Don’t Forget to Shop Our Bridal Garage Sale This Sunday!

Bridal Garage Sale This Sunday

Shop ’til you drop, at our Bridal Garage Sale this weekend!

What bride wants to pass up a great deal, while planning her dream wedding? And few shopping opportunities offer better bargains or more fun for brides-to-be than our upcoming Bridal Garage Sale, here at Texas Old Town. This event is a great chance for those planning their weddings to score great deals on new and gently-used wedding items like decorations, bridal accessories, and lots more, while also enjoying the picturesque beauty of our rustic wedding venue, just outside of Austin, Texas. So whether you’re a local, who can gas up the truck – and maybe even grab the fiancé – to come score some amazing deals, or an out-of-towner looking for an excuse for a girls only getaway, it’s not too late to enjoy our next Bridal Garage Sale, from 9 to 11 a.m. on Sunday, August 28, 2016! (more…)

Tips for Making Your Dreamy Outdoor Wedding a Reality

Outdoor Wedding Planning Tips

Lindsay and Ory enjoyed a picturesque wedding day at our rustic venue.

Have you been obsessed with the idea of a romantic outdoor wedding since you were a little girl? Whether it was an older cousin’s beautiful celebration that inspired your vision, or a dreamy scene from one of your favorite Rom-coms, as a newly-engaged gal, you may be asking yourself, “Now how do I make that vision a reality?” Outdoor weddings can be especially beautiful and romantic, but they can also be a bit more daunting to plan. Fortunately, if you surround yourself with experts at planning outdoor weddings, making your dreamy day a reality, is a cinch. (more…)

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning of Wedding Planning

Why not start at the beginning?

Start at the beginning, when planning your big day.

Are you still having a hard time believing that you’re actually engaged? Once the initial shock has warn off, you will realize that it is time to start planning your wedding, an exciting but often daunting process. So where do you begin? While many brides think they need to pick a wedding date before anything else, we actually think there are a few other considerations that can be made even before a wedding date is selected. Here is a helpful guide for brides-to-be who are just getting started with the wedding planning process.

Talk Budget Before Anything Else

What you plan to spend on your wedding can actually weigh into every decision you will make, including when and where you will wed. That is because you might determine you need a full year in order to save the funds necessary for hosting your dream day. The budget can also help narrow your searches for potential wedding venues, and other key choices.

Choose a Date and Location, Not Necessarily In That Order

Next, you will need to determine what date you want to marry, and where. Unless a certain date has significant meaning to you and your fiancé, though, most couples decide on a general idea of when they want to marry, such as late fall, or early spring. Then, they can call key wedding vendors, such as their dream wedding venue, photographer, caterer, etc. to see which are available on the dates (plural) they consider ideal.

By making decisions in this order, most couples can help ensure they land their ideal location, while settling on a date that fits their schedules and style preferences.

Three Tips for Rocking Your Engagement Session

Tips for Your Engagement Session

Rock your engagement session, with some simple tips from your friends at TOT!

Wondering how you and your fiancé are going to do at your upcoming engagement session? It will likely be the first time you meet your wedding photographer, and in many ways it is a good opportunity to learn your way around a camera lens, and to build rapport both as a couple, and as a team with your chosen wedding professionals. Here are a few ways you can help go into the session ready to knock it out of the park, so to speak, and by that we mean ways you can ensure you come away with engagement photos you’ll love, and that will stand the test of time!


Choosing Wedding Colors That Pop

Colorful Wedding Ideas

Purples, maroons and greens play lovely together. Who knew?

There are lots of decisions that must be made, as a bride plans her wedding. Personally, we think choosing the colors can be one of the most fun parts of the entire wedding planning process. After all, creating a color scheme is a way to ensure your wedding has a cohesive look, as well as a unique one! If you’re feeling stumped as to what colors to choose, though, here are some helpful tips for planning a palette that will really make your wedding pop! (more…)

Grab Your Girls for an Austin Getaway

A Girls Getaway for a Bridal Garage Sale

Our Bridal Garage Sale makes for a perfect excuse for a girls’ weekend!

Are you looking for a reason to get out of town and enjoy a weekend away with your closest girl friends? If so, mark your calendar for August 28, 2016. That is when we will be hosting our next Bridal Garage Sale, here at Texas Old Town, an excellent chance to pick up wedding-related bargains, but also a wonderful excuse for a mini vacay with your bridesmaids and other besties! This is one of our favorite events, here at TOT, because it gives past brides a chance to clear their spaces of no-longer-needed wedding items, and future brides a chance to score great deals on décor, accessories and other stuff they need, while also exploring our rustic venue right outside the heart of Austin! (more…)

What’s Your Ideal Bridal Style?

What's Your Bridal Style?

What’s your ideal bridal style? Let us help inspire you.

Are you wondering what kind of dress you should wear, when you walk down the aisle to the man of your dreams? Not all girls grow up with an idea of exactly what wedding dress they’ll wear, when it finally comes time for them to say their “I do’s.” Others outgrow the Barbie-styled gowns they once dreamed about donning, and find themselves overwhelmed with the beautiful and modern choices available once they begin wedding planning. If you find yourself in this category, before you head to the bridal shop, it’s wise to ask yourself a few questions that can help you narrow down your options and steer your shopping in the right direction. (more…)