Trend Watch 2016: Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Entertainment Trends 2016Many brides and grooms, especially those on a budget, still choose to create their own playlist to dance to at their receptions, and there’s nothing wrong with a laptop or iPod serving as DJ for the night. But, if you can afford it, 2016 is shaping up to be a big year for live entertainment at weddings across the country. Best of all, you don’t have to spend nearly as much as you might think to make a huge impression on your fun-loving guests. If you want them to leave thinking about how much fun they had, along with how beautiful you looked, here are some of the top trends for incorporating entertainment into your wedding. (more…)

3 Tips for Planning the Perfect Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding PlanningWinter can be a lovely time of year to wed, but it’s not without its challenges, namely colder temperatures, a busy holiday season, and often inclement weather. If you’ve decided to get married during winter, though, it’s extra important to plan accordingly. Learning to work with the season’s unique challenges, instead of fighting them, can make for a much more successful and enjoyable wedding experience for both you and your guests. With a little common sense and a few insider tips it’s more than possible to pull off a beautiful winter wedding! (more…)

Top 5 Wedding Destinations

Destination Wedding Hot SpotsIt’s no secret many modern brides and grooms are choosing to skip town to say their nuptials. Destination weddings have never been more popular or possible, thanks to modern technology. A host of travel sites and easily accessible galleries of wedding venues, has made it much easier to plan a wedding from afar. Plus, there are plenty of beautiful – and popular – destinations that would love to host you and your closest friends and family for the trip of a lifetime, not to mention a truly memorable and breathtaking wedding celebration! (more…)

Planning Holiday Parties with a Twist

Holiday Party TipsIf you find yourself planning your family or business’ annual holiday party yet again this year, you may be a bit overwhelmed and possibly even annoyed. After all, attending a party can be a lot of fun, but planning one doesn’t always feel that way. If you want to avoid some stress and actually enjoy this year’s soiree, consider some fun alternatives to traditional Christmas parties. It could be just the invigorating twist for which your guests and your weary planning self have been waiting. (more…)

What’s For Dinner? Planning Your Wedding Menu

Wedding Menu PlanningPlanning what to serve for dinner at your wedding can feel both fun and a little overwhelming. After all, how often do you get to plan such a lavish or large party? And also, how often are you so responsible for your friends’ and families’ hunger or happiness? If you’re struggling with what to settle on, where catering is concerned, here are some ideas to help get you started. (more…)

Fun and Wonderful Alternatives to Wedding Registries

Wedding Registry AlternativesSure, it can be fun scanning in a number of pretty dishes and kitchen gadgets, while building a wedding registry. But many modern brides and grooms are searching for alternatives to traditional gift registries. There’s actually never been a better or easier time to give your guests the opportunity to do more than stock your kitchen with housewares. If you’d like to think outside the department store-wrapped box, when it comes to wedding presents, here are some great alternatives!


You Don’t Have to Host a Traditional Company Christmas Party

Corporate Party VenueAre you feeling on the fence about whether or not to host a company Christmas party this year? Maybe you feel obligated to do so, but aren’t at all excited about the prospect. During such a busy holiday season it can be hard to plan a corporate party, much less get employees excited about attending one. If you have some concerns about your company’s annual Christmas soiree, here are some alternatives to consider, as well as a few tips how to make any corporate get together an enjoyable success. (more…)

Want to Love Your Engagement Photos? Here’s How: Part One

Engagement Photography TipsWhile planning a wedding can feel like an all-consuming task, don’t forget that you’ll want to have some engagement photos taken of you and your love before you head down the altar. Many couples opt to use these photographs in their save-the-dates, and even as decoration at the reception. But beyond that, you’ll also want engagement photos to commemorate this very special time in your relationship, not to mention in order to show off that stunning ring he gave you! In order to make your engagement session a success, here are answers to some of bride-to-be’s most frequently asked questions. (more…)

Planning Your Dream Destination Wedding: Part Two

Destination Wedding Planning Part TwoWant so say your “I do’s” some place exotic, like a white sand beach? Or perhaps you and your fiancé consider yourself snow bunnies, and are looking to commit your lives to one another on the snow-capped mountains of your favorite range in Colorado? Maybe you and your groom are anxious for a roadtrip before exchanging nuptials, or want your wedding to feel like a family vacation rather than a fussy affair. Destination weddings have never been more popular or feasible, but there are some important steps to take if you want to make yours a success. (more…)

Planning Your Dream Destination Wedding: Part One

Destination Wedding Part OneYears ago it might have sounded absurd to ask 100 of your closest friends to trek across the country to share in your wedding day. But many modern brides and grooms are choosing to forego a formal ceremony in their hometown, in favor of a destination wedding, instead. Inviting your friends and family to join you for the trip of a lifetime can be a great way to commemorate such a special occasion. Plus, you’re sure to make priceless memories seeing the world with your favorite people. If your heart is set on a destination wedding, here are some tips for how to pull it off without going into a panic trying to help guests navigate their way across the country, or globe! (more…)