Where to Begin With Wedding Planning? Part One

Wedding Planning ChecklistDid you recently become engaged, but aren’t sure where to begin with the wedding planning? It’s okay. Looking at a to-do list a mile long is enough to make anyone a bit anxious. Luckily, there are a number of resources – and people – that can help make the process a bit more streamlined and a lot less stressful. So, if you’re just embarking on an engagement journey, first, congratulations! Now, remember, you get to start planning the wedding day of your dreams. (more…)

Simple Steps to Finding the Right Caterer

Corporate Catering QuestionsAre you stumped about whom to hire to cater your wedding or next corporate event? Few things will impact your guests’ enjoyment of your evening more than the spread. That doesn’t mean you have to serve fancy or even expensive food, necessarily. But it does mean you’ll want to hire someone that can cook up great items your guests will really enjoy, and that you order plenty to keep their bellies full and their hearts happy. Whether it’s a small wedding, or the biggest event your company will host all year, make it memorable – and delicious – by finding the perfect caterer to fit the bill. (more…)

How To Avoid Being a Bridezilla: Part Two

Avoid Being BridezillaStress is generally the underlying cause of angsty or flat-out angry brides. Therefore, limiting stress is your best defense against morphing into a bridezilla on your big day. Of course, even excellent planning ahead of time cannot prevent all stress. That’s where learning how to cope with it in a healthy way can help keep you from turning red, or scaring your guests off with your rage. When an inevitable problem does arise, here are a few ways to make sure you take it in stride, so you can spend your day smiling, instead of blowing steam. (more…)

How To Avoid Being a Bridezilla: Part One

Avoid Being Bridezilla Part TwoWhile most every woman dreams of being a bride some day, few want to take a turn as a Bridezilla. After all, who wants to spend her wedding week yelling at her closest friends, or ordering her parents around as if they were maidservants? If you’re worried about stress getting the best of you on your big day, there is hope. Some simple strategies during wedding planning can help you keep your calm on your wedding day. That way you can avoid transforming into someone scary, and so your amazingly supportive friends and family can enjoy your special day alongside you. (more…)

Pre-Wedding Jitters: Causes and Solutions for a Happier Couple

Couple Wedding Planning JittersFew seasons of life will be more exciting or more stressful than planning your wedding. While the wedding day itself should feel like a dream, trying to coordinate with hundreds of your closest friends and relatives while making what seems like a million tough decisions, all while figuring out how to merge two separate lives, can be difficult to endure, much less enjoy. If you’re worried about the toll planning is taking on you and your fiancé, it’s time to find ways to help improve your bond, even while in the sometimes hectic process of planning for your big day. (more…)

Trend Watch 2016: Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dress Trends 2016If you’re more excited to pick out your wedding dress than any other part of wedding planning, you’re definitely not alone. Brides have long enjoyed the process of finding the perfect gown. It’s a rite of passage for many families, and one of the first times you’re likely to truly feel like a bride. But before you gather your best girlfriends and your relatives to go shopping with you, it can be helpful to understand the trends for bridal attire and start thinking about what silhouettes will suit you. That way you can save a great deal of time and frustration trying on the wrong dresses, and instead enjoy the process of finding the one for you. (more…)

Wacky Worldwide Wedding Traditions

Wacky Wedding TraditionsIf the idea of carrying something borrowed and blue seems strange to you, you might be surprised just how wild some wedding traditions can be. Across the globe many cultures are still using time-honored traditions to make weddings meaningful and memorable, but some of them make even the most scandalous garter removal you’ve seen seem mild in comparison. In fact, the next time wedding planning has you stressing, just be glad your culture doesn’t require a month of sobbing before you say your “I do’s.” Because apparently, that is a thing! (more…)

Trend Watch 2016: Wedding Colors

Wedding Color Trends 2016Few things will have more visual impact on your wedding than the colors you choose. Your color selections will influence the dresses and jewelry your bridesmaids wear, the color of your table linens and flowers, the invitations and so much more. And while it’s totally within your bridal rights to go with complimentary shades of pink, or a classic black, white and red combo, if you’d like to set the tone for your wedding using 2016’s trendiest colors, here is what you need to know. (more…)

Add a Touch of Your Childhood to Your Ceremony or Reception

Cotton Candy WeddingWhile wedding trends come and go, some things are timeless. And one of the most time-tested and important of wedding traditions is simply to make the ceremony and reception meaningful to you and your soon-to-be-spouse. Incorporating childhood memories, relics and traditions can be meaningful ways to bring personality and life to your special day. Plus, who doesn’t love the joy that comes from feeling like a kid again? If you want to bring childlike wonder to your wedding day, start with significant items and memories from your own childhood. (more…)

Should You Hire a Wedding Planner? Part Two

Wedding Planner Part TwoWedding planners can help reduce your stress as you plan for the biggest day of your life. They can also help make sure the day itself goes off without a hitch, except of course the kind you want. But if you cannot afford to hire a wedding planner, or just don’t feel it is necessary for you, it is still advisable to consider some alternatives. After all, every bride will need some help along the way, both with planning leading up to, and then on her wedding day. (more…)