Making Sure Your Wedding Vendors Know What You Want

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The right wedding vendors can make the necessary arrangements, and ensure your wedding experience is what you envision for your self. With that said, a vendor can only execute your plans properly if they know what you really want on your special day. What can you do to make sure your desires are understood? You should be prepared to elaborate on what you want, and give all the relevant details you can offer. You may not have exact figures – for instance, your potential caterer will not expect you to have an exact number of guests before your RSVPs arrive. Make sure you can offer every detail you have, and look for professionals you feel you can communicate with, as you need to be confident that your preferences are being heard and understood. (more…)

Some Wedding Tasks May Need More Time Than You Realize

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The time between a couple’s engagement and their wedding can vary. If you and your partner plan for a longer engagement period, you may feel comfortable holding off on preparations. While there is nothing wrong with taking time to simply celebrate your new relationship status, you may need more time than you realize to properly arrange your special day. In fact, you may want to budget your time with the expectation of at least a few delays you are not anticipating. Making an early start on your wedding planning also means your preferred wedding vendor is more likely to have your date open when you contact them.  (more…)

3 Tips To Help You Feel Comfortable Speaking At Your Wedding

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The bride and groom can certainly count on being the center of attention during their wedding. For many couples, this is certainly no problem. After all, you put so much work into making your special day feel truly special, so of course you want people to be there for it, and for you. Still, if you or your partner are shy by nature, then the attention on you might be something you are less than comfortable with. That discomfort can be particularly troubling when you face the prospect of giving a toast during your wedding reception, or if you and your partner plan to recite your own vows. Preparation can be key if you want to guard against nerves in these moments. It can also help to simply remind yourself that everyone in attendance is there to support you, not judge you. (more…)

What Should I Do To Decorate My Aisle?

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Decorations for your wedding ceremony space can help you make the setting feel like yours. Because you have access to a beautiful outdoor setting, and the Texas Hill Country surrounding you, the right approach to decorating can be a conservative one. With that said, the right touches can make a big impact. One space you can work with is your aisle. Your path to the altar can benefit from more than just petals left behind by your flower girl. You can use an aisle runner and other pieces to add a little color to your walkway, and add a little more wedding magic to your overall ceremony space with your preferred decorations. If you want to make sure your aisle is untouched before the procession begins, make sure your ushers know to walk people to seats at the outside of the seats. (more…)

Selecting Thoughtful Gifts For Your Wedding Party

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It can be hard to tell the people who make up your wedding party exactly how much their support means to you. They can help you plan and celebrate important pre-wedding events, and they can offer advice and support as you work to prepare your special day. Traditionally, the happy couple will provide a token of appreciation for the people in their wedding party. These can often be group gifts, and they can be personalized to commemorate their role in your wedding. How will you know when you have found the “right” gift to give groomsmen, bridesmaids, ushers, and other key people? While it is rarely easy to find one item that suits a group of people, a little planning can help you identify a meaningful, appreciated gift. (more…)

How Formal Should The Groom And Groomsmen Be?

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Admittedly, it can be easy to place more attention on what the bride wears to the wedding than what the groom chooses for the big day. While tradition often sees grooms don the classic tuxedo, many have looked at other options to wear when they walk down the aisle. Because the groomsmen should follow the style example of the groom, this means that all of the guys in your wedding party can pursue a less traditional look. Should you consider breaking from tradition and having your groom wear something less formal? You can base this decision on the look of your dress, and the overall formality of your wedding event – your groom should be a good match for both. (more…)

Making Plans For Your Wedding Reception Bar Service

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The right wedding reception allows everyone to end their night in good spirits. Your bar service can help foster a celebratory mood during the event itself, but planning to offer drinks can lead to some difficulties. As popular as an open bar can be, the demand it places on your budget can be significant. You can also be concerned with offering the “right” drink options, or struggling to come up with your signature his-and-hers cocktails. With the right strategy, you can find a way to affordably keep glasses raised during your reception. You can also make plans to offer welcoming beverage options for any guests on hand who do not drink. (more…)

Tips To Help You Find And Exchange Your Wedding Rings

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Your wedding rings can be the most important pieces of jewelry you and your partner possess. They symbolize the lifelong commitment you two are making with each other, and it can certainly feel intimidating to make a purchase this important. While you can show off your engagement ring from the moment you become engaged, your wedding rings make their official debut during your wedding ceremony. That gives you and your partner a little extra time to look for just the right piece. It also creates a meaningful moment during your ceremony, especially if you have a ring bearer on hand to deliver your rings. With a little time, and some consideration, you can find wonderful rings without breaking your budget, and plan a special exchange when it comes time to say “I do.” (more…)

Making The Most Of Your Ushers At Your Wedding

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Not everyone with an important role in your wedding will be with you at the altar. Your ushers will be important to your ceremony because they help everyone find their places, and they can field questions from arriving guests. While their roles can vary depending on your needs, their help bringing people to their seats, and keeping your aisle clear, can be important – particularly if you have a larger guest list. You can also count on ushers to help with tasks that need to be resolved before your special day officially starts. Close friends or family members often take on the role of ushers, and it is customary for ushers, like everyone in your wedding party, to receive a gift in thanks for their help. (more…)

Can’t Decide On Your Wedding Colors? Use These Helpful Tips

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Your wedding colors can be an important aspect of your overall wedding look. These colors can help you navigate style choices, and create a cohesive theme to your decorations. So what happens if you find yourself at a loss for what colors to select? What should you do if you feel incapable of committing to your palette? It can help to remember what your colors can say about your wedding. They can affect the formality of your event, play off the season it takes place in, and generally create the right atmosphere for your special day? You can look to several places for inspiration. If you are interested in an all inclusive wedding package, you can enjoy suggestions even as you maintain control over the look and style of your wedding day. (more…)