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How Elaborate Should Our Pre-Wedding Events Be?

Like your wedding itself, your pre-wedding events can take some planning. Your bachelor and bachelorette parties, your engagement party, the bridal shower, and your rehearsal dinner will demand time, energy, and some financial support. How much of these resources should you use on them? Elaborate or high-end gatherings can be fun, and they can help… Read more »

Showcasing Your Creative Spirit With Your DIY Wedding

You can showcase your creativity, and create a wedding experience with original decorations, by hosting a DIY wedding. This approach encourages couples to look for ways to have a more active role in crafting the decorations that can adorn spaces like your reception tables, your ceremony aisle, and more! You can seek out materials to… Read more »

Should You Set Up A Honeyfund, Or A Traditional Registry?

A traditional gift registry provided married couples with an opportunity to acquire necessary furnishings and appliances for their shared home. This can be helpful, but couples are waiting to wed, and may live together before they have their wedding, which means traditional registry gifts can be less useful. If you and your partner see less… Read more »

Providing A Groom’s Cake At Your Wedding

While the traditional tiered wedding cake has long been a recognizable fixture during wedding receptions, the groom’s cake has grown in popularity. The groom’s cake can be richer or heavier than the “standard” wedding cake, offering chocolate or fruit flavors. This dessert can also have a more unique appearance, as many couples will seek a… Read more »

Making Time To Create Your DIY Wedding Decorations

Because they can be less costly, and because they can give your wedding a unique charm, many couples are drawn to the idea of DIY wedding decorations. Gathering materials and assembling decorations yourself leads to some fun benefits. You can be excited to showcase your creativity, and you can lower your expenses by taking on… Read more »

Picking The Right Outfits For Your Groomsmen

While groomsmen can provide support on your wedding day, they can sometimes receive less attention than the bridesmaids. This can be particularly true when it comes to style choices. While a bride can inevitably stand out for being the only one in a white dress, you may be less sure of what you should do… Read more »

Exploring Alternative Ideas For The Wedding Guest Book

The guest book you provide at your wedding will provide you with a log of everyone who came to help you celebrate your special day. You can find an array of guest books, with different sizes and cover designs available to you. You can also make your book feel more intimately tied to you and… Read more »

Offering Tasty Treats In Addition To Your Wedding Cake

When guests arrive at your reception dinner, they can look forward to a tasty meal, but they can be excited at the prospect of cake. For many people, a tiered white cake is one of the most recognizable wedding symbols, up there with the bridal gown and the image of a couple standing at the… Read more »

Should You Set Yourself Up With A Sweetheart Table?

As you go through your process of planning your wedding reception, you can realize just how much thought is required to organize this event. You need to think about food, decorations, dessert, and entertainment. You also have to plan a seating chart, which can pose its own special challenges. As you sort out who goes… Read more »

Making The Most Of The Dance Floor At Your Reception

Your ceremony is where you and your partner can declare your love for each other, and celebrate spending your lives together. This is a moment where all eyes are on you…of course, it will not be the only moment where you two hold the spotlight. During your wedding reception, you may have several planned activities,… Read more »