Planning The Drink Options For Your Reception

People can be excited to see your wedding cake, and they can look forward to enjoying the food you serve at your reception. Of course, for many of your guests, what you have available to drink will also certainly be of interest. Different couples will take different approaches to stocking the bar, based on their personal preferences, and their budgeting restrictions. While many people would like to offer an open bar with a wide selection, this can be difficult due to the cost. However, you can find ways to control your spending, while giving your guests something they are happy to hoist when it comes time to toast the new couple.  (more…)

Adding Extra Information To Your Wedding Invitations

There are some pieces of information that are essential in the invitations to your wedding. The date and time of your special day are crucial, as is the location where the event is being held. Of course, there is certainly more that you can bring up when you send these out to guests. You should have a request for them to RSVP, so that you can have an accurate head count for your special day. If you offer a plated meal that is pre-ordered, you can let people respond with their request in the invite. Other information can be helpful, too, though an invitation with too much detail can lead to some confusion. An all-inclusive package from Texas Old Town includes help with wedding invitations. (more…)

Effectively Planning An Adults-Only Wedding

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In many ways, it can be easier to plan a wedding event when you intend to make it adults-only. After all, you will not need to worry about children being bored during a long reception, or about providing food for notoriously picky eaters. However, it can be a challenge when you plan because you need to make your preference clear. While many couples have arranged child-free events, some parents may assume their kids are welcome unless it is made clear that this is not the case. You may also struggle with the question of if you can still have a flower girl and ring bearer if you prefer to keep your reception adults-only. (more…)

3 Twists You Can Put On The Classic Wedding Reception

You can create a terrific evening for your guests at your wedding reception. After your ceremony concludes, your reception allows guests to meet each other, reconnect, or just bond over celebrating your special day. Of course, there are still a few formal moments to enjoy, with the cutting of the cake, toasts, and your first dance. While you can use tradition to guide the course of your reception, you can find opportunities to mix up traditions and provide everyone in attendance something a little different. You can make changes to how you approach your reception dinner, or bring in vendors to offer something fun, like a photo booth, for people to use. (more…)

Avoiding Distractions As You Prepare For Your Ceremony

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The day of your wedding can certainly keep you busy. Even with professionals on hand to handle hair and makeup needs, you will have to make sure you and the members of your bridal party are all ready in time for the start of your ceremony. While you prepare, you will naturally be curious about the progress being made in putting up decorations in your ceremony and reception spaces. Of course, with the right professional support, you can rest assured that matters are being expertly handled during your wedding day. There are many advantages to purchasing an all-inclusive wedding package, but one perk you will be sure to appreciate is the professional setup of your decorations. Having their support can keep you feeling reassured, so you can concentrate on readying yourself to walk down the aisle. (more…)

Providing A Great Cocktail Hour For Your Guests

The time between your ceremony and reception will often be used to take photos of the wedding party. This can keep you busy, but your guests may be in need of some activity to occupy their time while you create these lasting moments. Many couples have enjoyed success using a cocktail hour to entertain everyone before the reception. During this event, people will have a chance to mingle, catch up with friends and family members, and enjoy a quick snack to hold them over until dinner is served at the reception. You can add decorations to your cocktail space, and provide signature cocktails, which can improve your guests’ experience. (more…)

Can DIY Wedding Projects Help Me Save Money?

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Couples who want to avoid spending too much on their wedding can turn to DIY wedding projects as a way to save money. In some cases, these projects can help you limit your expenses, while also giving you an opportunity to put your personal stamp on your special day. You can look into creating decorations for your ceremony and reception spaces, or save by creating your own custom wedding invitations. Of course, some planning responsibilities can be difficult to handle without professional support. It should also be noted that DIY projects can save money, but demand more of your time.  (more…)