3 Things To Consider Before Finalizing Your Guest List

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The process of creating, revising, and finalizing the guest list for your wedding can be a daunting one. You can face tough questions about who should or should not be included, how many plus-ones you can comfortably offer, and whether you should make your event a child-free gathering. When you have the list finished, and you are ready to send out invitations, it can be tough to make changes after the fact. Texas Old Town offers venues of different size, so we are ready to welcome guests who are looking to host a large wedding, and we can also make room for those who want to host a more intimate celebration. (more…)

Choosing Beautiful Bridal Bouquets And Floral Arrangements

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Because you keep it with you for so much of the wedding, you may want to think about your bridal bouquet as part of your attire. It will be featured prominently as you walk down the aisle, and it will appear in the group and couple photos taken by your photographer. It can also stay with you during the reception…until the bouquet toss, anyway.  With this in mind, it should be easy to see why the selection of your bouquet deserves some serious thought. The bouquet, and your different floral arrangements featured in your decorations, can give your event welcome touches of color, and add natural beauty to your surroundings. With the right selections, you can feel amazing about the arrangements themselves and their influence on your wedding! (more…)

Tips To Help You Craft Your Personal Wedding Vows

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When it comes time to say “I do” at your wedding ceremony, you will have time to share your love with your guests by reciting vows. Many couples have chosen to abandon traditional vows in favor of words they crafted themselves. This can be beneficial to people who see less of themselves in traditional vows, and for those who just want to make these words as personal as possible. Of course, if you are not used to writing or speaking in public, the idea of crafting your vows can be a scary one! While this is certainly something you want to do well, remember that your guests are looking for you to say something personal, and not judging you on the quality of what you recite. (more…)

Take Advantage Of Small Opportunities To Spoil Your Guests

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Even if your wedding day is meant to be a celebration of your union, it also creates a chance for you to celebrate the many people in your shared lives. Putting together an entertaining ceremony and reception can be challenging, but the right touches can ensure that your day is a beautiful and memorable one. As you work out the details of your event, it can be easy to lose sight of small details as you work out larger questions about what to serve at your reception, who to invite, and what your event’s theme should be. These matters are important, but remember that small gestures can be warmly received, and improve everyone’s overall experience at your wedding! (more…)

Should We Set Up A Sweetheart Table For Our Reception?

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As you plan out your reception area, and create your seating chart, you will need to think about where you and your partner are going to sit during the event. Many couples choose to create a special table to themselves, known as a sweetheart table, where they can sit for the reception. This creates a distinct space for the two of you, and it can be a good decorative addition to your overall reception area. It also gives you and your partner the space to have private conversations at an event where you will be in demand. While the sweetheart table is not mandatory, the right space and decorative touches can make you grateful for having it at your wedding. (more…)

Tips To Help With Selecting And Serving Your Wedding Cake

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The search for a wedding cake can be one of the most fun experiences you have while planning your wedding. After all, this is a chance to indulge your sweet tooth while trying to decide on what you should have for dessert at your wedding. While flavor certainly matters, the cake also tends to double as one of the more prominent decorative pieces at your celebration – all eyes can certainly be on it as you perform your cake cutting ceremony! Your choices regarding what to serve (and how to serve it) will be important. Fortunately, when you make good decisions, you can be rewarded with a beautiful cake, as well as a great moment during your reception! (more…)

Finding The Right Space For A Wedding With Fewer Guests

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When people think about fitting their guests into a venue, they tend to think about the problems associated with trying to hold too many people in a cramped space. A lack of room for everyone at your wedding can certainly be a problem, but you also want to avoid giving yourself too much venue space for your event. This can make the occasion feel small, and it can be hard for you to decorate in a way that hides or minimizes your excess surroundings. Texas Old Town actually offers venues of different sizes, so you can find the space that best suits your wedding. If you have plans to keep the event on the small side, a more intimate venue can be ideal for you! (more…)

How Can I Be Sure I Have The Right Colors For My Wedding?

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Selecting the colors you want to feature in your wedding decorations will help you establish the look you want for your event, but it may be hard to commit to your choices. How can you make sure that your selections are appropriately formal, or a good fit for your theme? How many colors can you incorporate, and how much variety should you show off in your decorations? If you feel unsure of yourself, you can always discuss concerns with your decorator and seek their guidance. You should also remember that you have the freedom to dictate the style of your wedding. If you feel strongly about a choice, even if you worry it might not be “right” for what you have planned, you are allowed to take a risk for something that you believe in. (more…)

How Can I Make Sure My Reception Starts On Time?

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While there are many fun aspects to planning and celebrating a wedding, there are also certain mundane tasks that need attention. You should be able to enjoy your special day and feel fully present in the different parts of your ceremony and reception, but you also have to worry about keeping your event on track. One issue that can hurt your celebration is a late start to your reception, which can force you to rush or skip certain traditions you might have planned to honor. Advance planning can help you avoid some of the common issues that cause reception delays, as can the support of an event coordinator on the day of your wedding. (more…)

Make Planning Easier With An All-Inclusive Wedding Package

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Whether you have a clear vision of what you want your wedding day to be like, or feel unsure about the details even after you are engaged, the actual planning process can be difficult. After all, you may be hard-pressed to think of another task in your life that has called for so much planning, and demanded so much of your time and attention. Even consistently organized people may find that adding wedding planning to their daily responsibilities can be difficult. Fortunately, Texas Old Town can make the experience of planning easier with our All-Inclusive Wedding Package! This special package lets you dictate what your wedding will be like, but it puts the actual planning responsibilities into professional hands. After giving us all of your wedding details, you can arrive on the day itself to see your event brought to life for you. (more…)