images that both of you cherish. This session also serves a practical purpose, as it removes the… Read more »

How Should We Use Our Wedding Website?

From the moment you share the news of your engagement, you can have friends and family members excited for the details of your wedding. Of course, it would be difficult to keep up with all of those questions while also trying to plan your wedding! Fortunately, you can use a wedding website to share information… Read more »

Stylish Dress Tips For The Groom And Groomsmen

The bridal gown is the attire that typically receives the most attention, but that does not mean the groom’s attire should be an afterthought! There are several reasons to take the groom’s clothing choices seriously. You want them to wear something that fits your theme, and they should wear something that matches their partner’s look…. Read more »

Choosing Attire For A Spring Or Summer Wedding

When you choose to host an outdoor wedding at Texas Old Town in the spring or summer, you can look forward to sunny skies and a stunning Texas Hill Country landscape! Of course, you can also safely anticipate warmer weather, which can affect the wardrobe choices you make for yourself and your wedding party members…. Read more »

How Should You Invite Your Bridesmaids To Join Your Wedding?

A proposal is a magical moment, one that marks the start of your engagement period. For some weddings, the bride-to-be will create a “proposal” of their own when asking people to serve as bridesmaids. You can send out specially made invitations and gifts with your request that someone serve as your bridesmaid, create an official… Read more »

Consider Alternatives To A Traditional Tuxedo For The Groom

Many traditional wedding elements are still in style. However, this does not mean that all, or many, of those traditions need to make an appearance on your special day. When it comes to dressing the groom for a celebration, the classic tuxedo is still popular, but many couples decide to go in a different direction…. Read more »

Fun Alternatives To Traditional Wedding Gift Requests

The traditional wedding registry can include items that make sense for many, but not all, couples who are ready to walk down the aisle. If you do find yourself less than enthused to receive gifts that “make sense” for a registry, you can still feel pressure from friends and family members who want to provide… Read more »

Who Should Serve As Your Ring Bearer And Flower Girl?

Including a ring bearer and flower girl in your wedding ceremony provides more than just a nod to tradition. By filling these roles, you create opportunities for smaller family members (or family of close friends) to take part in your wedding. You also add a sweet moment to your event. While the choice to have… Read more »