Smart Ways to Choose Your Wedding Color Scheme

Wedding Colors Might Be Easier to Spot Than You ThinkStumped what kind of colors you want to incorporate into your wedding day? There are lots of fun ways to figure out a fresh color story for your day. Sure, you could look at wedding magazines or online inspiration, but we think it can be even more fun to get inspired by fashion favorites, Mother Nature, your gorgeous wedding venue, and other unique and personal color cues. From bridesmaids’ dresses to flowers, bowties to table décor, here are some of our favorite ways to select gorgeous colors for your big day! (more…)

Is a Backyard Wedding Really Right for You?

Backyard Wedding Dreams? Find Out If It's Really Right for YouMaybe it’s thanks to the classic chick flick, Father of the Bride, or just fond memories playing in tree houses, catching fireflies and watching the hydrangeas bloom in the spring. But whatever the reason, many little girls dream of someday marrying the love of their life in a simple yet beautiful backyard ceremony. Unfortunately sometimes those fantasies prove super problematic. First, it’s not just the yard you have to consider. Is there outdoor electricity for running globe lights or the DJ’s system? Where will all those guests park, and do you really want your little brother or crazy cousin playing chauffer? Is there a rain contingency? What will your neighbors think? Don’t get us wrong. In some cases, a backyard wedding can definitely be the stuff of dreams, a perfect special event venue! But before you put all your wedding planning eggs in that basket, banking on a “free” and sentimental venue, let’s look at the logistics and what it really takes to make it work, so you don’t end up with a planning nightmare on your hands. (more…)

Tips for When Wedding Planning Feels Awesome, But Overwhelming

Wedding Planning Starts HereThough not all would admit it publicly, many brides have a general idea of what they would like their wedding to look like, before their lucky groom has even popped the question. Unfortunately, when it comes time to actually start planning a real life wedding, it can be overwhelming trying to organize all those dreams and ideas into a coherent vision that can be relayed to a wedding planner, much less made a reality! That’s where some expert tips can really come in handy, though, marrying (if you will) all those childhood dreams you had of your someday wedding, with the Pinterest board overstuffed with an impossible number of décor ideas, oh, and whatever it is your groom most wants. The great news is that it is possible to pull off a fabulous wedding, trust us! It just takes a few tough choices, followed up by lots (and we mean lots) of editing! (more…)

What to Give Your Girlfriend This Valentine’s Day: Part Two

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas from the HeartYesterday we shared a few gift ideas for those of you wanting to give your girlfriends jewelry this Valentine’s Day! But what if jewelry isn’t really her style, or you want to give her something else, instead? Well today we’re sharing alternatives to traditional flowers, and other thoughtful gift ideas that won’t break the bank. Just remember, if you plan on popping the question this Valentine’s Day, make it special and memorable with our easy proposal tips. (more…)

What to Give Your Girlfriend This Valentine’s Day: Part One

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for GuysSure candies and flowers are nice, but there has to be some other way to show the one you love just how much you adore her, right, especially on February 14th? After all, just because she’s allergic to roses or on a strict no-chocolate diet, doesn’t mean you can’t still let her know you care on this holiday. Choosing a non-traditional gift is actually a great way to earn some metaphorical brownie points, too, by proving that you really get her, and aren’t just gifting her something because it’s Valentine’s Day! So, before you work up a cold sweat at the mere thought of the dreaded holiday, or head frantically to the mall, consider these gift ideas she’s sure to adore for this or any special occasion!


Tips on Giving Gifts Guests Will Actually Enjoy

Modern Wedding Favor IdeasSure, your wedding will be its own reward, a fun and entertaining night for all, complete with cake, champagne toasts and dancing. But most brides and grooms still want a special way to thank their guests for attending the wedding day of their dreams. After all, what’s a fairytale ceremony without loved ones there to play witness? But traditional wedding gifts like mini picture frames filled with the happy couple’s faces aren’t exactly going to live happily ever after on bookshelves. So how does a modern couple say “thanks” in a way that will actually be appreciated? Well, today we have rounded up some of our favorite wedding gifts, we think your guests will truly enjoy! (more…)

What You Really Want on Your Wedding Registry

What You Really Want on Your Wedding RegistryFew activities during wedding planning will be as team building, or downright fun, as setting up your wedding registries! (Although we think choosing a wedding venue is pretty fun, too!) Unfortunately in their excitement at holding a scanner gun, or online “shopping” to their hearts’ content, many couples end up opening a lot of gifts they don’t need, and missing the kind of things that would come in truly useful as newlyweds. With that in mind, today we’d like to offer some practical tips for setting up a wedding registry that will actually prepare you for your beautiful life as husband and wife! (more…)