Don’t Forget About the Rehearsal Dinner

Don’t Forget About the Rehearsal DinnerWe know an immense amount of careful planning goes in to making your wedding day a dream — but don’t forget about the rehearsal dinner! Your rehearsal dinner is the first event of your wedding weekend and the prelude to your big day. It sets the tone for the main event and helps both build excitement and calm nerves. It’s a great time to connect with close family, out-of-town guests, and your bridal party. Make your rehearsal dinner special, intimate, and above all, fun with these simple rehearsal dinner tips. (more…)

Give Your Sweet Sixteen-Year-Old Her Dream Party

Give Your Sweet Sixteen-Year-Old Her Dream PartyA teenager’s 16th birthday means they finally have a license to drive and a newfound independence. The coming-of-age achievement makes 16 a milestone birthday that is often celebrated with a sweet sixteen party. While splashy sweet sixteen parties are often shown in popular culture, you don’t need to be over the top to host a memorable birthday party your daughter will never forget. You can give your sweet sixteen-year-old her dream party without busting your budget. Our tips: pick a theme, make it personal, and make it fun. (more…)

How To Make Your Wedding Uniquely You

How To Make Your Wedding Uniquely YouMost brides have been dreaming about their wedding days since they were little girls. And as an adult, attending countless weddings of friends and family during busy wedding seasons, you quickly learn what you want and what you don’t want for your special day. Above all, most couples want a wedding that is true to their personalities. But how to make your wedding uniquely you? The key: Choose a beautiful venue that has a unique charm, stunning surroundings and more ambiance than the run-of-the-mill banquet hall. Then build upon that atmosphere with personal touches. (more…)

Ways to Save on Your Next Event’s Decor

Ways to Save on Your Next Event’s DecorTrying to maximize your upcoming event budget? Rethink your decorations. One avenue to make the most of your event budget is to seek ways to save on your next event’s decor. Decor is one of the more flexible elements of your special event or wedding day. Unlike the catering costs or venue rental fee, which are typically fixed rates, there is much variation in how much you need to spend to decorate for your party. Decor is one area where you can cut corners and make adjustments to save money without sacrificing style. (more…)

The New Generation of Etiquette Advice

The New Generation of Etiquette AdviceYou’re engaged — congratulations! Now it’s time to plan one of the happiest days of your life. Though wedding planning is memory-making fun, it can be filled with etiquette uncertainties: Do you have to invite your third cousin twice removed? Does your single sister need a plus one for her flavor-of-the-month boyfriend? When you hear brides complain about the stress of planning a wedding it’s usually a result of worrying about how to avoid hurting feelings or getting along with parents who inevitably want to be involved with decision making. Learn from the new generation of etiquette advice. (more…)

The Coolest Ways to Celebrate Dad This Father’s Day

The Coolest Ways to Celebrate Dad This Father’s DayMark sure your calendar is marked: Father’s Day is just around the corner on June 21. The coolest ways to celebrate dad this Father’s Day: personalized gifts, quality time together, and a gathering with family and friends are great ways to show your dad how much he means to you and your family. Your dad knows you love him, but sometimes as everyday life bogs us down, we forget to show our love and appreciation for those that matter most to us. Make sure you tell your dad how much he matters this Father’s Day. (more…)

How to Get Your Groom More Involved in Wedding Planning

How to Get Your Groom More Involved in Wedding PlanningThough all eyes will be on the bride, don’t let your groom take a supporting role at the celebration that is meant to be all about your relationship and love as a couple. It’s important to involve your groom in the big day decisions, not only because the ceremony and reception should be a reflection of both your personalities but also to relieve stress for the bride. So, how to get your groom more involved in wedding planning? Include him through every stage of planning, highlight his favorites and delegate tasks.

Benefits of Hosting an Event in Hill Country

Benefits of Hosting an Event in Hill CountryThe benefits of hosting an event in Hill Country are innumerable. The location boasts rural beauty but is conveniently situated close to several larger cities and towns, including Austin and San Antonio. You’ll feel like you’ve escaped to a beautiful new destination when you’re really just a short drive from home. Our elegant venue also has ample space for a variety of events, from corporate meetings to quinceaneras to weddings. Celebrate all of life’s many milestones amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of Texas Hill Country. (more…)

3 Trendy Fall Wedding Color Palettes for 2015

3 Trendy Fall Wedding Color Palettes for 2015Unlike summer weddings, when many brides and grooms prefer to keep the palette light and bright, fall wedding colors are often richer in tone to reflect the changing landscape outdoors. Fall wedding color palettes often play off the vibrant explosion of color seen in nature with highly pigmented hues and organic earth tones. But if burnt orange and moss green are not your style, there are many on-trend color combinations appropriate for the season with serious style, too. Trendy wine-inspired shades and elegant jewel tones add luxe color to your special day. (more…)

Band Together TX Concert in Texas Hill Country

Band Together TX Concert in Texas Hill CountryEnjoy some good music for a good cause this weekend in Texas Hill Country: The Band Together TX concert is a community event supporting relief for local Central, TX families who were recently impacted by the Memorial Day floods in the region. As if you needed another excuse to enjoy great Texas music any day of the week, but another great aspect of this San Marcos, TX community event is that 100% of the ticket proceeds, purchasing fees, beverage sales, merchandise sales and donations go directly to support the families in need. (more…)