Finding Or Making The Right Centerpieces For Your Reception

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Your table centerpieces at your wedding reception are an important part of your event’s look, and a great way to broadcast the theme of your wedding. Because even a small wedding can make use of many tables, these pieces can also take up a noteworthy portion of your overall decorating budget. When you look into your options for centerpieces, you can find that you have options for premade pieces as well as custom arrangements. If you have the time and the crafting skills, you can even take in original and repurposed items to craft them on your own! If you are looking for more options for decorations, or if you want to look for items you can use in crafting, make sure you check out our Bridal Garage Sale on Sunday, January 24, where a wide variety of gently used decorations will be available to you! (more…)

3 Things To Keep In Mind When Creating Wedding Invitations

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The wedding invitations that you send out should do two important things. You should make sure that they are clear, and that all of the necessary information is both present and accurate. It can also be important to make sure that they look nice, both to hold the attention of invitees and because they give you a chance to hint at the look of your wedding. People sometimes feel stressed out over the need to craft invitations for their celebration. Some of that concern is centered on the work of drafting and sending everything, but they can also worry about having the right look, and creating a card that truly stands out. If you worry that you will have trouble fitting tasks like the delivery of wedding invitations into your engagement period, talk to Texas Old Town about our All-Inclusive Wedding Package, which takes care of many important matters for the happy couple! (more…)

Using Your Wedding Website To Communicate With Guests

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The information you share in your wedding invitations is obviously important, but there may be several concerns that you cannot fit into them. Wedding websites give couples more space to share both pertinent information about their upcoming event and their relationship. While you do not need to create something elaborate, the website you set up can be beneficial because it shares information covered in your invitations (which some guests may lose), and because you can discuss matters like your gift registry. One thing to remember is that some of your guests may not make use of the site you create. Do not be surprised if you occasionally have to answer questions about your upcoming wedding that are already covered online. To help with this, make sure your family and your wedding party members have information they can share on your behalf. (more…)

Make Sure You Come To Our Bridal Garage Sale This Sunday!

On the morning of Sunday, January 24, Texas Old Town is welcoming couples to our venue for our special Bridal Garage Sale event! By visiting, you gain an opportunity to find terrific deals on a wide variety of gently used decorations from recent weddings as well as a chance to explore our four different venue settings. Shoppers will be able to discover great finds, acquire attractive pieces at a discount, and talk with newlyweds about how they can use those pieces to really dress up their event. We want everyone who visits to know that our venue is observing all of the state and local guidelines for staying safe against the spread of Covid-19, which includes social distancing measures. We also want to remind shoppers to bring cash, as sellers may be limited to cash transactions. (more…)

3 Tips To Help You Arrange The Tables At Your Reception

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The way you arrange your wedding reception tables can have more impact on your event than you expect. Obviously, the way you seat people can affect how guests enjoy themselves, but your arrangements go beyond the seating chart. You should think about how your table placement affects the flow of your event, how the centerpieces tie your room together, and how you can leave plenty of room for guest movement and dancing! Because Texas Old Town has four different venue options, you can find a space that is ready to fit you and your guests at your lovely Austin wedding event! (more…)

Should Our Ceremony Feature A Ring Bearer And Flower Girl?

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While the ring bearer and flower girl roles are often featured in wedding ceremonies, many couples choose to leave these roles unfilled. These roles work well in traditional wedding events, and it can be a nice way to include younger family members or the children of close family friends in your special day. Make sure that the children you select are old enough to follow directions, as kids who are too young may have a difficult time understanding what you are asking of them. If you plan on hosting a child-free event, you can simply leave out these positions, or you can ask adult friends to join your procession to stand in for these roles. (more…)

Finding The Right Decorative Approach For Your Rustic Wedding

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Rustic wedding decorations can be perfect for an outdoor wedding ceremony, as your style can feel appropriate to your natural surroundings. As you look into what you can do with rustic pieces, you can find that there is a surprising degree of freedom when planning around this wedding theme. While some people look to nature for inspiration, others use antique pieces, repurposed items, or a purposely stripped-down approach to decoration to make their celebration suit their tastes. If you like the idea of a rustic wedding, take your time and explore what can be done with this particular theme. You will have a great chance to look at an assortment of rustic decorations, and many other decorative pieces, when you check out our Bridal Garage Sale the morning of Sunday, January 24! (more…)

Tips On Dressing Up The Dessert Table At Your Reception

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Your dessert table can do more than just display the different goods your guests will enjoy during the evening. Everything you lay out at your wedding reception, including your wedding cake and other treats, can contribute to the look and theme of your event. With a carefully decorated dessert table, you can feature your wedding colors, add attractive features to your space, and prominently display your wedding cake. If you choose to provide an array of treats for your event, think about how you want to lay out what you offer. Special trays and other items can help you put everything on display and make them easy to grab. (more…)

Using Bright Colors To Decorate Your Outdoor Wedding

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The Texas Hill Country landscapes available to couples who reserve venue space at Texas Old Town provide stunning backdrops for wedding ceremonies. With access to such lovely natural settings, you can find that few decorations are needed to plan a gorgeous event. With that said, the decorations you do provide will help you personalize your space, establish your wedding theme, and introduce your wedding colors to your event. With a selection of brighter, bolder colors, you can dazzle guests with an exciting look and make sure your decorations stand out against your natural surroundings. Brighter colors can be particularly effective at capturing the look and feel of the season if your wedding date is in the spring or summer. No matter what colors you choose, be consistent when you use them, but remember that you only need to complement the outdoor environment, not compete with it. (more…)

3 Things To Look Forward To From Our Bridal Garage Sale

On the morning of Sunday, January 24, Texas Old Town is opening up and welcoming couples to our special Bridal Garage Sale event! This gives couples who have recently wed the opportunity to sell decorations from their special day to the happily engaged people preparing their celebration. This is your chance to explore our different venue spaces, check out a wide array of decorative goods that work for different wedding events, and find inspiration as you figure out what you want for your ceremony and reception. There are a few things you should know before you come see us. Remember to bring cash, as many sellers may be unable to accept other forms of payment. Be sure to arrive early, as attractive items can go quickly. We do want to note that our venue will follow all state and local guidelines to protect against the spread of Covid-19, and we will ask that everyone on hand observe social distancing guidelines. (more…)