3 Suggestions For Your Assembling Your Wedding Registry

Your wedding day takes considerable planning, but it only marks the start of your married life. Wedding gifts can help couples start their lives together with greater ease, as you can pick up an assortment of useful items. So what, exactly, is the secret to assembling the best wedding registry? Who should you register with? What kind of items should you ask for? When do you need to have it ready? Because different couples have different needs, suggestions can vary. However, keeping a few smart suggestions in mind will help you get the most out of your registry. (more…)

Is An All-Inclusive Wedding The Right Approach For You?

Life tends to provide no shortage of responsibilities. The effort to stay on top of work tasks and day-to-day life can keep your schedule packed tight. With that in mind, you may be wondering how people manage to find the time and energy to plan their wedding. After all, there are plenty of tasks to be addressed between now and the big day. Even the process of finding the right wedding vendors who you can trust to capture your vision can be consuming. For many brides-to-be, an all-inclusive wedding package can help you ensure your wedding is properly planned and prepared, without creating unnecessary stress. (more…)

Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Selecting your wedding colors will help you solidify your decorative vision, and give you a clearer picture of your big day. Finding the right wedding palette is important, and not always an easy decision. There are a number of considerations to make before you land on your selection, including the general color scheme and look of your venue. While your setting can play a big part in your choice, your own wishes should also be a factor – after all, the look of your wedding can communicate your style and personality. Texas Old Town offers several venue spaces to choose from – the right venue, combined with choices based on your own inimitable style, will go a long way towards helping you produce a wedding that truly captures your spirit. (more…)

Including DIY Projects In Your Wedding Preparations

Your wedding can be one of the most magical days of your life, but the preparations can create real demands on your schedule, and your energy. That being said, many brides have started looking for opportunities to incorporate DIY projects into their wedding. This can involve brides using their talents – and in some cases, their friends’ talents – to add truly unique touches to their big day. This can involve creating custom decorative touches to enliven the reception, baking your own special treats, or even making special gifts for members of your wedding party. (more…)

Sharing Your Wedding Day Vision With Your Vendors

Your vision for your ideal wedding can require help from professionals. Selecting vendors to perform different tasks you need gives you access to experts who can help make sure everything runs smoothly. When you make your hiring choices, it is important to feel confident in the people you are electing to work with. After all, the last thing you need is to spend time and energy worrying that someone you have entrusted to perform a task will fall short, or misinterpret your wishes. Texas Old Town knows it can be tough sometimes to find the right vendor, and we offer a list of recommended wedding vendors, to help you determine who to rely on. We want you to see your vision for your wedding become a reality. When you feel you can count on the people you hire, you can feel more confident in the planning and executing of your big day. (more…)

Avoiding Unnecessary Stress On Your Big Day

With so much activity and planning around your wedding day, you may feel that some stress is inevitable. Still, this is your big day – you deserve to enjoy it, and you absolutely deserve to enjoy yourself. With the right planning, the right support team, and some crafty delegating, you can find plenty of time to rest, relax, and enjoy your day. At Texas Old Town, we want our brides to have the best possible experience. We provide a list of vendors we trust, and offer all-inclusive wedding packages, to help make sure your wedding experience offers all the joy and magic you deserve. (more…)

Wondering What to Serve Guests at Your Wedding Reception?

Wondering What to Serve Guests at Your Wedding Reception?Wedding planning can feel like a lot of work, but few decisions should be more fun to make as a couple than choosing a caterer. Feeling stumped as to what meal you want to serve up to your guests, though? The old adage says that food is the way to a man’s heart, but we believe food is actually a pretty great way to anyone’s heart, perhaps especially your many guests. To make sure they enjoy their meals, and the reception as a whole, make sure you choose foods based on your favorite tastes, not any outdated wedding traditions! (more…)