Picking the Theme for Your Next Birthday Bash

Adult Birthday Party ThemesAre you about to celebrate a big birthday? Perhaps you’ve even waited a few years to throw yourself a blowout party. If so, your mind may be reeling with possibilities, or you may be feeling slightly overwhelmed by all the choices? Location, guest list, menu… there are a lot of decisions to be made. But a great birthday party should start with a great theme. And even if you feel you’re too old for napkins printed with cartoon characters, there are a lot of fun and age-appropriate ways to celebrate turning one year older. (more…)

3 Times You Shouldn’t Do It Yourself

The DIYs You Shouldn't TackleIt’s never been more trendy, or possible, to plan and pull off a fabulous DIY wedding. Thanks to sites like Pinterest, craft stores in nearly every city, and the abundance of online tutorials, artistic brides can tackle a number of projects themselves, both in an effort to save money but also to add a creative flair to their wedding days. But not every wedding detail lends itself to DIY. There are a few things that are just better left to the pros. Save yourself the time and sanity of tackling projects that are out of your DIY league, and you’ll be able to keep your focus on the fun stuff you can complete with ease.


Considerations for Small Wedding Venues

Considerations for a Small Wedding VenueIn your quest to find the perfect wedding venue, have you fallen in love with a beautiful but small wedding site? If so, you may have to get a bit creative to make it work, but that doesn’t mean you have to make any major sacrifices to make your dream wedding a reality, even in a small space. A few smart decisions early on can make all the difference, when trying to plan a wonderful wedding in a tight spot. (more…)

Trending Now: Floral Design and Details

Button Brooch Bouquet Floral TrendFor years, many weddings seemed to look the same. Red or pink roses were widely popular, and no bride would have considered having a centerpiece without a flower. The gerbera daisy also had a good run, as the leading trend in wedding florals, but modern brides are all about shirking tradition in favor of more personalized elements that suit their own unique tastes. That means you should absolutely feel free to think outside the box – or simple glass vase – when it comes to your wedding flowers! (more…)

Inexpensive Decorating Ideas for Brides on a Budget

Trends in Wedding DecorOnce you’ve picked your wedding date, the venue and nailed down the guest list, you may be excited to start planning the decorative touches for your big day. Decorations are a great way to show off you and your fiancé’s personalities. But you’ve probably noticed that seemingly small details, like decorations, can add up really quickly if you’re not careful. You don’t have to spend your lifesavings to make your event beautiful and memorable, though. You just need a dash of creativity and a little bit of time. (more…)

Budgeting for Your Next Corporate Event

Corporate Party Planning BudgetEveryone loves a great company party, except maybe the people paying for it. That’s because it’s easy for a corporate event to exceed the previously set budget, which can be bad news for the accountants and the company’s bottom line. But a great corporate party doesn’t have to break the budget, or set your company back. Instead, making some smart decisions about when and where to host your event can help keep the costs down while still keeping the level of fun amped up! (more…)

Tips for Planning the Perfect Retirement Party

Retirement Party PlanningPlanning a retirement party, whether it’s for a loved one or just a beloved coworker, can be a lot of fun, or a lot of stress, especially if it’s meant to be a surprise. But, you don’t have to spend months sweating out every last detail in order to host a great soiree. Instead, making a few smart decisions early on, and enlisting help as needed, can help make both the party – and its planning – much more fun for you and the guest-of-honor! (more…)

How to Create a Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Wedding Day Emergency KitEvery bride hopes for the best when it comes to her wedding day. She wants to believe the stars will align, or the sunshine will come out, and that the day will go perfectly, from start to finish, like all the fairytales from her dreams. But, most brides also realize that something is bound to go wrong on such a big day. What’s more tragic than a little rain, or other unforeseen emergency, though, is failing to plan for them. Thankfully, seasoned wedding experts have offered a great deal of advice when it comes to planning for a number of minor emergencies. Their tips can help you show up knowing you’re ready for anything, so you can focus your energy on what matters most: marrying the man of your dreams, rain or shine! (more…)

Trending Now: Unique Guest Book Ideas

Trending Wedding Guest BookEven though it is called a guest book, you don’t have to stick with a traditional album for collecting signatures and well wishes on the day of your wedding. Modern brides have come up with a myriad of creative ways to capture their guests’ names and notes. From thumbprint paintings to signed rocks, your guest book is actually a great way to incorporate your interests and personalities into your wedding celebration. Remember, no tradition is too sacred to shirk when it comes to creating a wedding that’s meaningful to you and your soon-to-be-spouse! (more…)

Tips for Creating a Wedding Budget

Wedding BudgetingThere are fun parts of planning a wedding, and then there is the budget. Unless you’re a huge fan of math, you may not be looking forward to tracking your spending and sticking to a wedding budget. But whether you’re working with $3,000 or $30,000, setting a budget can help make sure your wedding day is the stuff of dreams, and that you don’t have to live in the poorhouse with your new husband when it’s over. Best of all, by establishing your wedding budget early, you can spend less time worrying about the money you’re spending, and more time planning for your beautiful day, and the wonderful life you two are starting! (more…)