Should I Hire A Wedding Planner? Part One

Hiring a Wedding PlannerDid your boyfriend finally pop the question? If so, you’re probably quite busy sharing the good news and your stellar engagement story with all your friends and family. But you may also be frantically trying to figure out where to begin wedding planning. The first few decisions are often the hardest, after all. While most brides already know that a wedding planner can take some stress off during the hectic planning phase, many don’t realize that it’s possible to hire a wedding planner on almost any budget, and there are plenty of good reasons to consider it. Here is what you’ll need to know about finding the right professional and the right planning package. (more…)

Wags at the Wedding: Planning Tips for Pet Parents

Dog Guests at WeddingsIf you and your fiancé consider your pets your first kids, you probably can’t imagine your life – or your wedding day – without those most faithful, furry friends by your side. Luckily, it’s never been more in vogue to highlight their presence at your wedding. Just make sure you do some important planning to make the experience comfortable and enjoyable for both your pets and your guests. That way you can spend the day surrounded by their love, without the stress of unhappy pet babies. (more…)

Menu Planning for Guests With Special Dietary Needs

Wedding Dietary ConcernsChances are meal planning for your wedding reception may be the most fun your fiancé has had since your engagement began. What groom doesn’t love planning an elaborate dinner party for his closest friends and family, after all? Thinking about food, much less sampling it, can be a delightful part of wedding planning. Unfortunately, menu planning for a wedding isn’t without its own concerns. It is important to take into consideration the dietary needs of your guests, to make sure everyone is able to enjoy your reception and go home feeling great. (more…)

Tips for Planning the Perfect Holiday Party

Holiday Party at Texas Old TownIt’s hard to believe it’s beginning to look a little like Christmas, already, but the holidays will be here before you know it. If you’d like this year’s party to be one for the history books, it’s time to get to planning. A great party, whether it’s for your extended family or your work family, begins with a great location and a well-crafted guest list. Choosing some place scenic can help create a beautiful backdrop for all the lovely memories you’ll make, together, but it also takes the pressure off choosing who has to play host. And obviously any party will only be as good as the company you invite, so get to perfecting that list now, long before Santa enters the picture. (more…)

Building the Wedding of Your Dreams

Wedding Planner Building Dream WeddingIf you’ve been planning your wedding longer than a few hours, you have probably already discovered that it can be a lot more work than many realize. In fact, wedding planning can feel like a full-time job, which is probably why it is. Wedding planners can help take the pressure off brides-to-be, by handling the many details it takes to plan such a large and special event. If trying to plan for your wedding has sucked the joy out of your engagement, you might be surprised how quickly and effectively hiring a wedding planner can help bring back your bridal glee! Plus, you can still have the wedding of your dreams, just with a lot less stress thanks to one very helpful hiree. (more…)

Special Dances: Creating Lasting Memories

Father Daughter DanceYou don’t have to be Dancing with the Stars alumni or have years of Julliard training under your belt in order to dazzle on the dance floor during your wedding day. Including traditional dances, even if you don’t plan on hosting a huge dance party, can be a wonderful opportunity to create lifelong memories with the people you love most. And while some brides and grooms spring for dance lessons prior to the big day, they are not necessary in order to have some fun – and great photo opportunities – while cutting a rug. Even a simple two-step or slow dance can be a powerful and wonderful way to honor the people who have shaped your life. (more…)

Trending Now: Rustic Weddings

Trendy Rustic Wedding DecorAccording to top wedding trends researchers, the days of simple, understated décor versus Gatsby-esque glamour seem to be winding down. Though you could never go wrong with a beautiful glass vase, here, and a little glitz there, 2015 has become a year for embracing décor with lots of rustic touches. That could be because most brides currently planning their weddings seem to have at least one thing in common, decoratively speaking, and that’s a deep desire to make nature a prominent part of their events. (more…)

What’s the Best Day for a Wedding?

Wedding Calendar Choosing a DateTraditionally, Saturday has long been considered the ideal – even the only – day for a wedding. But modern brides know that tradition isn’t as important as making wedding plans that work for them. If you are wondering when the best time to wed is, the great news is that it’s whenever feels best to you, and that can open up a world of possibilities. If your dream venue is booked on your first choice date, or you know your amazing engagement photographer is booked every Saturday for two years, why not shift the day to a Friday or even a Sunday? After all, no one says your dream wedding has to take place on a Saturday! (more…)

Tips for Choosing the Right Officiant for Your Ceremony

Wedding Officiant SelectionThere are a lot of decisions to be made when planning a wedding, but the best part is that the hardest part is over; you have already found your soul mate! If getting to the altar is all about finding the right partner, though, having a great ceremony is all about finding the right officiant. When it comes to saying “I Do” few things will impact your ceremony more than who you choose to officiate, but that doesn’t make the decision easy, just important. (more…)

Offsite Strategic Planning Meetings

Offsite Business MeetingFall means two things in Texas, neither of which is a guarantee of cooler weather. What its arrival does mean is that it is time to enjoy pumpkin-flavored everything, and also, that it’s time for your business to start planning for the next fiscal year! If you think your employees could use a fresh perspective, or you, yourself, need a break from the office, why not host your next strategic planning meeting at a beautiful, inspiring venue? Financial planning may not sound like a party, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be an enjoyable and productive experience. A great location can certainly help make sure it is both! (more…)