Fun Ways to Honor the First Man In Your Life

Celebrate Your Dad This FAther's DayHe is the man that taught you to ride a bike, tie your shoes, and shoot a layup. He sent you to lunch with the best sandwiches in the world, and has dropped everything to come change your tire, or move your furniture on more than one occasion. He consoled you after your first heartbreak, and soon he’ll be the man that walks you down the aisle, to say “I do,” to the second great love of your life. Doesn’t he deserve more than yet another hastily purchased necktie? This year, honor your dad on Father’s Day with more than a last-minute gift. Let him know just how special he is to you, by giving him a gift that is truly heartfelt and thoughtful.


Save Money with Some Smart Wedding Planning Tips: Part Two

Vintage Decorative Items for Your WeddingIf you’ll be incorporating borrowed vintage items into your big day, to help add sentimental value to your celebration, why not run with that theme and buy some additional items used, as well? Not only can this help save money, in many cases, but finding true vintage pieces is a great way to add character and old-school charm to everything from your décor to your accessories. Even bridesmaids’ dresses can be purchased used, either from a vintage shop (if you like the mismatched look, or are hosting a wedding themed around a certain decade from the past) or from resale bridal stores that often offer deep discounts on last season’s most popular gowns. Whether you’re willing to take some time exploring the best resale or consignment shops in your area, or prefer the ease of online shopping, it is possible to find some great deals (that will make your wedding budget thank you). And these used items can also add some incredibly unique touches to your wedding! (more…)

Save Money with Some Smart Wedding Planning Tips: Part One

Something Borrowed Wedding TraditionWhile planning their weddings, most brides adhere to the tradition of wearing or carrying something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. But that tradition doesn’t have to be relocated to a single piece of jewelry or an embroidered handkerchief. Chances are you have friends and family members that would be thrilled to let you borrow other key pieces on your wedding day, both as a means of saving some money, and just as importantly utilizing pieces that have extra sentimental value. (more…)

Wedding Traditions It’s Okay to Shirk: Part Two

Toast and Other Wedding Traditions to RethinkNot every couple wants to host a traditional wedding. In fact, many modern fiancés want to celebrate their own unique love story by throwing some wedding traditions to the wind, in favor of choosing what makes the most sense for their tastes and timeline. From traditional timing of the toasts to bouquet and garter tosses, here are a few more wedding traditions we think it’s okay to skip out on, or at least to rethink and rework to suit your needs. (more…)

Wedding Traditions It’s Okay to Shirk: Part One

Wedding Traditions You Can SkipWhen it comes to wedding planning, some brides and grooms want to stick closely to tradition. Many couples even take cues from their own parents’ or grandparents’ weddings, when it comes to planning how the ceremony will go, or even what kind of cake they’ll serve at the reception. However, many modern couples want to feel free to create their own special kind of day, and sometimes that mean shirking some wedding traditions! While there is nothing wrong with sticking to timeless wedding traditions in many cases, if some traditions don’t feel right for you, feel free to create your own rules! (more…)

Make Your Money Count with Smart Buys

Make Your Money CountWhile wedding planning, many brides are so focused on staying under budget that they might be tempted to choose whatever has the lowest sticker price. Unfortunately, in some cases this can actually backfire, costing more in the long run than their first choice would have. If you choose a wedding venue you don’t love, for instance, you could end up spending a great deal of both time and money trying to hide the imperfections or aspects that don’t suit your own style. So when it comes to making your money work for you, it is important to choose big ticket items that will truly help you achieve the wedding of your dreams, without breaking the bank. (more…)

Savvy Shopping Tips for Budget-Conscious Brides: Part Two

Wedding Budget Conscious ShoppingMost smart couples want to throw a stylish celebration, without going over budget on their big day. Fortunately, it has never been more possible to achieve a beautiful wedding day, even on a budget. It just takes smart shopping, and making a few key decisions early on to help keep your wedding spending on track, and hopefully under budget. Here are some simple ways to save dollars without compromising your vision for your wedding day! (more…)

Savvy Shopping Tips for Budget-Conscious Brides: Part One

Wedding Budgeting Tips for Savvy BridesMost brides want to host the wedding of their dreams, without breaking the bank in the process, and it is possible to do just that, with some smart wedding planning. Whatever your wedding budget is, it is important to stick to it so that you and your groom can enjoy your day without stressing about your finances. If you’re looking to save some money, without sacrificing your style, here are a few easy ways to cut costs without compromising on your beautiful wedding. (more…)

Walk the Aisle with Confidence with These Simple Self-Care Tips

De-Stress with Self CareHere at Texas Old Town, we know all too well that wedding planning can feel stressful. Many brides get flustered while prepping for their trip down the aisle, because they want to stay healthy and look and feel their best, but it can be a struggle when they’re busy with work or school, and wedding planning. Fortunately, it is possible to manage one’s stress and feel great, while preparing for a walk down the aisle. You just need to dedicate time to taking great care of yourself, inside and out. (more…)

Yay! You’re a Bridesmaid! Now What? Part Two

How to Be the Best BridesmaidYou’ve already been given the title of bridesmaid. You may even have purchased your hopefully lovely dress. Now come all the other wedding-related tasks you’ll be assigned as one of the bride’s closet friends, confidantes, and go-to girls on wedding day. If you want to be the best bridesmaid you can, it’s important to keep a few things in mind, lest you accidently overstep or shirk some of the traditional bridesmaids’ duties. Here is what most brides hope their friends know, when it comes to serving as a bridesmaid. (more…)