Three Tips for Sticking to Your Wedding Budget

Setting Your Wedding Budget TipsAre you thrilled to be planning your wedding, but a bit nervous about whether or not you and your fiancé will actually be able to stick to the budget you have set for yourselves? For many couples, especially those that are paying for a wedding on their own, it can be incredibly important that they spend within their means. Before that can be done, though, it’s important to make some smart decisions while setting your budget, to begin with. Then, it’s simply a matter of sticking to your goals as closely as possible! (more…)

Are There Alternatives to Fresh Wedding Flowers?

Non-traditional Flower ArrangementsNow that you are busy with wedding planning, is there one pesky question that keeps crossing your mind? Is there an alternative to opting for fresh wedding flowers? Whether you’re looking to be green, or save some, the good news is that you don’t have to purchase expensive flowers to make your day special and beautiful. In fact, there are some fun and earth-friendly alternatives to fresh-cut blooms. Today we’ll share a few of our favorites! (more…)

Tips for Planning the Perfect Birthday Party

Adult Birthday Party TipsIs someone you love soon going to be celebrating a birthday? Whether it’s a friend, coworker, or significant other, if you are hoping to throw a great party, there are some simple ways to help ensure it a success. Kids parties may be cake to plan, but that doesn’t mean adult birthday parties have to be stressful or even less fun. In fact, we think adult parties can be extra entertaining special events, with the right ingredients! (more…)

Walking In a Winter Wonderland Wedding

Walking In a Winter Wedding WonderlandWinter is truly coming, and that means those of you planning a winter wedding will soon be ready to walk down the aisle and say your “I do’s.” Before your celebration, though, make sure you have planned a wedding that really exudes the romance and glamour that only winter has to offer. Whether you wind up enjoying a fresh blanket of snow on your big day, or sixty-degree weather (here in Texas it could go either way), isn’t so important, when you have already made sure to include some great seasonal touches! (more…)

Hoping to Plan a Holiday Engagement? Here’s How!

Planning the Perfect Holiday EngagementSure, it might feel like the pressure is officially on, now that the holiday season is quickly approaching and you know that your beloved girlfriend is expecting (or at least hoping for) an epic holiday proposal. But that doesn’t mean you have to break into a cold sweat, trying to pull off the perfect winter wedding proposal! We are here to help provide some simple tips that can help you plan a lovely engagement, without all the stress!


Does a Modern Bride Really Have to Wear White?

Romantic Wedding Dress IdeasAre you excited to be planning the wedding of your dreams, but far less thrilled at the idea of picking out a formal white wedding gown? Many modern brides feel that traditional wedding gowns just aren’t for them, yet they worry about whether it’s really okay for them to shirk this age-old tradition and go out on a limb by buying something they really love. While there may be a few old-fashioned guests that are shocked by your choice to wear something other than a white gown, here at Texas Old Town, we actually think it’s more than appropriate for a bride to wear something other than white on her wedding day. After all, this day is all about you (and your fiancé, of course). Why not let your personality shine in a gown, dress, or any other outfit that suits (and yes, suits work too) you?! (more…)

What Does Your Holiday Party Really Need?

Planning the Perfect Corporate PartyAs the designated office party planner, do you sometimes feel overwhelmed about how to pull off excellent corporate parties, season after season? It can be daunting planning a large scale party, particularly around the busy holiday season. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to feel like torture, or even work, planning a great company-wide soiree. A few smart decisions early on, is all it really takes to get the holiday party ball rolling! (more…)