Should We Ask Someone We Know To Officiate Our Wedding?

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How do you decide that someone is right for the role of officiating your wedding ceremony? For some couples, this question is hardly an easy one to answer. If you have struggled to agree on an officiant, you may want to consider someone in your personal life. Asking a friend or family member to act in this role can give someone important to you a prominent role in your wedding. It also ensures that the person overseeing your exchange of vows is familiar with the two of you, and your relationship, and is able to share what makes your relationship special. (more…)

When Should I Start My Search For Wedding Vendors?

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As exciting as it is to become engaged, and share the news with your friends and family, you may need to move quickly from celebrating to planning. One matter you should treat as a priority is the search for wedding vendors. If you hope to plan a wedding event within twelve to eighteen months, it can be hard to find the right people if you do not start your search early into your engagement period. In order to cut down on your search, Texas Old Town can provide you with a list of recommended vendors. With trusted names and contact information readily available, you can have an easier time seeking out the people who can turn your wedding vision into a reality! (more…)

What Role Should Parents Play In Wedding Planning?

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Your wedding day is meant to be a celebration of the bond formed between you and your partner, and it gives you an opportunity to bring your families together. While extended family members tend to be present for the celebration itself, and at least some pre-wedding activities, your respective parents can be more deeply embedded in the wedding planning experience. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to know just how much input they should have, and what you should do if you have disagreements. One thing you should do is take time early on to talk about what your parents feel their roles should be, and what areas you might want help with. Remember that if your parents are helping with the cost of your event, they can reasonably ask for some input into the occasion. (more…)

Fun And Surprising Choices You Can Make For Your Reception

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If you are going to go to the trouble of inviting friends and family to your wedding, it seems reasonable that you would want your event to stand apart from others. With this in mind, you may want to look into choices for your wedding reception that fall outside of people’s expectations. Mixing things up when it comes to your catering choice, your music, and even the way you wrap your night can make a big impression on your guests. Because we provide generous amenities for couples in addition to access to a lovely Texas Hill Country landscape, you can have an easier time putting together a fun and memorable reception event! (more…)

3 Tips To Help You Plan A Wedding With A Long Guest List

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If you intend to host a larger wedding, there are certain matters that you should be prepared to address. One is that with more people in attendance, your budget will have to go up in order to cover the full costs of your dinner, beverages, and cake. While some couples are uncomfortable hosting an event with a longer guest list, sending out more invitations does have some appealing benefits. One is that you have the space to welcome more people, which means more friends and family will be on hand to congratulate you and your partner. Another is that your event can feel more lively with more people around to help you celebrate. We offer couples access to multiple spaces at our Texas Hill Country wedding venue, including a venue space designed for bigger wedding events! (more…)

Choosing A Ring Bearer And Flower Girl For Your Wedding

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The people you select to stand with you as bridesmaids will be people you feel particularly close to; in many cases, they will be people you have known for much of your life. While it may be difficult to narrow down your choices, you probably had an idea of who you would want with you at the altar even before your were engaged. Choosing a ring bearer and flower girl for your wedding can be more difficult. Some couples will have age-appropriate family members that they can use, or the child of a bridesmaid or groomsman could be available. If you lack these options – or if you have too many people who fit these standards – the choice can be a challenge. (more…)

How Can I Make Sure My Wedding Rehearsal Is A Success?

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Few experiences in your life can be as meaningful or as exciting as standing with your partner at the altar during your wedding ceremony. While the ceremony itself is hardly the only event that will take place during your celebration, it is the moment that formally celebrates your union with the person you love. With that in mind, you can be understandably invested in making sure that the ceremony is a success, which is why couples will arrange a wedding rehearsal before the actual event. While your rehearsal is a nice excuse to bring everyone together one last time before the wedding day, it plays an important role in preparing you for your walk down the aisle. Because of this, you should put time and effort into making sure the practice is a success! Texas Old Town can help you enjoy a fun and useful rehearsal by giving you access to our venue space for your rehearsal dinner, which can make arranging the entire evening easier for you. (more…)

Relying On Your Wedding Party For Pre-Wedding Support

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The people you choose to include in your wedding party will, of course, be people with whom you feel close. Asking someone to stand beside you as a bridesmaid or a groomsman shows that person just how much you value and trust them. With that said, it also implicitly asks that person to go above and beyond what would be asked of them if they were just attending your wedding event as a guest. While different couples can ask different things of your wedding party, there are certain key aspects of being a bridesmaid or groomsman that people should be prepared to handle. Attending pre-wedding events is important, and so is being available for your wedding rehearsal. In some cases, couples may look to their wedding party to take on other matters related to planning and celebrating on their special day. (more…)

Ideas To Help Keep Everyone Entertained At Your Reception

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While your wedding ceremony will keep everyone fixated on you and your partner, you will have to do a little more work to keep guests entertained during your reception. Even if you plan on hosting a formal wedding event, your reception will provide guests with some space and time to unwind and have fun. The experience typically calls for dinner, toasts from certain important people, and traditional moments like the cake cutting and bouquet toss. Of course, these events typically also provide a dance floor and music to keep people in good spirits through the night. The right preparations can ensure that people have plenty to keep them occupied and entertained during your reception! (more…)

Tips For Remaining Comfortable Throughout Your Wedding Day

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After so much time spent planning the event, it may feel as though your actual wedding event glides by. This feeling can be hard to avoid, as your special day is dwarfed by the months you commit to making it happen. With that said, the day may feel long at times if you find yourself spending too much time in uncomfortable footwear, or if little problems arise with no easy solutions present. As part of your planning effort, take the time to look for measures you can implement to make your wedding day easier and more comfortable for yourself. Something as simple as a change in footwear between your ceremony and reception can make a big difference in how much you enjoy your wedding day! (more…)