Pre-Wedding Events And Your Bridal Party

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The events that lead up to your wedding day are important because they help you connect with the people involved in your special day. Some of these events have a particular focus on the people who make up your bridal party. Your bridesmaids, and particularly your maid or matron of honor, will be a source of support and input during your wedding planning, while also taking a prominent role in your ceremony. The events that involve these important people in your life can give you the opportunity to show real gratitude for their role in your wedding, and in your life. (more…)

Addressing Common Anxieties Around Planning A Wedding

A wedding is a joyful experience, but you can still run into stress during the planning stages. After all, there are many steps in the process of ensuring that every aspect of your special day has been addressed. For some couples, the ideal solution is to count on the support of an all-inclusive wedding package. This can provide you with support and guidance, while also taking care of many obligations on your behalf. Of course, some brides may want to have a more active role in their preparations, or an interest in having a DIY wedding. Wedding-based anxieties may be common, but you can combat them with the right mindset, and some advance planning. (more…)

Counting On Professional Support For Your Wedding

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You can seek dependable support from friends and family as you prepare for your wedding, but you can also depend on professional support. During your wedding day, Texas Old Town will provide you with an on-site manager to help make certain that everything runs smoothly. This is one of many standard amenities that our guests enjoy. For the planning stages, you can work with a wedding planner to help create the ceremony of your dreams. You can also purchase an all-inclusive wedding package. With this package, you can count on us to find the vendors you need, and make sure every task is completed to your specifications. (more…)

Managing Wedding Day Responsibilities

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Your wedding ceremony can be a beautiful, meaningful, even serene affair. Of course, this only comes after considerable preparation on your big day. The happy couple, and the people in your wedding party, will need time to prepare. For the bride and bridal party members, this will include taking time for hair and makeup. You may also find yourself fielding questions from guests who are on their way, or who have recently arrived. This may sound daunting, but you are not alone. Texas Old Town will have an on-site manager available to you. With their help, and with some advance planning, you can see to it that all of your responsibilities at the start of your wedding day are expertly managed. (more…)

Why Many Couples Prefer An Off-Season Wedding

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While some couples will stick to tradition, and seek a date for their wedding that falls squarely in “wedding season,” many will explore off-season options. Off-season weddings are weddings that take place during the time of year where fewer weddings are taking place. This is often in the beginning of the year, between January and March. When you set your date around this time, you can find some unexpected advantages. One big reason people prefer weddings during this time of year is that they can find discounts on services, as there is less demand overall. You can also use the winter season to inspire a look that stands apart from those weddings that take place in the conventional warmer seasons. (more…)

Serving Options For Your Wedding Reception

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The choices you make regarding what foods to serve, and what drinks to offer, are certainly important for your wedding reception. While these offerings may lack the visual appeal of your wedding cake, they are still capable of having a big impact on your guests’ overall enjoyment. Of course, your decisions are not limited to the items themselves. When it comes to offering food, you will need to decide if you want servers to bring meals to guests, or if you want to give them the ability to serve themselves. When it comes to serving drinks, many people like the idea of having an open bar available to everyone, but run into issues concerning cost. Smart compromises can help you relieve the pressure on your wallet, and keep your guests happy. (more…)

Your Wedding Rehearsal And Dinner

Your wedding rehearsal, followed by the traditional rehearsal dinner, will help shoo away butterflies over the ceremony itself. This isn’t just a relief for the happy couple – the people in your wedding party can feel better about having practiced their responsibilities during your big day, too. The rehearsal will obviously need to be attended by everyone who has a role in your wedding. During your rehearsal dinner, you will also have parents, grandparents, and siblings not in your wedding party. If you have guests who are traveling to attend your wedding, you can extend an invitation to them, or host a separate event to thank them for their attendance. Many people will host their rehearsal the day before their wedding, but this is not mandatory. (more…)