I’m Finally Engaged! Now What? Part One

Wedding Planning Starts HereHe popped the question. You said yes. Your respective Facebook statuses have been changed accordingly. Your best friends have even surprised you with all the wedding magazines you could ever want. So now what? While planning your wedding and reception can feel amazingly exciting, it can also be a bit daunting, especially in the beginning stages. Fortunately, wedding planning doesn’t have to be scary. You just have to know where to start, and commit to making some smart decisions that will help set you up to have a lovely wedding day. (more…)

Is an Outdoor Venue Right for You?

Outdoor Wedding? How to ChooseNow that spring is finally here, and with it a good dose of both rain and sunshine, are you more curious than ever whether or not an outdoor wedding is truly right for you? Many brides love the inspirational images they see on Pinterest and in wedding magazines. These photos often make backyard, garden and other outdoor weddings look almost dreamlike. Unfortunately, unpredictable Mother Nature can sometimes make an outdoor ceremony feel more like a nightmare. So what’s a bride to do? A few thoughtful considerations can help you determine what your ideal wedding venue actually looks like, including if it should be outdoors or in. (more…)

Exchanging Vows That Are Timeless Yet Totally You: Part Two

New Vows for New CouplesDo you want to create your own one-of-a-kind wedding vows, but you’re not sure where to start? Many couples opt to use the traditional vows as a general guideline for creating their own. For instance, instead of “I promise to love you in sickness and in health,” they may include funny stories about a time one of them got sick at an amusement park, or the time they started a terrible fad diet in an effort to get healthy. “For richer or poorer,” also lends itself to a lot of interpretations, and plenty of opportunities for laughs. (more…)

Exchanging Vows That Are Timeless Yet Totally You: Part One

Exchanging New VowsAh, the “I Do’s.” Not only are the wedding vows legally significant, they are also one of the most iconic parts of a traditional wedding ceremony. In many ways they represent the entire reason for hosting a wedding in the first place, the process of two people committing to spending their lives together. While traditional vows are still commonly used, they are no longer considered exclusively necessary in order to wed. In fact, many couples opt to write their own, or to simply find an alternative to traditional vows, one that better suits their personalities, beliefs, and reasons behind getting married. So if you and your fiancé aren’t really feeling the “for better or worse,” thing, here are some great tips for re-writing the rules on what it means to say, “I do.” (more…)

Prepare for Anything with a Mini Emergency Kit: Part Two

Makeup And Other Wedding Emergency Kit ItemsIs there a lot that is needed to host a successful wedding day? Yes! Fortunately it is not hard to throw together a complete wedding day emergency kit, that will certainly come in handy should any minor mishaps arise. From smeared eyeliner to torn hems, make sure you are ready to tackle whatever the day holds by assembling a simple kit, complete with everything you will need to get hitched, without a hitch. (more…)

Prepare for Anything with a Mini Emergency Kit: Part One

Wedding Emergency? How to PrepareWhether you are a bride looking to plan for whatever may come on your wedding day, or a friend wanting to be the best maid-of-honor ever, it is surprisingly easy to create a mini emergency kit. This simple kit can help prevent and cope with many a mishap on such a big day, from torn pantyhose to failing bridal updos. Though there are some pre-made options available for sale, it’s possible and easy to make your own. Here is what we recommend including in a save-the-day kind of wedding emergency kit! (more…)

Love Is Sweet: New Wedding Cake Trends and Alternatives

Wedding Desserts That Aren't CakesAre you unexcited by the prospect of serving a traditional tiered, white wedding cake at your wedding? If so, don’t be afraid to ditch this standard dessert in favor of something more suited to you or your groom’s sweet tooth. While wedding planning keep in mind that most anything goes for modern wedding fare. From cookies and cupcakes to doughnuts or other delicacies, nothing is off limits, and wedding cake is certainly not required. Just make sure you do end the night on some kind of sweet note, by serving a dessert your guests are sure to love. (more…)

Fun Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Fare, Flowers and More: Part Two

Non-Traditional Wedding IdeasHave you been wondering how you can set your wedding day apart from all the other celebrations you and your friends will also be attending? The last thing you probably want is to have a wedding that looks like everyone else’s, some kind of generic celebration of one of the biggest moments in your life. Showcasing your personality, as well as your groom’s, is one great way to create a one-of-a-kind celebration. Of course, it can also be both wise and fun to let go of tradition, if you want to design a day that is wholly yours!


Fun Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Fare, Flowers and More: Part One

Non-traditional Wedding IdeasSure, traditional weddings are beautiful. Who doesn’t love roses, white dresses, and a slice of beautiful wedding cake? But many modern couples want something other than a recreation of their parents’, or even their friends’ very typical wedding celebrations. If you want to set your event apart, don’t shy away from choosing less traditional options for everything from the food and flowers, to your dress and more. After all, a wedding should be a testament to two people’s unique love story, not a cookie cutter celebration! (more…)

Tips for Throwing a Beautiful, Budget Wedding: Part Two

Working with a Wedding BudgetIf you recently became engaged, you may have just begun the process of planning your dream wedding. And while planning can be really exciting, it can also be overwhelming, especially if you are working with a tight wedding budget. Fortunately, we’re here to share a few helpful tips for keeping your budget on track, while still creating a gorgeous day. (more…)