Accommodating Wedding Guests Who Bring Their Children

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Encouraging your wedding guests to bring their kids can help make your event feel like a fun, family-centered affair. Many couples also enjoy having young guests present because it gives their own young family members more people to interact with. With that said, you may want to take the time to consider how making your event all-ages can affect your wedding preparations. It is important to know which families intend to bring their kids, because their presence will affect your total guest count. You will also want this information available as soon as possible so you can plan out your seating charts. If you expect to have a number of youngsters present, it may be beneficial to set up a kids’ table, where they can be entertained while adult guests celebrate. (more…)

Should You Ask Your Guests To Follow A Dress Code?

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Deciding on the look of your wedding ceremony and reception – and bringing that look to life – can take up a considerable amount of time and effort during your engagement period. With that said, the ability to create a space that feels right for you can ensure that your special day truly offers the experience you wanted. Of course, the decorations and your venue spaces are not the only factors that affect the overall look of your wedding. Guests’ attire can affect how formal or relaxed a wedding appears to be. With that in mind, is it appropriate to dictate a dress code to the people you invite? This is certainly something you are allowed to do, but it is not a step every couple takes. If you do want to ask guests to style themselves a certain way, it is important to be as clear as possible about your preference. (more…)

Making Sure Guests Are Warmly Greeted When They Arrive

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It is an understatement to point out that brides tend to be busy on their wedding day. In the hours before your ceremony begins, you will want to focus on preparing yourself, while also trying to make sure everything is arranged properly before guests show up. Because you can safely assume your focus will be elsewhere – and because your appearance is supposed to be saved for the ceremony – you can be understandably anxious about how your guests will be greeted. Because Texas Old Town provides sixteen hours of venue access, and dressing rooms for the bridal party and groom’s party, you can make sure everything is in place before people arrive, and you can even arrange a special welcome for people when they show up! (more…)

Creating The Right Rustic Atmosphere For Your Wedding

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Rustic weddings have become popular because they allow couples to create a quaint and homely atmosphere while still setting up a visually stunning wedding experience. The charm of homespun, often DIY-inspired wedding decorations is hard for guests to resist, and it can also help you establish a clear theme without losing control of your budget. Many people who want a rustic wedding experience find that an outdoor ceremony is ideal for creating the right mood for their event. All of our venue options can provide stunning locations for your outdoor celebration. In addition to providing a beautiful Texas Hill Country backdrop for your event, our Preferred Vendors List can help you find people who are prepared to bring your wedding vision to life! (more…)

3 Wedding Day Responsibilities Couples Can Overlook

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While couples tend to stay busy during their engagement period, the day of your wedding can be particularly hectic. With so many responsibilities to handle in a relatively short period, it can be easy for you to overlook certain responsibilities that need to be addressed. It is important to take the time and work out your wedding day responsibilities, as well as those responsibilities you will want to delegate to people in your wedding party. Fortunately, you can also count on the amenities provided by our venue to make your wedding day easier! While all of our couples have access to dedicated support, you can enjoy even more assistance with our All-Inclusive Wedding Package, which provides many same-day services from our venue. (more…)

Things To Consider When Selecting Floral Arrangements

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While wedding decorations can take many different forms, floral arrangements are closely identified with these special events. Flowers will almost certainly appear in more than just your bouquets and boutonnieres – centerpieces and other important decorations tend to have them as well. With your floral arrangements, you can incorporate your wedding colors into your event while also adding something organic and lovely into your celebration. They also provide remarkable versatility, as arrangements can be included in both formal wedding events and laid-back, DIY-inspired wedding events. When it comes to selecting the right floral arrangements, and working them into your overall decorations, the right florist can provide crucial support. Your choices can also be affected by the time of year when you host your wedding, as different flowers will be available depending on the season. (more…)

How Do I Tell Guests That We Want A Child-Free Wedding?

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Making decisions about who goes on your guest list, and who goes without an invitation to your wedding, can be uncomfortable. Couples who want to keep their wedding small, or those who just want their event to feel as formal as possible, will sometimes decide to make their wedding a child-free affair. There are real benefits to this decision. One advantage is that it can free up more invitations for more people. You can also find that everyone is more comfortable at the reception when there are only adults at your event. With that said, you will find yourself in the uncomfortable position of asking families to secure babysitting services so that the kids stay behind. Bringing this up may be awkward, but it is important to be as clear as possible so no one shows up with kids in tow at your event! (more…)

Creatively Inviting People To Join Your Wedding Party

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Asking someone to join your wedding party means asking them to play a central role in one of the most significant days of your life. Welcoming people to this position is about more than just telling the people close to you how important they are, as wedding party members can have important responsibilities leading up to your celebration. So how do you ask someone to take on such a meaningful role for your wedding? Once they have their bridesmaids and maid or matron of honor selected, some brides-to-be can set up a special gathering, or make their requests in gift form. While you do not have to plan something elaborate, a special gesture can be a great way to officially welcome someone to your wedding! (more…)

Who Should We Ask To Officiate Our Wedding Ceremony?

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The right officiant can do more than just speak during your wedding ceremony. This person can set the tone of your event, articulate why you and your partner are right for each other, and give your vows the significance they deserve. While this role is often filled by a person of faith, many modern weddings will see couples ask a friend or family member to stand before them at the altar. Should you consider having someone you are personally connected with officiate your wedding, or should you make a more traditional choice? Someone with a personal connection can be ideal for a less traditional ceremony, and they can exhibit a closer connection with you and your partner. With that said, more traditional wedding attendees may be surprised by your choice to use a friend or family member instead of a professional. (more…)

Making Your Reception An Entertaining Experience For Guests

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During your wedding ceremony, everyone’s eyes will be on you and your partner as you exchange vows and officially become man and wife. When your reception begins, your event can start to feel like a proper celebration. While everyone in attendance is on hand to support you, it is only natural that you should want to keep everyone in good spirits throughout your reception. Our indoor reception areas offer important amenities for your wedding vendors, and they can serve as ideal spaces for celebrating. With that said, a truly entertaining event can depend on many factors. In addition to putting thought into your food and drink options, take the time to consider how your music, your evening itinerary, and the look of your reception area can affect guests’ experiences. (more…)