3 Key Questions to Ask Before Booking a Venue

Questions for Wedding VenuesWhen planning a wedding the possibilities can seem positively endless or utterly overwhelming. But it helps to enter the planning phase with some key ideas about what matters most to you and your fiancé, so that the big decisions are a little easier to make, and the smaller decisions can just fall into place. Obviously one of the most important choices you’ll need to make early on is where you’ll wed. Here are some key things to ask while trying to find the perfect wedding and reception venue.


Let It Snow: Winter Wedding Décor Ideas

Let It Snow at Your Winter WeddingWinter can be a wonderful time to host a wedding, one which might just have the backdrop of beautiful winter snows. But sometimes brides worry that a winter wedding means they have to go with monthly themes, such as traditional Christmas colors for a December wedding or New Year’s nods for a January celebration. On the contrary, winter is a great time to choose timeless décor that will look beautiful on your winter wedding and in your photo album for years to come. And though you may not want to choose traditional spring flowers for practical purposes, since they’ll be hard to get out of season, there aren’t many other “rules” about what goes for a winter wedding. (more…)

Tips for Creating Meaningful Wedding Vows

Writing Your Own Wedding VowsWant your “I do’s” to feel a bit more personal than the usual lines, “for better or worse?” It is possible to write vows that are meaningful and unique. And perhaps best of all, you don’t have to be a poet to pull it off, either. You just need to tap into your emotions, possibly your memories, and then write from the heart. Of course, that’s not to say that vows have to be sappy or overtly sweet. In fact, they probably shouldn’t be if that’s not you and your groom’s style. Instead, focus on keeping your vows simple and straightforward, because those will ring true and remain timeless, long after your wedding.


What Brides Want in Wedding Photography: 2016

Wedding Photography Tips and TrendsWhen it comes to prioritizing wedding planning, keep in mind that few decisions will have a longer impact than who you hire to capture your wedding day through photographs. While a wedding photographer has long been considered an essential investment, even photography goes through trend cycles. If you’re curious what new products and photo ops have hit the market, or wonder what you should be asking your potential wedding photographers, here are some great questions and ideas. (more…)

Fresh Ideas for Today’s Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party IdeasAre the boys unsure how to help your man celebrate your upcoming nuptials? Many of the traditional bachelor party traditions have become outdated. Others are just too risqué to make many fiancés feel comfortable. If you want the guys to have a great time without making anyone uneasy, opt for one of the more wholesome yet every bit as fun takes on modern bachelor parties, which will provide great male bonding without any of the potential embarrassment. (more…)

Tips for Creating the Perfect Wedding Registry

Couple Wedding RegistryFew wedding planning tasks are more team-building or downright fun for fiances than registering for wedding gifts. It’s like shopping without money, but also a great way to help take the pressure off guests who don’t want to guess at what you want or need. Before you hit your favorite store and start soaring through the aisles with a scanner, though, it’s good to come up with a loose game plan to help keep your registry from becoming an overwhelmingly giant list of random gadgets and none of the stuff you actually need. (more…)

3 More Tips for Planning Your Winter Wedding

Tips for A Beautiful Winter WeddingWinter may not be the most popular wedding season, but that can actually make choosing a winter wedding date a great way to create a memorable celebration. If you’d like to make sure everyone has a wonderful time, though, and don’t want to worry about guests getting cold feet about attending your winter wedding, take their comfort into consideration during your winter wedding planning. A few simple choices can help ensure all your loved ones are there to warm you with their presence, instead of having a lot of no shows because of ice or snow. (more…)

Planning the Perfect Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party PlanningWhen your best friend tells you she’s getting married, you are, of course, ecstatic that she’s found love. You may also be a bit nervous about what “lovely” bridesmaids dress she’ll pick for you, but you’re obviously a good enough friend not to let that show. You’re also such a good friend that while she’s planning her dream wedding you want to throw her an awesome bachelorette party. But how? Throwing a bachelorette party is about some great planning, in advance, and then a go-with-the-flow attitude when the party date arrives. You got this!


Fun Activities for Younger Wedding Guests

Fun for Young Guests at WeddingsOf course you want all your loved ones to be there supporting you on the biggest day of your life, including the littlest ones. But, you probably also want your pint-sized guests to actually enjoy the time they spend at your wedding, not be sulking, or sleeping, in a tiny corner of your reception venue. To make sure your youngest guests do enjoy themselves, you will need to take them into consideration when planning for your big day. The good news is that arranging special accommodations for young guests can actually help everyone have a better time at your wedding! (more…)

Tips for Planning Your Company’s Holiday Party

Corporate Christmas PartyReady or not, Christmas will soon be here, and that means it’s time to celebrate the holiday season with all your favorite coworkers. If you’re charged with planning this year’s corporate party there are some ways to make the planning a bit easier and the party an even bigger hit than last year’s. Just make sure you start planning soon, because without the help of a team of elves by your side, it can be difficult to throw a party together quickly during such a busy season. (more…)