Taking Care Of Guests Who Travel To Attend Your Wedding

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When you create a guest list for your wedding, you may come to the realization that the people you are close to may not be close by. Depending on how much moving you have done, or how far away you are from your family, you may have several guests who need to travel to attend your wedding. Of course, you should show appreciation to every person who takes the time to help you celebrate your special day, but guests from out of town, or out of state, are surmounting several different obstacles. By making an effort to cover their needs, you can show them how much their attendance means to you, and make sure their stay is a happy one. (more…)

Avoid Making These Wedding Invitation Mistakes

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Wedding invitations can involve some creativity, careful planning, and a real investment of time. It can also be a little bit tiring – you and your partner put in the effort to create the right guest list, and now you need to go through the work of sending everything out. The wedding planning workload (and the other details of your life) can sap some of your focus while you create invitations, and you could be tempted to rely on email and social media to share information. With that said, the task of crafting and sending invitations is something you should take seriously. If this prospect feels daunting, you should know that Texas Old Town offers help with wedding invitations in our all-inclusive wedding package. (more…)

3 Fun Features You Can Add To Your Wedding Reception

As much as your guests may look forward to seeing you walk down the aisle, your wedding reception is certainly important. This is your chance to interact with your guests, receive congratulations and well-wishes, and debut with your partner as an officially married couple! Whether you want to hold a more formal, elegant ceremony, or a looser, more fun event, this can be a great time for everyone. With some smart planning, you can provide a reception experience that stands out to your guests. Many people have found success by including alternatives to traditional reception trappings, or with exciting additions, like photo booths, which have grown in popularity. How you approach the reception preparation is up to you – while some couples prefer to maintain a DIY wedding vibe, you can certainly count on professional support to help with your festivities. (more…)

A Wedding Video Can Help You Capture Important Moments

As you make your list of necessary services for your wedding day, you may find yourself wondering how many traditional forms of support you need. For instance, the widespread popularity of videos and photos taken with smart phones may have you reconsidering the importance of professional photography and videography services. What you should know is that having professionals on hand means having someone who can focus on their task (capturing important moments of your wedding), and who can create attractive images. While some couples will go without a wedding video, simply preferring to rely on pictures, others will find that a video can create a more complete record of their special day. (more…)

Weighing Your Food And Drink Serving Options

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When it comes to planning your wedding reception dinner, you need to address what will be served, as well as how it will be served. You can enjoy some flexibility when it comes to picking someone to cater your event, and you can find great options on our preferred wedding vendors list. The way you deliver food will influence the tone of your event – after all, presentation matters. This decision can also affect your overall costs for the reception. Bar service is another area where you will have to weigh several options. The decision to offer an open bar (full or partial), and the question of how many items to serve can affect your wallet, and influence how your guests perceive your event. (more…)

Answering Common Questions About Hair And Makeup Service

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While it is common for brides to hire stylists to provide professional hair and makeup services for the wedding, you may be unsure of how to incorporate their service into your wedding planning. You may feel some concern about making sure everyone in your bridal party has time to have work done before the ceremony starts, or feel unsure of what to request for your hair and makeup. Fortunately, issues like these have been expertly handled by professional stylists many times. While the right answers will depend on your preferences, the size of your wedding party, and other considerations, there are some general hurdles you can clear with some advance planning. (more…)

Tips To Help You Create A More Relaxed Wedding Atmosphere

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Not every couple dreams of a wedding with the fanciest formal wear, fine dining, and sophisticated decorations. A more laid back, less formal event can be more in line with what you want from your special day. In fact, many couples have found great success by focusing on how they can enjoy a wedding where people can be more casual, more relaxed, and more intimate. Our venue can help you celebrate your love surrounded by rustic beauty. Of course, your perfect atmosphere can be about more than the location, or the use of charming DIY decorations. Your tone can also be reflected in your clothing choices, and in your reception dinner. (more…)