Tips For Planning And Hosting A Wedding Within A Year

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Many couples prefer to put ample time between their engagement and wedding because, simply put, the process of planning a wedding can be challenging. You will have to make a number of important decisions, set and maintain a budget, and find experts who are available to support your celebration on your selected date. With that said, many couples find that a successful wedding can be planned and enjoyed in less than a year. You can make planning easier by looking for non-traditional wedding dates, which can open up more availability from venues and vendors alike. By doing so, and by looking for different opportunities to save a little time and money, you can be sure to host a wedding you love in less time than you might have thought possible. (more…)

Making The Right Decorative Additions To Your Altar Space

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All eyes will be on you and your partner while you exchange your vows, which means guests will have plenty of time to admire your altar space. By choosing an outdoor venue for your wedding, you can rely on your natural surroundings to provide great visuals for your event. With that said, the right decorative touches can help you showcase your wedding theme, personalize your altar space, and even frame you and your partner for photographs taken by your wedding photographer. Thanks to our Bridal Garage Sale on January 26, you can find lovely and affordable decorative pieces to use for decorations. (more…)

Arranging Your Wedding Day Hair And Makeup Services

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Even if you are comfortable handling your own hair and makeup needs on most occasions, you can feel more comfortable knowing that experts are on hand to help you on your wedding day. This professional support can be more than just a guarantee you will be able to sport the look you most want to feature for your walk down the aisle. Handing styling responsibilities to a professional can take one stressful part of your day away, and help you focus on other matters. As part of our standard amenities, Texas Old Town does provide both wedding party groups with spacious dressing areas, so you will have the space you need to prepare on the day itself. (more…)

Finding The Perfect Dress For Your Outdoor Wedding

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There are several reasons brides are advised to start their dress shopping early. One benefit to starting early is that you create more time to have alterations made to the gown you ultimately select, ensuring that it features an ideal fit. Another benefit is that with more time, you can make sure you find the perfect dress for your wedding celebration! You can be surprisingly flexible with the style of your event when you plan an outdoor wedding celebration. These spaces can be great for a more intimate, laid-back event that calls for a modest gown. What many people also find is that their outdoor wedding is a great space for a more elaborate fairy tale experience, which can make a more formal gown appropriate. (more…)

Do I Need Real Flowers For My Floral Arrangements?

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For budget-conscious couples, opportunities to save while planning a wedding can be hard to pass up. If you and your partner are looking for ways to save money while preparing for your special day, you may be interested in choosing artificial flowers over authentic floral arrangements. In addition to providing potential cost savings, there may be certain practical advantages to those choice that appeal to you. With that said, it can be hard to deny the impact real flowers can have when it comes to making your wedding space feel magical. If you want to save money but still capitalize on the charm of authentic flowers, you can look for a way to feature both types in different parts of your wedding decorations. (more…)

Use The Look Of Your Wedding To Showcase Your Personality

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When you plan the look of your wedding, your focus should be on more than just how “nice” you can make everything look. This event is a celebration of the love you and your partner share, and you should try to create an experience that feels like a reflection of the two of you. The right style for your wedding can help you incorporate your personality in large and small ways. You can directly insert you and your partner into your wedding decorations with framed photos set up at your greeting table, or find subtler ways to showcase your personalities with your decorative choices. If you are looking for memorable pieces that are budget-friendly, make sure you check out our Bridal Garage Sale on Sunday, January 26! (more…)

Using DIY And Repurposed Items To Create Your Wedding Look

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For many couples, the right decorators will be crucial for creating the right wedding atmosphere. With that said, many people have crafted their own wedding day look through the use of decorations that were personally made, or created with repurposed items. If you have a wedding vision that feels hard to replicate with “conventional” decorating, you may find that a DIY approach is perfect for you. Even if you are not comfortable taking on the entire task of decorating yourself, smartly inserted DIY items can help your special day stand apart from other gatherings. If you are looking for the right pieces, or if you are trying to find inspiration for your wedding day, make sure you check out our Bridal Garage Sale on Sunday, January 26! You can take advantage of great deals, and also receive tips from recent brides. (more…)

Fitting Wedding Toasts Into Your Reception Plans

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The toasts shared during your wedding afford the people closest to you and your partner the opportunity to share meaningful words about your relationship. While the speeches given can range from humorous to purely sentimental, they can be a particularly touching moment in a day already rich with feeling. As lovely as this tradition can be, it can demand some smart planning on your part if you want to make sure you have time for people to share their words during your wedding reception. In addition to making sure you have the time during your event to let your speakers share their toasts, you will want to make sure you have enough glasses of champagne (or your preferred beverage) to pass around at the right moment. (more…)

Just Engaged? You Can Take Engagement Photos With Us!

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If your Christmas Day included a wedding proposal, you can be eager to share the joyous news with the people in your life. While your close friends and family members will hear directly from you, many people make a public announcement by sharing their engagement photos. Our Texas Hill Country landscape can be a great backdrop for your engagement pictures! We welcome couples who are looking for a great spot to take these photographs, and we offer up space for proposal pictures and bridal portraits as well. We are committed to helping couples have amazing wedding celebrations, and we are happy to start offering you support by welcoming you for your engagement photos. (more…)

Finding Decorations To Create Your Perfect Wedding Look

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Once you have selected your wedding venue, it can be easier to figure out how to turn your space into something that truly fits your wedding vision. No matter how perfect a particular spot might be, the personal touches made by your decorations can help you feel represented at your event, and excited to bring your guests together for your special day. We can help you connect with vendors who can provide great decorations, and our Texas Hill Country setting can be a wonderful backdrop for an event featuring homespun DIY pieces. For couples who are looking for extra support, we can provide considerable assistance when you opt for our All-Inclusive Wedding Package! (more…)