Carry a One-of-a-Kind Bouquet

Is a One-of-a-Kind Bouquet Right for YouAs a thoroughly modern bride, are you interested in creating a wedding that screams “you!” If so, you may be looking for alternatives to many of the same-old tired ideas you have seen filling Pinterest and wedding magazines for years, now. In fact, you may want to think really outside of the box when it comes to choosing the decorations and attire you will use and wear at your wedding. And what better way to show off your uniqueness, than through your bridal bouquet, which blends decoration and fashion in such a fun way?! Whether you DIY your wedding bouquet, or buy a one-of-a-kind creation, here are some of our favorite alternatives to traditional flowers! (more…)

Should We Write Our Own Vows?

Wedding Vows with Extra MeaningAre you and your fiancé the DIY type, looking forward to putting your own unique signature on many of your wedding details, from the table décor to custom cocktails? If so, you may be considering the idea of writing your own wedding vows, as well. Many modern couples choose to pen their own commitments, to exchange during their ceremony. But if you’re unsure whether or not this is the right choice for the two of you, then consider these questions, that can help decide whether the vows are something you should DIY or leave to the experts, scriptures, etc. (more…)

Celebrate Your Engagement, In Style, with a Fabulous Soiree

Engagement Party IdeasNow that the beautiful engagement ring is planted firmly on your left hand, and you and your fiancé have made your engagement Facebook official, it’s time to get on with the fun process of party planning. Yes, you will have numerous decisions to make regarding planning your dream wedding. But before you get to that big day, why not take time to celebrate your engagement, by hosting a party with your closest friends and family? (more…)

Get Inspired By Your Family’s Love Stories

Wedding Traditions to Take a Cue FromYes, there are dozens of magazines filled with beautiful images of weddings, and honestly a lot of styled shoots. Pinterest, too, is overflowing with inspiration when it comes to planning your dream wedding. But sometimes, the best source of inspiration isn’t online, or even editorial imagery. It’s your family’s own photo albums. After all, your wedding day is about much more than a single celebration. It’s about starting a new life together, as husband and wife. And who better to prepare you for that momentous undertaking than the family members who have gone before you, especially those that have established a humbling and inspiring legacy of love? (more…)

So You Want a Fall Wedding?

Fall Wedding Tips and AdviceAre you determined to host a stylish fall wedding? If so, you are not alone. More and more couples are opting to skip out on spring celebrations, in favor of romantic autumn wedding days. And it’s with good reason. After all, who doesn’t love the crunch of leaves underfoot, the beautiful colors the trees turn as the temperatures cool, and the excuse to hold loved ones extra close, with a warm cup of coffee or cider in hand. If your heart’s set on a fall wedding, here are some helpful wedding planning tips to keep in mind! (more…)

Pay Homage to Your Alma Mater On Your Wedding Day

Honor Your School During Your Wedding ReceptionDoes your school pride run deep? In fact, are many of your fondest memories from your days of walking your high school halls or your college campus? Will the bridesmaids standing by your side be more than friends, namely sorority sisters? Are all your husbands’ best buds from his days on the football team, in the band, or some other extracurricular activity? If you said “yes,” then chances are you will want to honor your school – and the important role it has played in your life – on your wedding day. Fortunately, there are a lot of fun ways to show your school spirit, on the most important day of your life. (more…)

How to Honor Those Extra Special Guests, Your Kids!

Ways to Honor Your Kids at Your WeddingMore and more, couples want to make their kids feel special during their wedding celebrations. When blending two families together, it can be especially meaningful to invite children to play a special role in the wedding day. From young kids to adult children, there are plenty of ways to make your sons and daughters feel honored during your wedding celebration. In fact, it is a great way to share in the joy you are experiencing, and the excitement you feel as you start this next chapter in life!