Fun Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Fare, Flowers and More: Part One

Non-traditional Wedding IdeasSure, traditional weddings are beautiful. Who doesn’t love roses, white dresses, and a slice of beautiful wedding cake? But many modern couples want something other than a recreation of their parents’, or even their friends’ very typical wedding celebrations. If you want to set your event apart, don’t shy away from choosing less traditional options for everything from the food and flowers, to your dress and more. After all, a wedding should be a testament to two people’s unique love story, not a cookie cutter celebration! (more…)

Tips for Throwing a Beautiful, Budget Wedding: Part Two

Working with a Wedding BudgetIf you recently became engaged, you may have just begun the process of planning your dream wedding. And while planning can be really exciting, it can also be overwhelming, especially if you are working with a tight wedding budget. Fortunately, we’re here to share a few helpful tips for keeping your budget on track, while still creating a gorgeous day. (more…)

Tips for Throwing a Beautiful, Budget Wedding: Part One

Throw a Beautiful Budget WeddingMost brides-to-be learn pretty quickly just how expensive weddings can be, especially if they start the planning process without a budget to help keep their spending limited to what they can actually afford. Fortunately, it is possible to throw a hugely entertaining wedding that is big on style, without a ginormous budget. If you are looking to host a chic, stylish wedding celebration, without spending crazy amounts of money, it just takes some careful planning, a little patience, and more than a pinch of creativity!


Honor Your Grad with a Great Party! Part Two

A Graduation Party Your Grad Will LoveChances are, your graduate will be attending a lot of similar parties this summer, all meant to celebrate graduation. If you want to help make your grad’s party extra special, it is pretty simple. You just need to make decisions with your child in mind. Don’t worry about making the party picture perfect, Pinterest-worthy or to your tastes. Instead, make sure it celebrates the graduate’s unique personality and interests. This way, you can be sure you’re throwing a one-of-a-kind celebration that will truly honor your grad. (more…)

Honor Your Grad with a Great Party! Part One

Graduation Party? Consider a Special Event VenueIs someone you love graduating soon? Whether from high school or college, you probably want to commemorate the special occasion with a party in the grad’s honor. If so, there are some simple ways to help make the party meaningful and fun, for both you and your guest-of-honor. Best of all, you don’t have to spend months planning a great graduation party. You just need to make a few key decisions that will help ensure it’s a great, memorable celebration of your grad!


Choosing Where to Wed, First, Can Often Make Picking a Date Easier

Wedding Venue Is a Great First ChoiceAfter getting engaged, there are several decisions that need to be made pretty quickly, such as when you want to get married, how many people you’d like to invite, and where you would like to exchange vows. Many couples start by picking a date, perhaps because it’s the most frequent question they hear after getting engaged. “When are you getting married?” But here at Texas Old Town, we think it’s often helpful to start by getting another important decision locked down, before selecting a wedding date. And that’s where you want to say, “I do.” Choosing where to wed can help you pick a date and number of invites based around a venue you love, and also centers your planning around a general feeling you want to create with your wedding. From rustic to chic, fun to fancy, picking a place is a wonderful way to start the wedding planning process. (more…)

How to Honor Your Kids When Getting Married Means Merging Families

Merging Families at Your WeddingMore and more, planning a wedding means merging two families, not just two individuals. Thankfully, there are a lot of wonderful ways to honor your kids during your wedding day. Whether they’re young enough to serve as ring bearer or flower girl, or fully grown, there are plenty of wonderful ways to make your children feel special on such a significant day in your, and their, lives. (more…)

Planning a Wonderful, Weather-Proof Wedding

Weather-Proof Your WeddingEvery bride and groom dreams of a perfect wedding day, one surrounded by loved ones and palpable excitement. And while some couples’ dreams include a night filled with dancing, and others center around great food or good laughs, most share another common hope, for wonderful wedding day weather! Of course, Mother Nature is not always so cooperative. Fortunately, a little rain doesn’t have to dampen your wedding day, if you plan for the unexpected, weather-wise. The same is true of snow, sweltering heat, and other less-than-ideal weather conditions. By making some simple, smart decisions, when it comes to wedding planning, you can make sure your wedding day is everything you dreamed, rain or shine. (more…)

Saying ‘Yes’ to Your Wedding Dress Made Easy: Part Two

Wedding Dress Shopping TipsContrary to what wedding shows indicate, it might take a little work to find “the one.” We’re talking about your dream dress, of course. After all, you have already found your dream man. Now it’s time to plan a great wedding! For most brides, it takes trying on more than a few dresses, and possibly even visits to more than few shops, to find a gown that somehow marries their childhood dreams with their grow-up tastes. But that doesn’t mean all that shopping has to feel like work, much less super stressful. Going into the excursion with a game plan helps to ensure you leave with a dress you love, and warm memories about your adventure finding it! (more…)

Saying ‘Yes’ to Your Wedding Dress Made Easy: Part One

Wedding Dress Shopping Made EasyAre you worried that finding the perfect wedding dress is going to feel more like a nightmare than a dream? It doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to keep the fun in dress shopping, you just need to head to the store armed with these smart shopping tips. With a little perseverance, and a great team by your side throughout wedding planning (but especially during dress shopping), you are sure to find the dress that will make you feel your absolute bridal best! (more…)