Creating Space For The Bride And Groom During The Reception

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Organizing your seating chart for your wedding reception can lead to some challenges. You will have to work to avoid potential personality clashes between guests, figure out where to place attendees without dates, and find a way to mix in different groups of people. Of course, there is also the matter of what to do with you and your partner! Many couples elect to set up a special sweetheart table where they can sit separate from everyone else. Other couples will create a “primary” table where they will be joined by close family members and/or the best man and maid or matron of honor. (more…)

Choosing The Right People For Your Wedding Ceremony

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A successful wedding ceremony is about more than just saying “I do” in front of friends and family…though, of course, that part is certainly important! With our Texas Hill Country setting, you can enjoy a gorgeous ceremony experience. To make sure the event is truly a positive experience, you should have the right people in place. Your officiant will lead everyone through the events, and help create the right atmosphere for your exchange of vows. The bridesmaids and groomsmen at your side are also important to capturing the significance of this moment. Of course, not every job will be handled by adults – you can also add a precious moment to your procession with your flower girl and ring bearer. (more…)

3 Ideas To Make Your Wedding Reception More Fun

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How excited are you to have fun during your wedding reception? This is the opportunity for your guests to help you celebrate your relationship, and it serves as a magical moment where you can finally enjoy this grand even you have been planning! On top of our picturesque outdoor ceremony settings, Texas Old Town provides great indoor spaces for wedding receptions. You can add decorative touches to personalize your space, and enjoy plenty of room for everyone to enjoy food, drinks, and dancing. With a few extra touches, you can make sure everyone at your wedding has a truly fun time! (more…)

Should You Plan A Small Wedding, Or Go For Something Bigger?

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Creating the perfect wedding atmosphere is about more than just your decorations, or your music. The size of your guest list can have a real impact on your overall wedding experience. After all, it can be difficult to pull of an “intimate” wedding experience when you have two hundred guests on hand to celebrate and wish you well! A smaller wedding can be better for your budget, and it can feel more personal, but if you want a big celebration, you need plenty of people on hand. Because we offer venues with different capacities, we can help you make the most of a larger or smaller wedding! All of our settings provide you with a great view of the surrounding Texas Hill Country. (more…)

Vote For Us In The 2019 Austin’s Best Of The Best Contest!

Texas Old Town is thrilled to announce that we are officially nominated for this year’s Austin’s Best Of The Best contest – twice! Our venue has earned the opportunity to win in two different categories. You can vote for us in the Best Wedding Venue category, and the Best Event Venue category. From now through July 27, you can cast your vote online – click here to cast your votes! The contest will allow you to vote once per day in each category. Austin’s Best Of The Best contest helps visitors and residents of Austin learn more about some of the city’s best people, places, and businesses. Just being nominated is a huge honor, and it gives us a chance to continue providing great event experiences to the community! (more…)

Selecting Attire That Suits Your Groom’s Style

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While the tuxedo offers a classic look for a groom at his wedding, this may be a poor fit for your groom, or for the event you want to plan. What should you do for menswear if you want to break from traditional attire? There are several factors that you can look to when it comes to making ideal style choices for the groom, and the groomsmen, who will stand at the altar. You can experiment with suits instead of classic tuxedos, explore different color choices, or select a more casual outfit to go along with a rustic wedding. While you can exercise some flexibility, one thing you should definitely do is look for a style that matches your dress, so that the two of you truly feel like a pair on your special day. (more…)

We Will Host Our Next Bridal Fair August 25!

Are you doing your best to prepare for your big day? How would you feel about an opportunity to explore a premiere Austin wedding venue, while also meeting with great vendors, and finding out about great deals? Texas Old Town can make planning your wedding easier, thanks to our next Bridal Fair! We will be hosting the fair on Sunday, August 25. This will be a great chance to enjoy some decorating inspiration, to meet with experts who can deliver great service for your wedding, and an opportunity to see all four of our welcoming wedding venues in person! (more…)

Finding The Right Wedding Cake For Your Special Day

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While it may not technically count as one of your decorations, your wedding cake is bound to be one of the most iconic images at your wedding reception. After all, the image of the tiered white cake can feel inseparable from a wedding celebration for many people! When you begin searching for the right bakery, and the right cake, you can quickly discover that there are many opportunities available if you want to do something different with your dessert. That can mean giving your cake a style that separates it from a conventional look. It can also mean adding fun dessert alternatives like a groom’s cake, or even a variety of non-cake options. (more…)

Setting Up A Fun Rehearsal Dinner Experience

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While it can be decidedly less stressful than the wedding day itself, the date before your wedding can be eventful. This is traditionally when couples will host their wedding rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal is important because it allows everyone to go through the motions of your ceremony procession. In addition to informing everyone of their roles, this gives people an opportunity to grow comfortable with their steps. Your rehearsal dinner is also important, as it gives you and your partner, your wedding party members, and family members a chance to have fun and relax before the big day. To make your rehearsal arrangements easier, Texas Old Town can host your rehearsal dinner! (more…)

Should We Go On Our Honeymoon Right After Our Wedding?

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With the right location, and the right activities, you can make sure your honeymoon is a truly wonderful experience. This special getaway lets you start your married life in style, and it provides a nice break from the pressures of wedding planning. Unfortunately, you may find it difficult to carve out time to plan your honeymoon before your wedding, which can make it difficult to jet off to your chosen location right after your wedding day. Many couples hold off on their honeymoon trip in order to make better plans, or because they want a little time to relax before their next big adventure. If you want to give yourself more time to plan a honeymoon, you should know that Texas Old Town can reduce your wedding planning workload with our All-Inclusive Wedding Package! (more…)