Wedding Menus to Impress the Foodie In All of Us

Wedding Menu Planning for FoodiesWant to impress your wedding guests with a feast fit for a king? Few things will affect your big day more than what you choose to serve (or where you choose to serve it). That’s why modern brides and grooms know better than to serve their friends and family bland chicken or lukewarm steak. Instead they’re opting for fun, fresh, seasonal and local foods that are sure to set their wedding apart, and fuel guests for late night dancing marathons, Chicken Dance totally optional. Wondering where to start in planning your wedding menu, though? Here are some of our favorite points of inspiration, and you can trust us, since we know a thing or two about weddings. (more…)

Keeping Austin Weddings Weird-ish!

Keeping Austin Weddings WeirdOne of the best parts of being a wedding venue just outside of Austin, Texas, is that this area really celebrates quirky brides, and those that want to pack more personality than prim and properness into their wedding days. That’s not to say we don’t welcome traditional brides and grooms at Texas Old Town. Our venue is incredibly versatile as a backdrop for a number of weddings, including traditional, classic country styles and more colorful and artistic affairs! That said, as Austin-area residents, ourselves, here are some of our favorite wedding touches for authentically Austinian brides!


Start Your Story Here, at Our Special Event Venue

Start Happily Ever After at Texas Old TownAt Texas Old Town, we realize that a wedding is a lot more than a single day. It’s also about the months of planning that go into creating a dream celebration, as well as a rehearsal dinner to help prepare your bridal party for their duties on wedding day, but also to truly honor the fact that two families are now becoming one. Plus, your wedding ceremony and reception are really only the beginning of your new life together. And our special event venue would love to be a part of that, all of that, as a lovely backdrop on which this new chapter of your story can unfold!


Never Go Out of Style with Vintage Flair at Your Wedding

Incorporating Vintage Elements Into Your Big DayAre you looking to incorporate some lovely, vintage touches into your wedding and reception? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Many modern brides are opting to incorporate something old into their décor, as well as their wedding day look. It is a fun way to add pops of color, quirky accents, and even to incorporate special memories from your own childhood or your rich family history. So, whether you have sentimental pieces handed down to you by a loved one, or are just looking for an excuse to scour antique stores, here are some great vintage pieces to work into your wedding! (more…)

Want to Have a Small Wedding? Here’s How!

Small Wedding? Tips for Making It GreatNot everyone thinks bigger is better when it comes to planning weddings. Many brides and grooms want to have a small, intimate affair, when it comes time to say their “I do’s.” While a quick courthouse wedding is one viable option for those really hoping to keep the guest list small, there are many other options that can combine the excitement of a traditional (often bigger) wedding with the emotional appeal of a smaller, more private wedding day. So take this advice to heart, if you and your groom want to create a personal day that’s big on fun, but not numerically. (more…)

Score Lovely Décor and Accessories at our Bridal Garage Sale!

TOT's Annual Bridal Garage Sale Is This WeekendWedding shopping should be fun, not stressful. Of course, it certainly helps when you know you’re getting a steal on great decorations, bridal accessories and other accents. And that is exactly what you’ll find at our Bridal Garage Sale, this Sunday, February 21, 2016, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. The sale is a wonderful chance for brides-to-be to scoop up gently-used wedding items for unbelievable prices. And it’s also a great chance for our former brides to clean out those attics and garages of unneeded items. Plus, coming to the sale gives you a great opportunity to explore our rustic Austin area wedding venue. Don’t miss it!


Tips for Planning a Dreamy Spring Wedding: Part Two

Spring Wedding Tips from Your VenueMarch through May make ideal months to wed, which is why so many brides opt to choose spring wedding dates. So if you have your heart set on marrying during this busy season, there are a few things you’ll need to do as soon as possible. For instance, make sure you book your wedding venue as early as you possibly can, that way you don’t have to worry about your dream wedding venue being booked on your ideal date. Then, let the fun begin, as you hire your other wedding professionals, such as photographers, florists and caterers! (more…)

Tips for Planning a Dreamy Spring Wedding: Part One

Host a Great Spring WeddingHave you always loved those first blooms of spring? Is your birthday in April, or maybe just your favorite gemstone? Do pastels make your heart swoon? If so, are you set on a lovely spring wedding? March, April and May make wonderful months for a wedding, which is probably why many consider these the heart of wedding season. But even a perfect spring day can sometimes use a little help. If you’ve selected an outdoor wedding venue, like one of our beautiful locations at Texas Old Town, consider these tips for making your spring wedding extra dreamy! (more…)

Enjoy Wedding Shopping and Venue Scouting at Our Bridal Garage Sale

Don't Miss TOT Bridal Garage SaleLooking for ways to save some of those precious wedding funds, without screaming to your guests, “I’m on a budget!” Well, you’re in luck. Here at Texas Old Town we’ll soon be hosting our bi-annual bridal garage sale, a great opportunity to introduce future brides to gently-used wedding décor and accessories from our former brides and friends! This is also a fun chance to explore TOT’s many wedding venues, and beautifully rustic grounds. So grab your calendar, either that cute printed one or your phone, and mark the date, “February 21st, Bridal Garage Sale with the gals!” (more…)

Stumped By the Seating Chart? Our Planning Tool Can Help!

Solve the Seating Chart Puzzle with Our Planning ToolStressed about where everyone should sit at your wedding reception? Like guest lists, creating seating charts can be a lot more labor intensive than fun. Fortunately, at Texas Old Town, we have provided a wonderful seating planner tool that can make mapping out your rustic reception much simpler and far less stressful. After all, you have more important things to do than waste time worrying about wedding planning, like gearing up for your bachelorette party, for instance, or preparing to start your new life as husband and wife! (more…)