3 Things You Should Do During Your Wedding Rehearsal

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The opportunity to rehearse the different steps of your wedding ceremony is an important one. Because the wedding rehearsal tends to happen the evening before the wedding itself, all of your wedding party – including the ones who are traveling to attend – should be present. It would be a mistake to overlook the importance of this event, as it can make the day itself less stressful while also preventing potential delays. In addition to practicing at our venue, Texas Old Town also welcomes couples who want to have their rehearsal dinner with us! This can make the dinner more convenient, and offer you extra time to make sure everyone is ready for the day itself. (more…)

Stay On Track With Important Wedding Planning Tasks

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Wedding planning tasks can be exciting, and you can enjoy spending time with close friends and family members as you do things like look for a bridal gown, and meet with different vendors. With that said, planning can also be a particularly stressful experience, and few moments are as stressful as ones where you feel like you simply lack the time to make sure everything is in order. Staying on track with different responsibilities can be easier for some couples than others. One thing to think about is when you should begin making wedding preparations – remember, giving yourself more time can make it easier to adjust to mistakes and complications. If you feel anxious about planning your celebration, Texas Old Town can make the experience considerably easier with our All-Inclusive Wedding Package! (more…)

Should You Ask About Our All-Inclusive Wedding Package?

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As you start thinking about what you want from your wedding day experience, you may start to feel some anxiety about taking care of everything. While you should certainly feel encouraged to pursue an ambitious wedding vision, the steps involved in bringing it to life may become daunting. If you are not comfortable with managing so many details, if you have other obligations that limit your planning time, or if you just want to have more expert support, you should look into our All-Inclusive Wedding Package! With this special arrangement, we can work with vendors to make sure everything is in order for your wedding day. Before we work out any plans with anyone, we speak with you about what you want your wedding to be like, so the experience is what you truly want. (more…)

Should You Arrange Live Entertainment For Your Reception?

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Your wedding reception will feature many important moments that keep your guests engaged, and entertained. You can start the evening with your first dance, and you and your partner can enjoy dances with your parents. Your event can also feature toasts, a bouquet and garter toss, and plenty of foods and drinks for everyone to enjoy. With so many events to track, and so many guests to interact with, live entertainers can be a welcome addition to your reception. Having a live band or a DJ to oversee music will put professionals in the room who understand how to maintain a festive atmosphere. (more…)

Creating A Great Dessert Table For Your Wedding Reception

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Between your ceremony and reception, you can give your guests plenty to marvel over at a Texas Old Town wedding. People can admire the natural beauty of your outdoor ceremony, and you can arrange your decorations to create a reception experience that ideally suits your personality. Of course, for some guests, few sights at your reception will be as welcome as the dessert table. While the tiered cake is still expected, couples have wowed their attendees with an array of different dessert options. You can provide a creative groom’s cake that delivers a different flavor experience, or provide a buffet-style table with many different treats to choose from through the night. (more…)

Our Venue Can Make Your Wedding Preparations Easier

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The location of a venue, and the visual appeal of the setting, are certainly important. With that said, you should also think about how easy it might be to work with your wedding venue. Texas Old Town is proud to offer amenities that can make your experiences with planning and enjoying your wedding easier than you might think possible. Our guests have access to our generous amenities that give you plenty of time during the day to prepare your ceremony and reception spaces, as well as designated areas where your wedding party members can dress. We can also help you find talented vendors who are capable of delivering great service for your special day! (more…)

Finding Small Ways To Make Your Ceremony Feel Magical

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The act of standing at the altar and sharing vows with your partner can certainly feel magical. With our splendid outdoor venues, you can rely on our Texas Hill Country landscape to add to the moment, and create a truly unforgettable experience. Of course, as with any special moment, the small details can be significant, or even crucial, to your ceremony. While the right decorations can set the mood of your event, this is only one feature of your wedding ceremony that can influence how people experience the moment you create a formal union with your partner. Your music choices, your vows, and even a few special additions to your procession can add to the magic of your event. (more…)

3 Things To Consider When Planning Your Reception Dinner

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Your reception dinner can be a great evening for you and your brand new spouse, and for all of your guests. Bringing the people you love together gives you an opportunity to tell them how much they mean to you, and it lets you bring your two families together for a night. Your reception dinner can also be one of the more involved aspects of your wedding that you have to plan. After all, you have to look for just the right caterer, come up with your ideal menu, and work out the details of seating and serving. Fortunately, the right approach to planning can lead to great success with your wedding reception! (more…)

Plan Professional Wedding Photo Sessions At Our Venue!

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Our location in Texas Hill Country has given us the ability to provide some truly stunning backdrops for a couple’s wedding day. What you should know is that in addition to helping you enjoy beautiful pictures of your wedding, our surroundings can be ideal for important pre-wedding photos! We welcome couples who want to reserve time to visit us with a photographer, and have engagement or proposal photos taken. You can also use us for your bridal portraits! If you are trying to find the right person to handle photo and video services, we do provide information on experts you can work with in our Preferred Vendors List. (more…)

Create A Wonderful Fall Or Winter Wedding Experience

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While some couples choose a wedding date with personal significance, you can find that choosing a specific time of year can help you come up with creative plans for your celebration. Choosing a wedding date during the fall or winter months can encourage you to make different style choices, and to come up with food and refreshment options your guests may not expect! Because the spring and summer months are often thought of as the traditional “wedding season,” these dates can go overlooked. When you plan a fall or winter wedding, you can defy expectations and create a celebration that feels unique! You can also find that talented wedding vendors have more availability during these periods. (more…)