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Making The Most Of The Dance Floor At Your Reception

Your ceremony is where you and your partner can declare your love for each other, and celebrate spending your lives together. This is a moment where all eyes are on you…of course, it will not be the only moment where you two hold the spotlight. During your wedding reception, you may have several planned activities,… Read more »

Should You Write Your Own Wedding Vows?

Bringing a DIY spirit to your wedding can be about more than just your decorating choices. Self-written wedding vows have enjoyed enduring popularity; you may have been to several weddings already where couples penned their own words to each other. Not every couple feels comfortable with this. You and your partner may feel that traditional… Read more »

Picking Outfits For The Wedding Party

When you walk down the aisle and prepare to meet your partner at the altar, you will both be surrounded by the important people in your lives. As important as it is to find the right bridal gown and groom’s attire, your wedding party needs to be ideally dressed for the occasion, too. You can… Read more »

Putting The Right Touches On A Rustic Wedding

Many couples have had great success by giving their wedding a rustic theme. Adding a rural or nature-focused element to your decorations can create a more intimate and informal setting for your special day. Many wedding vendors can help you make sure your wedding creates the rustic atmosphere you want to provide. Of course, one… Read more »

Choosing The Right Footwear For Your Wedding

Your choice of footwear may not be the most memorable part of your wedding day ensemble. In some cases, a bride’s dress will keep their shoes effectively hidden during the ceremony! Still, the question of what to wear as you walk down the aisle is an important one, and you can find yourself uncertain of… Read more »

Creating Your Wedding Website

Wedding websites have proven themselves to be a valuable resource for couples planning their special day. With your website, you can convey more information about your wedding than you could fit into an invitation. It also means you will be able to direct questions to the site, rather than having to give the same information… Read more »

Effectively Planning An Adults-Only Wedding

In many ways, it can be easier to plan a wedding event when you intend to make it adults-only. After all, you will not need to worry about children being bored during a long reception, or about providing food for notoriously picky eaters. However, it can be a challenge when you plan because you need… Read more »

3 Twists You Can Put On The Classic Wedding Reception

You can create a terrific evening for your guests at your wedding reception. After your ceremony concludes, your reception allows guests to meet each other, reconnect, or just bond over celebrating your special day. Of course, there are still a few formal moments to enjoy, with the cutting of the cake, toasts, and your first… Read more »

Providing A Great Cocktail Hour For Your Guests

The time between your ceremony and reception will often be used to take photos of the wedding party. This can keep you busy, but your guests may be in need of some activity to occupy their time while you create these lasting moments. Many couples have enjoyed success using a cocktail hour to entertain everyone… Read more »

Should You Let Your Bridesmaids Wear Different Dresses?

The tradition of having bridesmaids wear an identical dress is something many couples still hold to, but there is an increasing trend for the bride to allow some diversity in their attire. Having all of your bridesmaids in the same dress is a longstanding tradition, and it can help give your bridal party a unified… Read more »