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Wedding Trends That Will Never Grow Old

Your love will last forever, so why not celebrate it with a wedding that is rooted in tradition and filled with timeless trends? Sure, many things come and go. This year’s “It” dress could be deemed a dud a few year’s down the line. Those shoes you just had to have this summer, will someday… Read more »

Create a Wedding Cocktail That Will Wow Guests

One of the biggest trends in modern wedding planning is paying special attention to the bar, as well as the food. Long gone are the days of cheap beer and a single kind of wine, serving as the only libations at weddings. Instead, many couples are celebrating their big day with custom wedding cocktails, craft… Read more »

Wedding Watch 2016: Floral Design

Even if you don’t plan to chase the latest and greatest wedding trends, understanding them can certainly help make sure you create a stylish affair. It can also help ensure your wedding day is unique and yet relevant to today, instead of looking instantly outdated. So, if you have been wondering what florists are whipping… Read more »

Top 5 Wedding Destinations

It’s no secret many modern brides and grooms are choosing to skip town to say their nuptials. Destination weddings have never been more popular or possible, thanks to modern technology. A host of travel sites and easily accessible galleries of wedding venues, has made it much easier to plan a wedding from afar. Plus, there… Read more »

Wondering What’s Trending for Weddings In 2016?

While trends should not dictate what you plan for your wedding celebration, it can be fun to know what other brides are doing. You might even be able to find inspiration in their ideas. Plus, knowing what’s new for 2016 can also help you avoid choosing overly-used themes that may soon make your wedding feel… Read more »

Let Them Eat Stylish Cake: Wedding Cake Trends for 2016

It may be hard for some brides to believe there are actually trends in wedding cake designs, but like all things, the cake world is shaken up every few years by something new and exciting. Of course, there is usually a blast from the past, when it comes to buttercream just like bridal couture. Everything… Read more »

Trend Watch 2016: Wedding Dresses

If you’re more excited to pick out your wedding dress than any other part of wedding planning, you’re definitely not alone. Brides have long enjoyed the process of finding the perfect gown. It’s a rite of passage for many families, and one of the first times you’re likely to truly feel like a bride. But… Read more »

Trend Watch 2016: Wedding Colors

Few things will have more visual impact on your wedding than the colors you choose. Your color selections will influence the dresses and jewelry your bridesmaids wear, the color of your table linens and flowers, the invitations and so much more. And while it’s totally within your bridal rights to go with complimentary shades of… Read more »

Add a Touch of Your Childhood to Your Ceremony or Reception

While wedding trends come and go, some things are timeless. And one of the most time-tested and important of wedding traditions is simply to make the ceremony and reception meaningful to you and your soon-to-be-spouse. Incorporating childhood memories, relics and traditions can be meaningful ways to bring personality and life to your special day. Plus,… Read more »

Trending Now: Rustic Weddings

According to top wedding trends researchers, the days of simple, understated décor versus Gatsby-esque glamour seem to be winding down. Though you could never go wrong with a beautiful glass vase, here, and a little glitz there, 2015 has become a year for embracing décor with lots of rustic touches. That could be because most… Read more »