The Right Cocktails Can Keep Your Reception Lively

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Your wedding reception can be a wonderfully festive moment for you and your partner. Sharing food, music, and important moments with your friends and family as a newly-married couple can make the reception one of your favorite parts of your evening. Of course, most couples are aware that one other ingredient can help a party maintain its positive energy – the bar. Many guests will expect an open bar at your wedding. You can personalize the menu by planning his-and-hers cocktails, which can suit the season, and serve as a compliment to the food you serve. Of course, there are other beverage selections you will need to make. Some can feature no alcohol at all – for instance, you might want to offer hot coffee with desserts, or at the end of the night. (more…)

How Elaborate Should Our Pre-Wedding Events Be?

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Like your wedding itself, your pre-wedding events can take some planning. Your bachelor and bachelorette parties, your engagement party, the bridal shower, and your rehearsal dinner will demand time, energy, and some financial support. How much of these resources should you use on them? Elaborate or high-end gatherings can be fun, and they can help you really savor those big moments before your wedding day. With that said, you need to be mindful of what your overall budget is going to be, or how much you should comfortably ask of the people who help you plan and celebrate these events. The size of your wedding party will also be a factor – for instance, if you have a larger number bridesmaids and groomsmen, it can be tough to plan bigger bachelor and bachelorette parties. (more…)

Working With Your Ring Bearer And Flower Girl

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Your ring bearer and flower girl can be absolutely adorable, but less than agreeable when it comes to planning their part in your wedding ceremony. Even if they are well-meaning, and trying their best, they are still kids, after all. So what can you do to make sure they make their walk down the aisle without issue? Practice is beneficial – the ring bearer and flower girl may benefit more than anyone else from your wedding rehearsal. Encouragement is also important. Of course, it can help to remember that because of their age, your guests are likely to appreciate their presence even if things go less than smoothly. (more…)

What To Expect From Your Planned Photo Sessions

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Much of your wedding photographer’s work will involve being in the right places, and finding the right images, to capture the spirit of your wedding. There will be those important pictures of you and your partner at the altar, lots of candid shots of people enjoying your reception, and many more important images you can hold onto for many years. Of course, the planned photo sessions you arrange are also important, and need to be approached with the proper care and attention. With the right professional, and the right preparations, you can look forward to capturing the memory and magic of your wedding experience with truly amazing photos! (more…)

How Involved Should Our Parents Be In Planning Our Wedding?

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Your wedding is obviously an important occasion for you and your partner, but these celebrations are also meaningful to parents of the happy couple. While there is a long-held tradition of the bride’s family paying for the costs of a wedding, many are less observant of this standard. You may be paying for your wedding on your own, or you could be receiving some support from both sets of parents. If either of your parents are playing a part in helping you plan your wedding, they can expect to provide some input in the preparations. Your parents may have some suggestions they want to make for who should be in attendance at your wedding. They may also have ideas about the event itself. If you want to avoid clashing, it can be helpful to set expectations before you agree to financial support. (more…)

How Do I Keep Up With My Wedding Planning Responsibilities?

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What should you do to stay on top of your wedding planning responsibilities? This can be a more urgent concern for some brides than others. If you are used to juggling tasks, and have a knack for planning and organization, you can feel totally confident in your ability to prepare for your wedding. For those brides who are less organized, and less comfortable with new demands on their time, this question can be a pressing one. Planning tools are available to help – you can find planning apps online, or pick up a wedding book where you can keep store everything you need. If you want to make sure everything is done, and done well, while limiting the demands on your time and energy, talk to Texas Old Town about our all-inclusive wedding package. (more…)

Creating Decorations For Your Rustic Wedding

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Your wedding day should fit your vision, and suit your tastes. For some couples, a formal wedding can feel restrictive, and not reflective of their personalities. You may feel more comfortable with planning and hosting a rustic wedding, where natural surroundings and DIY wedding decorations create your preferred experience. It can be a mistake to assume that “rustic” simply means a reduction in quality. Your wedding can depart from traditional formality, and still serve as a picturesque and memorable experience! This approach can also encourage you to feel more open to different decisions when it comes to what you serve during your reception, and how you serve it. With the right decorations, and your stunning outdoor ceremony setting, your special day can feel like a true extension of your tastes, and your personality. (more…)