Saying ‘Yes’ to Your Wedding Dress Made Easy: Part Two

Wedding Dress Shopping TipsContrary to what wedding shows indicate, it might take a little work to find “the one.” We’re talking about your dream dress, of course. After all, you have already found your dream man. Now it’s time to plan a great wedding! For most brides, it takes trying on more than a few dresses, and possibly even visits to more than few shops, to find a gown that somehow marries their childhood dreams with their grow-up tastes. But that doesn’t mean all that shopping has to feel like work, much less super stressful. Going into the excursion with a game plan helps to ensure you leave with a dress you love, and warm memories about your adventure finding it! (more…)

Saying ‘Yes’ to Your Wedding Dress Made Easy: Part One

Wedding Dress Shopping Made EasyAre you worried that finding the perfect wedding dress is going to feel more like a nightmare than a dream? It doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to keep the fun in dress shopping, you just need to head to the store armed with these smart shopping tips. With a little perseverance, and a great team by your side throughout wedding planning (but especially during dress shopping), you are sure to find the dress that will make you feel your absolute bridal best! (more…)

Where to Wed Might Matter Even More than When

Wedding Planning Fitting the Pieces TogetherMany wedding timelines suggest that you start planning by selecting a wedding date. And while this is nice, in theory, it doesn’t always pan out so well. Many times fiancés find that their favorite wedding venue is already booked on their dream wedding date, and instead of consider changing dates, they settle for a venue that doesn’t quite make their hearts sing. Instead of following this common advice, we think couples are often happier when they start the wedding planning process with a range of dates in mind, which makes it more likely they can find their dream venue with an date open that will work for them. After all, ten years from now you may not care what day you wed, as much as where you wed, and if that location lived up to all your expectations. (more…)

Smart Tips for Staying Within Your Wedding Budget: Part One

Sticking To Your Wedding Budget by Shopping SmartAs you begin to plan your wedding, you may feel somewhat overwhelmed at all the paperwork that is required. From photographers and caterers, to DJ’s and bartenders, there are a number of vendors you’ll need come wedding day. Finding vendors you love is only the first part of the equation, too. You will likely have some pretty detailed contracts to sign, before they’ll save your date.

In all the rush of planning, you might find yourself tempted to skip over some of those pages, and to simply sign on the metaphorical dotted line. You might also be tempted to keep within your budget by simply going with the least expensive vendor in each category. Unfortunately, this can sometimes cost more in the long run. So if you want to stay true to your wedding budget, without sacrificing quality, here are some important tips to keep in mind. (more…)

Great Ways to Cope with Wedding-Related Stress: Part Two

Do You Feel Stressed By Wedding Planning?Still wondering how you’re going to survive wedding planning without feeling completely overwhelmed? If so, it’s time to explore a few more helpful ways you can manage your stress levels, even while planning such an important day in your life. It is possible to actually enjoy the planning phase, and your wedding day, as long as you know how to deal with the inevitable steps and stress necessary to create such a big celebration! (more…)

Great Ways to Cope with Wedding-Related Stress: Part One

Stressed Out? Tips for CopingAre you feeling overwhelmed by all the details you still have to arrange, before you can say, “I do?” If so, you are not alone. Many brides struggle with stress from both the pressure of planning a wedding, and often the inevitable life changes that will take place after the vows have been exchanged. Sure, getting married is a wonderfully exciting thing. But it can also feel overwhelming. Since April is Stress Awareness Month*, we thought this would be a great time to address the healthy ways you and your fiancé can cope with stress, as a couple, leading up to and after your wedding day! (more…)

Is a Destination Wedding Really Right for You? Find Out Now!

Is a Destination Wedding Right for You?Are you still wondering if a destination wedding is right for you? You’re not alone. Many couples like the idea of a romantic getaway to a beach, or a modern wedding ceremony in their favorite travel destination, but struggle to know whether it would actually work for them and their guests. Determining if a destination wedding is truly right for you, as a couple, can best be done by asking a few of the right questions. That way you go into the situation with realistic expectations, and excited for hosting your big day in the city (or country area) that is best for you. (more…)

Create a Wedding Cocktail That Will Wow Guests

Create a Custom Wedding CocktailOne of the biggest trends in modern wedding planning is paying special attention to the bar, as well as the food. Long gone are the days of cheap beer and a single kind of wine, serving as the only libations at weddings. Instead, many couples are celebrating their big day with custom wedding cocktails, craft beer bars and other fanciful adult beverages, designed to make the entire day as special as the couple saying “I do.” If you want to wow your guests, consider your own carefully curated bar or a custom wedding cocktail!


A Few More Tips For Planning Your Rehearsal Dinner

save the dateSome people view rehearsal dinners with excitement, others with dread. The fact is that a rehearsal dinner can seem like just one more thing to plan, one more commitment. Most couples and wedding parties, and even guests, may rather simply get to the wedding and enjoy the nuptials and the reception. That’s where the fun is! But a rehearsal dinner is an important venue for bringing people together, sometimes people who are meeting for the first time. And, of course, the actually wedding rehearsal follows! Here are a few more tips for planning your rehearsal dinner.


Need Tips To Plan Your Rehearsal Dinner? We’ve Got Them Here!

toastA rehearsal dinner is nearly as important as your wedding. It is a great time to get people together in a less formal (maybe just a bit less) environment to meet and greet one another. It is especially beneficial to the in-laws if they don’t already know each other, or people from the wedding party that may live out of town. It can ease the pre-wedding jitters for more than just the bride and groom! If you’re wondering how to go about planning your rehearsal dinner and need some tips, we’ve got them here!