What To Consider When Picking Menswear For The Wedding

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Few moments in wedding planning feel as significant as shopping for the bridal gown. Your choice of dress is an important one, and you can count on capturing the attention of your guests when you start your walk down the aisle. Of course, as important as it is, this is not the only fashion choice you need to make for your wedding. You also need to put some thought into what the groom, and groomsmen, will wear. While the tuxedo is still a popular and traditional choice, you can explore different options to see what best suits your occasion. (more…)

You Can Find Great Deals At Our Bridal Fair Feb 24!

On Sunday, February 24, Texas Old Town will encourage people who are working on their wedding to check out our Bridal Fair! This special event gathers together talented vendors who can help you manage important wedding tasks. You can also find out more about the big trends happening in the world of weddings, and look for great deals on lots of helpful materials. The Bridal Fair can give you the right resources and information to make big steps forward in your wedding planning efforts, and it can give you a chance to see all of our lovely wedding venues in person! (more…)

Tips To Help You With Your Invitations And Save-The-Dates

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You may want to think of your invitations and save-the-dates as “previews” of your wedding. You can show off your wedding colors, let people know what kind of attire to wear, and – for plated dinners – let people know what their dining options are. Of course, this is in addition to giving everyone important event details about when and where your wedding will be! While your event’s date, time, and location are crucial, you may wonder what else you should include in your invitations. You can also have some understandable questions about why you need save-the-dates when you have invitations.  (more…)

Making The Right Style Choices For Your Hair And Makeup

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Selecting your hairstyle and makeup preferences will play a big part in determining your ultimate wedding look. While your wedding gown will certainly be the most identifiable aspect of your appearance, these style decisions matter. To make sure they look their best, brides will commonly arrange for professional hair and makeup services, and enjoy a professional styling before their big walk down the aisle. If you are struggling to think of how you might like to wear your hair, or what your makeup choices should be, your stylist (or stylists) can help you make decisions during your trial session. (more…)

Searching Different Spaces For The Right Wedding Decorations

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For most of your life, you can remain blissfully unaware of where you can go to find wedding decorations. When you find yourself planning your special day, the question of where you can go to locate the right materials becomes more than a little pressing. Different people have different needs when it comes to decorations. With our All Inclusive Wedding Package, you can count on us to find what you need to bring your wedding to life. For a DIY wedding, you will need to dedicate real time and attention to where the right items might be. This month, you can find great decorations, and much more, at our upcoming Bridal Fair! (more…)

Using Professionals For Your Wedding Photo And Video Needs

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You can easily expect most of your guests – possibly even all of your guests – to have some kind of recording device with them on your wedding day. Our phones make pictures and videos remarkably easy to capture, which can give people an inflated sense of what they can do behind their lens. While it may be tempting to trust people who promise to capture beautiful moments on your wedding day, professional photographers and videographers offer considerable advantages over well-meaning people in your life. Our venues can serve as great spaces for photos and videos – in fact, we even invite couples to reserve time for their engagement and bridal photos! (more…)

Is It Time To Start Creating My Seating Chart?

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Creating the ideal seating chart can take time, even if your guest list is on the small side. It can be particularly difficult to arrange when you have guests who have few connections to other people at your wedding, or when you have larger friend and family groups who will have to be spread over several tables. Once you are confident in your final guest list, you can start planning. Because Texas Old Town offers venues that are great for larger and smaller weddings, we can make sure you have the right space for your guests, no matter where they wind up sitting. (more…)

Make Sure You Check Out The Texas Old Town Bridal Fair!

On Sunday, February 24, Texas Old Town will welcome future brides to take advantage of our annual Bridal Fair! During this one day only event, you can find inspiration and guidance, while also meeting with many different vendors who can help you with your special day. This is also a great opportunity for you to explore Texas Old Town, as all four of our venue spaces will be open! Door prizes and take-home bags will be given out to those who attend. Our Bridal Fair is one of many examples of how Texas Old Town takes pride in helping people have their best wedding experience. (more…)

Determining How Formal Or Informal Your Wedding Should Be

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On your wedding day, you can have the important people in your life together to help you share in a truly special life event. Because this is your day, you should feel free to make the event as formal, or informal, as you want. Between stunning outdoor settings and multiple accommodating venue spaces, Texas Old Town can offer you a space for a relaxed, intimate affair, or a larger and more formal gathering. You can indicate the tone of your wedding by noting preferred attire, and through your choices regarding decorations, dinner, and more. (more…)

3 Tips That Can Help Take Stress Out Of Wedding Planning

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Even a relatively small and intimate wedding experience can be challenging to arrange, and the cause of some stress. Between selecting proper wedding attire for you and your wedding party, finding the right vendors to serve food and drinks, preparing your guest list, and planning your decorations, you will have plenty of demands on your time and energy. By giving yourself plenty of time to handle everything, and reaching out to the right people for support, you can minimize potential stress. Texas Old Town does offer an All Inclusive Wedding Package, which can take care of many important processes for you. (more…)