Using A Ring Bearer And Flower Girl In Your Wedding Ceremony

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When they make their respective marches down your aisle, your ring bearer and flower girl can elicit a positive reaction from your guests. This is usually one of the cutest moments of your wedding, but it is one that can take some planning. After all, working with younger children can be a challenge, as they can be unclear on what is happening, and may feel nervous with so many eyes on them. A ring bearer and flower girl are not mandatory roles – in fact, if you have a child-free wedding, you are better off leaving them out. With that said, they can add a truly touching moment to your wedding ceremony! (more…)

Decorating Your Wedding With The Right Floral Arrangements

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There are several opportunities available to you when it comes to establishing the theme of your wedding, and setting the tone for your evening. Your decorations can be key to creating the right atmosphere, and your floral arrangements can be particularly helpful. You can use bright, summery flowers to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, or use muted colors to give your event a feeling of formality. Your floral arrangements also present you an opportunity to feature your wedding colors prominently, and creatively. You can find that your chosen Texas Old Town venue is a perfect setting for elaborate, fun arrangements, and more elegant pieces. (more…)

Having A Hard Time With Wedding Planning? We Can Help!

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Some couples will quickly settle on a plan for their wedding after their engagement, and some people will have ideas about their wedding before the engagement happens. With that said, you may be ready to be married, but less than prepared for the demands of planning the event itself. In addition to providing beautiful venue spaces for your celebration, Texas Old Town can actually make the process easier for you. All of our guests can take advantage of our vendors list if they need help finding professional support. For those who want additional support, we do have our All-Inclusive Wedding Package. With this package, you simply tell us what you want for your wedding day, and we make the right arrangements with the right people to see that all of the right pieces are in place for your ceremony and reception! (more…)

Check Out Keeley And Nick’s Amazing Wedding!

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Texas Old Town recently hosted a magnificent wedding event for Keeley and Nick, who exchanged vows and celebrated with their loved ones in our Stone Hall venue. We always love being the setting for a couple’s special day, and we were certainly glad to be there for these two as they went through the steps of turning their plans for a wedding into an experience everyone would enjoy! Keeley and Nick were a joy to welcome, and their celebration was a sight to behold. They looked amazing standing at the altar, and they hosted a beautiful reception with decorations that made Stone Hall feel absolutely magical! We loved working with them, and we’re proud to show off this amazing event! (more…)

3 Tips To Help You Stay In Your Wedding Budget

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Even a small, modest wedding can come with serious costs. When you start to plan your special day, you and your partner should identify your wedding budget as soon as possible, so you can work your plans around this figure. Trying to decide what your budget should be after committing to different expenses, or making choices that test your financial limits, can make your entire planning effort more difficult! Because we give you sixteen hours of access to your venue, and your own suites to prepare on your special day, you can limit costs associated with day-of preparations. You can also look for ways to save, while also exercising your creative muscles, when you take on DIY projects. (more…)

Can We Plan Our Registry Around Our Honeymoon?

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When couples are preparing to start their married lives, they traditionally have a number of helpful gifts from their registry to fill their home. Many people still believe that a registry needs to contain the sort of household goods you will need to create a home with your partner. Of course, these items are not needed for everyone. If you are already living with your partner, you may already own all of the items you would expect someone to put on a registry. As an alternative, many couples instead ask for support in paying for their honeymoon. While this may seem unusual to some of your more old-fashioned guests, you can find that creating a honeymoon-focused registry for your wedding is easier than you might anticipate! (more…)

How Much Effort Should We Put Into Planning Our First Dance?

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Before you open up the floor to your guests, it is customary for you and your partner to have your first dance at the reception. For some couples, this is a fun opportunity to show off, and a chance to do something truly memorable. For others, this tradition can be more intimidating than exciting. How much thought should you give to the first dance at your wedding? You do not have choreograph some unforgettable number, but even if you keep it simple, you should take the time to practice. The song choice you make is also important, as this can let people know a little more about you, your partner, and your relationship. (more…)

Tips To Help You Stock The Bar At Your Wedding

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While your guests can certainly be glad to find a well-stocked bar at your wedding reception, the task of setting up your bar service may feel challenging. While Texas Old Town provides you with a designated vendor for your bar service, you will need to make plans around what to serve, and how much you need, while making sure you follow the appropriate bar service guidelines. While purchasing drinks can be expensive, and the process can be confusing at times, smart planning can lead to great results. You can find calculators online to help you figure out how much you need to buy, and you can discuss returns with your supplier, in case you find yourself with leftovers. (more…)

Making Time For A First Look Photo Session

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A first look photo shoot makes it possible to document that special moment where the bride reveals herself in her dress to her partner. Traditionally, that moment takes place during the wedding ceremony. However, with a first look, you can make sure it is clearly documented. Of course, this session has other benefits. By taking photos together before your event begins, you can reduce the amount of time you need for pictures between the ceremony and reception. Because you have sixteen hours of access to your venue space thanks to Texas Old Town’s generous amenities package, you can find plenty of time to have your pictures taken. You can also count on finding a lovely backdrop for pictures, as you will be surrounded by beautiful Texas Hill Country! (more…)

Pursuing Nontraditional Wedding Ideas

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Following wedding traditions can make your special day easier to plan. After all, when you work around the familiar elements of wedding ceremonies and receptions, you can find that vendors are prepared to address what interests you. It can also be easier for you to prepare simply because you know what you are looking for. With that said, you should absolutely feel encouraged to look at opportunities to make nontraditional choices. Breaking from traditions can help you make your celebration more suited to you and your partner. Unconventional decisions also help you make your wedding stand apart from others that people have attended in the past. (more…)