Questions to Ask Before You Hire Your Wedding Florist

Wedding Florist QuestionsOf all the decisions you’ll make while planning your wedding, few may seem as luxurious – or plain old fun – as choosing your florals! What girl doesn’t love the idea of choosing her dream flowers, getting to order lots of them, sharing with her friends and then stopping and smelling them on her wedding day? From bouquets to tablescapes, there is a lot to consider when selecting a florist, but there are some questions that can help make the process smoother. (more…)

Catch Us On The Discovery Channel!

Best Of TV FeatureTexas Old Town is excited to announce that it has been selected as part of The Official Best of Texas, which will be airing on the Discovery Channel, and on KUBE station in Houston. We have been named the Best Hill Country Wedding and Event Venue, and as such will be part of the show, which features the best places to visit in Texas, from family restaurants to archery facilities. (more…)

Local Flavors on Your Wedding Menu

Local Wedding FoodIf you really want to wow your wedding guests make sure you put some thought into your menu. Most guests won’t remember details of your dress (though they’ll remember you looked beautiful) or how amazingly your flowers were arranged. What they will remember, though, is if they had fun at your reception, and if an amazing meal was a part of that. To dazzle your diners, consider making local cuisine a part of the banquet. Whether that’s a general specialty, like Southern BBQ for a Texas wedding, or something more specific, like amazing homemade pies from your local bakery, incorporating local food is not only great for the environment; it’s a great way to make your wedding memorable and delicious, as well. (more…)

When to Save, When to Splurge: Part Two

Spend or Save AttireYes, you could let your dwindling wedding budget freak you out. But the alternative is much more fun. By making a few strategic swaps of higher end items for less expensive ones, you can help get your budget back on track without feeling the pinch. In fact, you might even get a rush realizing that it’s possible for you to feel like a million bucks on your wedding day without spending anywhere near that much. By simply knowing when it’s worth making a splurge, and how easy it is to save a few (or a lot) of your hard-earned dollars, you can plan a dream wedding that won’t require a move to the poor house after the “I Do’s!” (more…)

When to Save, When to Splurge: Part One

Spending and Splurging Wedding DressesIf you’ve recently sat down to develop your wedding budget and have started to book essentials like a venue and a photographer, you may be surprised how quickly that figure seems to be shrinking. You may even be fearful about how far your funds can stretch, considering how much more you have to do and plan. Thankfully, the experts can help you learn what deserves a splurge and where you can save, and that information can singlehandedly make you and your budget friends again. (more…)

Decorating Ideas for Corporate Events

Corporate Event Party SpreadHave you been delegated your company’s official party planner? If so, are you enjoying the task? Corporate parties can be a lot of work to arrange, but they can also be a lot of fun for your fellow employees and yourself, too, if you don’t let the logistics weigh you down. Once you’ve selected your corporate event venue, it’s time to start choosing décor. Luckily you don’t need to reinvent the wheel – or recreate the Eiffel Tower, for instance – in order to have a good time. Keep it classy and simple, and the party will sure to be a hit! (more…)

DIY Wedding Invitations

DIY invites red heartsThough cake testing might be more fun, designing and mailing your invitations is crucial to pulling off the wedding day of your dreams. After all, what good is a picture perfect wedding day without all your favorite people to share in your excitement? Thankfully, there are a lot of ways you can DIY your invitations. It’s a great way to add personality to the first impression your guests will receive, helping to set the tone for the entire day, and, done smartly, it can save some money as well. (more…)