Showcasing Wedding Colors With Flowers

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You want your wedding colors to be as prominent as possible. After all, even if your colors do not define your theme, they help you create a consistent look for your wedding ceremony and reception. One important way to show off your colors is to introduce them with different floral arrangements. Whether you host a formal or informal affair, you can find many uses for flowers in your decorations. While you can make use of synthetic flowers as well as real flowers to create your arrangements, be mindful about putting synthetic decorations in more visible areas. They can prove easier to work in at decorations on your altar, or in other areas where people are not as likely to be close to them. (more…)

Should We Work With A Wedding Planner?

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Wedding planning can take a considerable amount of time and effort, as well as important attention to detail. Whether you are someone who loves to stay organized, or a person who tends to struggle to keep up with their different responsibilities, preparing for your special day can prove difficult. For many couples, a wedding planner can provide vital support. Hiring a professional early in your planning efforts will do more than just take certain tasks off of you. The right person will be able to offer their expertise and insights, warn you about certain common planning mistakes, and ensure everything is in order at the right times. One of the many things Texas Old Town does to help couples is provide a list of talented vendors, including event planners and organizers, who can help you plan your dream celebration! (more…)

Providing Music For Your Wedding Event

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Throughout your wedding day, guests can expect to hear music. In addition to playing songs to keep the dance floor lively, you can also use it during important points throughout your ceremony. Improvements in technology make it easy to bring in your own music, as well as a means of playing it. However, there are drawbacks to working without professionals that you should know about before you commit to this plan. Texas Old Town provides a list of vendors, including musicians, who can help make your event feel truly magical! We also provide amenities and gorgeous settings that help you celebrate your love with a beautiful Austin wedding experience. (more…)

Asking People To Join Your Wedding Party

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While all of your wedding guests are special, the people who serve in your wedding party earn places of honor by taking part in the event as well as important pre-wedding activities. As exciting as it can be to ask people close to you to join your wedding party, you can face some uncertainties around asking people, or deciding how many people should stand with you at the altar. This is an important early choice, one that affects the event itself and your pre-wedding activities. Whether you want to invite a select number of people or hope to welcome a larger group to take part in your celebration, Texas Old Town can provide accommodating outdoor ceremony settings where everyone you ask to join can comfortably stand with you while you exchange vows. (more…)

Hosting An Entertaining Reception

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Your outdoor wedding ceremony can be a touching and beautiful moment. As important as the ceremony is to your event, your reception is significant as well! In addition to lasting longer, the reception is your opportunity to directly interact with the guests who have come out to make your gathering feel truly special. To make this event entertaining and fun for all, you should take time to plan out what you intend to do. There are several traditional activities that take place at this time, including the serving of dinner and dessert. With that said, you will also have ample amounts of unstructured time to enjoy yourselves! Because we provide generous amenities as well as lovely spaces for a celebration, Texas Old Town can make planning less stressful, which means you can more easily create your ideal event experience. (more…)

Stylish Groomswear For Outdoor Weddings

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By choosing to host your wedding ceremony outdoors, you can create a visually stunning celebration that wows your guest. Texas Old Town provides access to stunning Texas Hill Country landscapes that can make an event feel truly magical. In many ways, planning an outdoor event can be similar to the experience of planning a ceremony that takes place inside. With that said, there are certain aspects of your event that you should consider carefully. One important choice concerns what you wear for your walk down the aisle. The right groomswear can be stylish as well as seasonally appropriate. Outdoor gatherings that occur during the warmer months can be a great time to wear cooler and more casual garb. However, if you plan to host your gathering in the fall or winter, the extra layers that more formal choices tend to include can certainly feel welcome! (more…)

We’re Engaged! What Do We Do Next?

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After a successful proposal, a happy couple can enjoy sharing the news of their engagement to the people closest to them. Of course, not long after this, you will have to begin crafting your plan for a wedding! While this can be exciting, it can also feel daunting. Even those who are more organized by nature may feel intimidated at the thought of planning something as large and significant as a wedding. Fortunately, there are a few early steps that will make your efforts easier. Finding the right venue for your wedding celebration will be important. You can also make matters easier by seeking the help of an event coordinator or planner. (more…)

Planning A Formal Wedding Reception

nice wedding reception table setting

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Will it be difficult for you to plan a formal wedding event? With the right venue setting and support, you can create an event that is connected to tradition and ready to impress your guests! With our Texas Hill Country surroundings, you can plan a formal gathering that stands apart thanks to the abundant natural beauty available to you. After this event, you can move your gathering to our indoor reception areas. To extend that formal feel to this half of your event, you should do more than just select more elegant or traditional decorations. Your dinner and drink options, the plans you put in place for different traditional events, and the effort you put into providing entertainment will help you create a wonderful, memorable experience for all in attendance! (more…)

Planning A Daytime Wedding Event

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A daytime wedding can be a lovely way to show off your outdoor setting. The sunshine can enliven our Texas Hill Country surroundings and give you warmth, light, and ample color during your ceremony. It can also be the motivation you need to make some less traditional choices regarding decorations, dress styles, and even what you provide for food and refreshments. Texas Old Town hosts weddings all year long, and we offer sixteen hours of venue access that you can use to create the celebration you truly want. By bringing friends and family members together during the day, you can have a magical wedding event that starts your married life on a bright, cheerful note! (more…)

Take Beautiful First Look Photos At Your Outdoor Venue!

wedding couple photo

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When couples take first look photos, they can capture more than just the moment of the bridal gown’s reveal. They take stunning images of the happy couple just before they walk down the aisle, which can result in images that both of you cherish. This session also serves a practical purpose, as it removes the need to do couple photos between the ceremony and reception! At Texas Old Town, you can find that our outdoor Texas Hill Country settings provide stunning backdrops for photos. In fact, you can take more than just your wedding day photos with us, as we host engagement photos, proposal pictures, and bridal portraits. (more…)