You Don’t Have to Host a Traditional Company Christmas Party

Corporate Party VenueAre you feeling on the fence about whether or not to host a company Christmas party this year? Maybe you feel obligated to do so, but aren’t at all excited about the prospect. During such a busy holiday season it can be hard to plan a corporate party, much less get employees excited about attending one. If you have some concerns about your company’s annual Christmas soiree, here are some alternatives to consider, as well as a few tips how to make any corporate get together an enjoyable success. (more…)

Want to Love Your Engagement Photos? Here’s How: Part One

Engagement Photography TipsWhile planning a wedding can feel like an all-consuming task, don’t forget that you’ll want to have some engagement photos taken of you and your love before you head down the altar. Many couples opt to use these photographs in their save-the-dates, and even as decoration at the reception. But beyond that, you’ll also want engagement photos to commemorate this very special time in your relationship, not to mention in order to show off that stunning ring he gave you! In order to make your engagement session a success, here are answers to some of bride-to-be’s most frequently asked questions. (more…)

Planning Your Dream Destination Wedding: Part Two

Destination Wedding Planning Part TwoWant so say your “I do’s” some place exotic, like a white sand beach? Or perhaps you and your fiancé consider yourself snow bunnies, and are looking to commit your lives to one another on the snow-capped mountains of your favorite range in Colorado? Maybe you and your groom are anxious for a roadtrip before exchanging nuptials, or want your wedding to feel like a family vacation rather than a fussy affair. Destination weddings have never been more popular or feasible, but there are some important steps to take if you want to make yours a success. (more…)

Planning Your Dream Destination Wedding: Part One

Destination Wedding Part OneYears ago it might have sounded absurd to ask 100 of your closest friends to trek across the country to share in your wedding day. But many modern brides and grooms are choosing to forego a formal ceremony in their hometown, in favor of a destination wedding, instead. Inviting your friends and family to join you for the trip of a lifetime can be a great way to commemorate such a special occasion. Plus, you’re sure to make priceless memories seeing the world with your favorite people. If your heart is set on a destination wedding, here are some tips for how to pull it off without going into a panic trying to help guests navigate their way across the country, or globe! (more…)

How Technology Can Take Some Stress Out of Wedding Planning

Wedding Couple TechnologyWedding planning can be a bit overwhelming, even for the most laidback of bride and grooms. Hiring a wedding planner can certainly help take some of the pressure off, as can delegating tasks to family and friends who have volunteered their help. But thanks to modern technology there are also quite a few handy apps and other devices that can help make wedding planning a bit more fun, and a lot less frightening. Check out some awesome, high-tech tools and tricks of the planning trade. (more…)

A Quick Guide to Planning Retirement Parties

Retirement Party at Corporate Event VenueHave you recently learned that one of your bosses will soon be retiring, and that you have been given the honor/challenge of planning the perfect party? While it can be overwhelming trying to plan a party for someone you work with, there’s no reason to stress about it. Instead simply take a little advice from the experts to get the party planning started, and to set the groundwork for a great party the whole company can enjoy, especially the man or woman of the hour. (more…)

To Theme Or Not To Theme? That Is the Wedding Planning Question

Theme Wedding IdeasWhile a wedding theme is hardly necessary, many couples find choosing one together is a great way to bring extra personality and an additional element of fun into their celebration. Plus, a theme can be an outstanding way to distinguish yours from all the other weddings that will take place in a given year. (Who would forget their first comic book themed wedding, for instance?) If you’re on the fence, here are a few tips for how to settle on a theme, if you decide you want one. Just remember, the sky is the limit when it comes to wedding planning, especially creating a signature celebration meant to honor your commitment to one another and maybe the shared interest that brought you two together in the first place. (more…)

How to Fill The Dance Floor at Your Wedding: Part Two

Wedding Dance Party BubblesYesterday, we talked about how to get a dance party started at your wedding reception. But how you keep that party going well into the night is a combination of great taste and great timing. If you’ve hired a DJ, take advantage of his or her expertise. A DJ is like a designated party starter! While most couples do provide a list of preferred songs, you should trust your DJ to throw in some surprises, as well as to plan the order of those dance hits. Otherwise, you may be catering to only a small portion of your guests’ tastes and inadvertently clear the dance floor as a result. (more…)

How to Fill The Dance Floor at Your Wedding: Party One

Dance Party Wedding Planning TipsAre you determined to do more than chicken dance at your wedding, but are concerned only a handful of guests will actually hit the dance floor voluntarily? Lots of brides and grooms want to dance the night away with guests. Yet nearly everyone has attended more than a handful of weddings where only a lone child was cutting a rug. The great news for those that want to keep wedding guests boogying the night away, is that it is possible to host a bona fide dance party. Here are some tips to taking your reception from junior high dance to hopping club in no time! (more…)

How To Help Your Photographer Capture Great Memories: Part Two

Wedding Photographer Tips 2No aspects of a wedding will last longer than the photographs or the memories. That’s why you’ve probably spent a great deal of time finding the perfect fit to photograph your big day. Once you have hired the perfect photographer, though, you’ll want to make sure he or she is able to produce the kind of images that first captured your heart. In order to do so, you may need to enlist the help of your wedding planner, and you may also need to be willing to put down the law with your pushiest, most phone-addicted relatives. Here are a few more ways you can help your photographer capture the memories of a lifetime, without being sidetracked by sideline shooters or unexpected tasks! (more…)