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Looking for an Alternative to Traditional Wedding Cake?

Do you want to serve dessert at your wedding, but feel uninspired by traditional wedding cake? While it remains the going tradition, wedding cake isn’t for all couples. And that is more than okay. After all, there are lots of fresh alternatives to wedding cake, ones that will be just as fun to eat and… Read more »

How to Incorporate 2017’s Biggest Color!

You have probably heard the news by now, and maybe even seen it popping up all over Pinterest. But if not, Pantone’s infamous color-of-the-year for 2017 is all about the “Greenery!” This deep, nearly-emerald shade is actually a perfect compliment to many perennial wedding favorites, making it an easy addition to your dream day color… Read more »

Say Yes to These Stylish Bridesmaids Dresses!

Want to help your friends feel fabulous on your wedding day? It’s totally possible to create your dream look for photo ops while still allowing your friends to wear dresses – or not – that will help them feel beautiful! In fact, there seem to be more stylish bridesmaids options than ever before. In fact,… Read more »

A Few of Our Favorite Wedding Trends for 2017

Wedding designs cycle through trends, just like fashion, décor and beauty. Fortunately, this year there are a number of beautiful wedding trends that we think will stick around for a while, and that might even prove timeless! Want to get inspired by the hottest wedding trends of 2017? Start with these stylish choices for everything… Read more »

Hot Hair Trends for Today’s Stylish Brides

Now that you have finally found the perfect wedding dress, it’s time to plan the rest of your bridal look, from accessories and shoes to your hairstyle. Fortunately, for modern brides, there are a number of beautiful and hot hair trends, perfect for a stylish wedding day. Plus, many can work for your own hair… Read more »

What Bouquet Style Is Right for You? Part One

It can be incredibly creative fulfilling choosing bridal flowers. In fact, when it comes to fun, many brides find floral design second only to dress shopping, or maybe cake tasting, as they begin their wedding planning process. That said, many brides wonder how big – or bold – their bridal bouquets should be. Do you… Read more »

What Should I, and Shouldn’t I, Wear to My Friend’s Wedding?

Is one of your friends getting married soon? If so, your excitement might soon be met with confusion about what to wear. While many of the rules once assigned to weddings and receptions have gone with the wind, so to speak, there are still a few hard and fast rules all wedding guests should adhere to…. Read more »

The Wedding Dress Trends to Watch for in 2017

Are you feeling stumped about what to wear to your own wedding? Wedding dress shopping can be a lot of fun, but it can also be overwhelming, especially if you have no idea what exactly you’re looking for. It’s only the biggest day of your life, right? In many cases, brides start searching knowing what… Read more »

Does a Modern Bride Really Have to Wear White?

Are you excited to be planning the wedding of your dreams, but far less thrilled at the idea of picking out a formal white wedding gown? Many modern brides feel that traditional wedding gowns just aren’t for them, yet they worry about whether it’s really okay for them to shirk this age-old tradition and go… Read more »

Pay Homage to Your Alma Mater On Your Wedding Day

Does your school pride run deep? In fact, are many of your fondest memories from your days of walking your high school halls or your college campus? Will the bridesmaids standing by your side be more than friends, namely sorority sisters? Are all your husbands’ best buds from his days on the football team, in… Read more »