Wedding Items That Doubles As Home Décor

Decorate with Reusable Items

The touching display at Chelsea and Woody’s wedding reception would look just at home in their living room as it did in Texas Old Town’s rustic venue.

As you plan your wedding, have you considered investing in pieces that could double as both table decorations at your wedding reception, and home décor after your big day? There are actually a number of decorative pieces that can help to create a beautiful wedding, that will be welcome additions to your home, as well (or timeless gifts for friends and family). So, as you start planning the perfect décor for your wedding, why not look specifically for pieces that will serve great functions long after your vows have been exchanged. (more…)

Registering This Year? Don’t Forget These Essentials: Part Two

Wedding Registry MustsWhen planning your wedding registry, it can feel tricky combining all the items you really want, with those that you know you need, as you start your new life together. That said, there are a few items many people overlook, while happily scanning items at their favorite stores, or adding pieces to their online wish lists. And those are the kind of gifts they will enjoy for a lifetime, the heirloom pieces every couple needs, and no, we’re not talking crystal candlesticks! (more…)

Registering This Year? Don’t Forget These Essentials: Part One

Wedding Registry Tips for SuccessAre you fortunate enough to be planning a wedding, this holiday season? If so, you might find yourself doing more than just making the usual Christmas list. You might also be creating your wedding registry! While this can be an incredibly fun time of window shopping, if you want to ensure it is productive, as well, consider this simple guide for helping to fill your metaphorical cart with all the things you’ll need, and really want, as you start your new life as husband and wife! (more…)

On a Search for The Ring?

Searching for the Wedding Jewelry?Sure, the holiday season is already hectic with Christmas shopping, stuffing stockings, and other merriment. But December can also be a great time to purchase your wedding jewelry as well. Many jewelry stores – from local craftsman to national chains, fine department stores to sites like Etsy – carry great sales on their jewelry during the weeks leading up to Christmas. So if you and your fiancé are in the market for wedding rings, or you’re looking for some fine bridal accessories to complete your wedding day look, this is actually a perfect season to do a little jewelry shopping! (And if you’re a boyfriend hoping to become a fiancé by New Year, here’s an important tip. Don’t wait another second to find the love of your life the perfect engagement ring! (more…)

Wondering When You Should Wed?

Choosing a Wedding DateAh, the big question. When should you wed? Many couples struggle to pick a wedding date. They may even find themselves postponing such a big decision, waiting for some sign or signal of when to wed. The fact is, for many couples there is no perfect date for a wedding day. Choosing the right day is simply a matter of making some practical decisions, all of which can help narrow the options, until they are able to pick a day that will work great for their big day. (more…)

Dealing with the Unexpected, Like Rain on Your Wedding Day

Tips for Planning for Your WEddingWas it those diligent Boy Scouts that first coined the phrase, “A failure to plan is a plan to fail?” Regardless of who said it, in many ways it is certainly true. So, while most brides don’t want to imagine the worst case scenarios that could occur on their wedding days, it can actually be quite prudent to plan for extenuating circumstances. Fortunately, skilled planners and other wedding experts know a lot about doing just this, and by tackling these complexities, they can actually take much of the stress off brides-to-be. After all, having plans in place for everything from inclement weather to ripped lace on a gown, can help you rest assured that come rain or shine, perfection or problems, you will still have a lovely, enjoyable and memorable big day! (more…)

Tips for Planning a Smashing Wedding Without All the Stress

Wedding Planning without the Stress

Bobby and Emily enjoyed a picture perfect wedding day at TOT!

Did you get engaged over the recent holiday? Now that a beautiful ring is on your left hand, are you discovering that actually planning a wedding is far more overwhelming than it felt, back when you and your friends liked buying wedding magazines just to dream about someday? There are a lot of decisions that go into planning such a big day. Fortunately making them doesn’t have to feel exhausting or daunting, at least not when you know where to look for great help! (more…)