3 Budget-Friendly Tips To Help Plan Your Wedding

Are you ready to tackle the various responsibilities that await you when you plan your wedding? There are many issues you may face as you prepare for your special day, but one issue that can be particularly frustrating is trying to keep under your budget. While tradition often sees the parents of the bride support wedding costs, you may need to contribute some, or all, of these funds. You could also be concerned that your expenses might stretch your parents too thin. Securing the resources you need to ensure that your ceremony space is beautiful, and that your reception provides plenty of delicious food, and loads of fun, can be expensive. Fortunately, with some smart planning, and a little discipline, you can find many ways to reduce your costs, while still preparing for the celebration you have longed to enjoy. (more…)

3 Things Your Bridal Party Can Help With Before Your Wedding

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When you select the people you want in your bridal party, you should think about the important relationships you have with your friends and family. While those connections certainly matter, and are absolutely worth honoring, remember that the people you select will be people you count on for support as you prepare for your special day. As you prepare for your wedding, your bridesmaids will be there to help you plan different events, and can even take the lead in organizing activities like your shower, and your bachelorette party. You can also count on their expertise in planning for the wedding itself, especially if you want help putting together DIY wedding decorations. (more…)

Can You Create Your Own Decorations For Your Wedding?

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Creating DIY wedding decorations has become a popular trend with many couples. With the right resources, and a knack for taking on craft projects, you could create your own table centerpieces, decorative signs, and even create your own table linings and cloths. Texas Old Town is proud to support those brides who are keen to tackle DIY projects. In fact, we are hosting a special Bridal Garage Sale on Sunday, January 28, where you can pick up products and materials that will add a wonderful personal touch to your affair. If you want to provide DIY decorations, but feel uncertain about your skills, you can talk to bridesmaids and family members who may have more talent for these projects. (more…)

Creating A Reception Space That Reflects Your Style

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Tastes can vary among couples, which means different people can take dramatically different approaches to decorating their wedding spaces. The decorations you provide for your reception space can be especially important to you. After all, the reception is a time when there is less convention, and more freedom to interact directly with your guests. Creating a wedding reception space that reflects your personality will help you showcase your style, and your personality, while also setting the tone for your celebration. If you are looking for a cost-effective opportunity to pick up decorations, Texas Old Town will host a special Bridal Garage Sale on Sunday, January 28! (more…)

Check Out Our Bridal Garage Sale January 28!

On Sunday, January 28, Texas Old Town is hosting a special Bridal Garage Sale! During this event, you can shop for different items that can help you create a truly memorable look for your wedding space. This is also a great opportunity for brides to sell items they no longer need. Planning a wedding can be a costly and time-consuming task. Through our Bridal Garage Sale, Texas Old Town can help you find great deals, as well as inspiration. Once you find those perfect pieces for your ceremony and reception, you can do amazing things with your event spaces. (more…)

Inspiration For Your Guest Book

Couples will use their guest book to create a lasting record of everyone who was able to attend their special day. Traditionally, a guest book provides a space to log their attendance, which can be taken home by the bride and groom. Of course, as people continue to find exciting new spins on their wedding celebrations, the nature of the guest book has changed to fit people’s tastes. When it comes to selecting your guest book, the main consideration you should make is how it fits in with the rest of your affair. If you want to bring a more modern, non-traditional approach to your special day, your guest book can certainly help with this. (more…)

What If I Don’t Want A Seating Chart For My Reception?

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Is a seating chart always necessary for a wedding reception? There are certain advantages you can enjoy from setting up where everyone sits during the reception, but a chart is not mandatory. You may prefer to let people exercise freedom when it comes to where they sit. If you have a more intimate celebration, you may not gain much in the way of convenience from a seating chart. If you decide to abandon the chart, there are arrangements for your reception that can make things easier on you, and your guests. (more…)