Deciding On Your Vows, And Other Major Ceremony Decisions

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What will you and your partner say to each other when you meet at the altar? For couples who prefer to recite traditional wedding vows, this is a question with an easy answer. However, you may be eager to recite something unique. After all, this does give you the opportunity to express to everyone exactly what your partner means to you. As you plan your wedding ceremony, you can run into several important questions that can affect how you experience this part of your larger celebration. No matter what you select, you can count on your Texas Old Town venue to provide you with a gorgeous setting to say “I do” to the person you love! (more…)

How Your Color Choices Contribute To Your Wedding Look

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Your wedding colors can be prominently featured throughout your wedding, or used sparingly to create a subtler, more formal atmosphere. As with any decision when it comes to creating the right look for your wedding, the way you approach color will matter. While bolder, contrasting colors can be vivid and fun, a muted approach can give your celebration an elegant feeling that you can appreciate. Because the venues we offer couples are accommodating, and take advantage of the area’s surrounding natural beauty, you can enjoy success working with a wide range of color choices. (more…)

Make Your Decorations Stand Apart With DIY Touches

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Having a vision for your wedding decorations can help you connect with the right vendors, and establish the right look for your special day. Sometimes, your ideal wedding can require decorative pieces that you are better off creating yourself than purchasing. Brides commit to DIY wedding decorations for many reasons. This approach can lead to potential savings, and it can allow you to establish a rustic atmosphere. Of course, one obvious benefit is that your ceremony and reception can stand apart from other weddings when you put together your own decorations instead of purchasing them. (more…)

Making Preparations If Your Wedding Has A Larger Guest List

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While some couples try to keep their guest list smaller, to enjoy a more intimate experience, you may be eager to invite more people to join you on your wedding day. There are some challenges that come with a larger guest list. This approach can obviously impact your budget, and you can find it more difficult to efficiently provide dinner, drinks, and dessert to everyone at your reception. On the other hand, your larger guest list means fewer tough choices when it comes to finalizing your guest list, and you can enjoy a livelier celebration. Texas Old Town offers larger venue spaces for weddings that plan to welcome more people. (more…)

Relying On The Groom’s Party Before, And During, The Wedding

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The presence of your best man and groomsmen at your wedding will obviously be important to your groom. The guys in your wedding party can also help you, particularly on the wedding day itself. With the exception of the bachelor party, it can seem like the men involved in your wedding have less to do during pre-wedding events. With that said, they can be more available to pitch in and make sure everything goes smoothly during the setup of your ceremony and reception areas while the bridal party prepares to walk down the aisle. Because Texas Old Town provides sixteen hour access to venues as part of our standard amenities package, you have plenty of room to welcome the guys to put on their attire at the site before stepping up to help. (more…)

How Do I Determine Which Guests Should Receive A Plus-One?

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While it might be easy to just extend a plus-one to all of your wedding guests, you may be unable to do so for a number of reasons. You may be at risk for going over the number of guests you can fit into your venue space, or you could have a hard time budgeting for a scenario where all of your unattached friends and family members bring dates. Even though it can feel awkward to ask someone not to bring a date, it could be what is best for your wedding celebration. (more…)

Use Our Beautiful Setting To Create Great Wedding Photos!

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The right setting can help you capture the kind of wedding pictures you can cherish. When you host your ceremony and reception at a Texas Old Town venue, you can look forward to having amazing shots, and video, to capture your experience. What you might not know is that our setting can be used for other photo opportunities. You can schedule a time to take your bridal portraits, arrange your engagement photos, and enjoy stunning first look images. Because of our Texas Hill Country location, there are many picturesque areas available to individuals and couples who want to create beautiful memories! (more…)

The Right Wedding Look Is About More Than Just Your Dress

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Finding the perfect gown for your wedding day is an important part of your planning experience. The search for the right dress can even become a sort of intimate pre-wedding event in itself, as you and a few close people browse boutiques and shops together. As exciting as it can be to find that perfect dress, remember that you are not quite done with planning your wedding look. You will need to decide what you should do about your hair and makeup. You also need to figure out what to do for jewelry, and shoes. (more…)

Tips To Help You Create Your Best Reception Seating Chart

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With the right food options, drinks, and entertainment, you can count on making your wedding reception a big hit with your guests. With that said, the right seating chart can have a big impact on the success of this event. Many of the choices you make can be easy – you can be well aware of friend and family dynamics, which can influence who people are near to, or far from, on your chart. The more challenging question will concern how you mingle people with different relationships to you and your partner. Putting thought into what people might have in common, and which individuals might have conflicts, can help you sort out where everyone should go during your wedding reception. (more…)

Making Sure Everyone Knows What To Do During Your Ceremony

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Will every single person in your wedding party know when to walk down the aisle, where to stand, and what to do when your wedding ceremony is complete? When you properly plan your rehearsal, you can ensure that everyone has the information they need, and are familiar with their role, on your special day. Impress upon everyone in your wedding party that the rehearsal is important, and make sure you have enough time between your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner to move through the arrival and departure sequences several times. To make your rehearsal dinner more convenient, you can actually welcome everyone to enjoy a meal at your Texas Old Town venue! (more…)