3 Ideas For Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

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When couples provide wedding favors for their guests, they are able to send people away with a gesture of appreciation for their attendance and support of their special day. There is a long tradition of providing favors to the people in attendance, but that does not mean you are bound to offer something traditional. Many couples have had success on their special day with wedding favors that are personalized, fun, or even homemade! You can impress guests with wedding favors that reflect your wedding day – for example, by offering handmade items at a DIY wedding event. What you should remember is that your objective is to show people how much you appreciate them by providing something meaningful. (more…)

Picking The Right Outfits For Your Groomsmen

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While groomsmen can provide support on your wedding day, they can sometimes receive less attention than the bridesmaids. This can be particularly true when it comes to style choices. While a bride can inevitably stand out for being the only one in a white dress, you may be less sure of what you should do to make the groomsmen stand apart from the groom. You can also face questions concerning how formal, or how closely matched, they need to be. Different couples can make dramatically different choices here, as there are many approaches you could make. Think about how formal you want your wedding to be to determine how fancy the groomsmen should look. When it comes to setting them apart from the groom, you can create a distinction by having the groom depart from the others with a different color of jacket, or neckwear. (more…)

Keeping Guests Entertained During Your Reception

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The right wedding reception should feel like the perfect way to spend your first moments with your partner as a married couple. One way to make sure you have a great time is to make sure your reception space looks great. If you have the professional support of an all-inclusive wedding package, or take on decorating yourself with a DIY wedding, you can count on your reception space to look gorgeous. Of course, you also want to keep your guests in high spirits, as their enjoyment can keep the spirits of your evening high. When you make plans to make the most of your evening, you can have a reception that is a hit with everyone!  (more…)

Is There A “Right” Season To Host Your Wedding?

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The time of year you set your wedding can certainly have an influence on your special day. This can be especially true for an outdoor ceremony, but all weddings should reflect the weather and season in some way. While the summer can be a popular time for weddings, the truth is that you should not feel excluded from your preference of date. In fact, as you plan your wedding, you can that a different season can help you make more interesting choices when you think about your wedding colors, your decorative pieces, and even your food and drink options. Being mindful of the ways in which the time of year can influence your wedding can help you create a truly wonderful, and memorable, celebration! (more…)

Using Your Bridal Shower Registry To Help With Wedding Needs

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Your bridal shower can give you a chance to bond with the women in your partner’s family, and share a touching moment with the people in your life. Your bridal shower registry also gives you a chance to prepare your home by receiving helpful items. One thing you might not realize is that certain useful items can also help with your wedding day needs. For instance, a cake stand that you receive as a gift can be used to hold your wedding cake during your special day. If you plan on enjoying a DIY wedding, you may want to request picture frames that you can use in your decorations. Finding opportunities to save money can help you limit your overall expenses…or make room in your budget for something that might have felt out of reach. (more…)

Exploring Alternative Ideas For The Wedding Guest Book

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The guest book you provide at your wedding will provide you with a log of everyone who came to help you celebrate your special day. You can find an array of guest books, with different sizes and cover designs available to you. You can also make your book feel more intimately tied to you and your partner by having it personalized. As with so many other aspects of your wedding, you can certainly explore fun alternatives to the traditional wedding guest book. You can ask guests to provide something other than just their signature in a book. You can request photographs, personalized messages, and many more when you look at new spins on wedding guest books. This is one of many areas where you can showcase a talent for DIY projects while planning your wedding. (more…)

Offering Tasty Treats In Addition To Your Wedding Cake

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When guests arrive at your reception dinner, they can look forward to a tasty meal, but they can be excited at the prospect of cake. For many people, a tiered white cake is one of the most recognizable wedding symbols, up there with the bridal gown and the image of a couple standing at the altar. Of course, if you want to take everyone’s dessert experience to the next level, you can certainly serve more than just cake. Offering additional dessert items can add variety, and it can give guests an alternative to enjoy if they find themselves in the mood for something other than cake. You can also exercise a little creativity with your choice, and create something memorable for your reception.  (more…)