Are You Struggling To Finalize Your Guest List?

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Texas Old Town offers venues with different size accommodations, so you can pick a space that can welcome more people to your wedding. Of course, the right guest count is determined by more than just how much space you have available to you. For couples who want a more intimate wedding experience, the number of invitations will necessarily be small. Adding too many guests can also cause your costs to swell, making it harder for you to afford the wedding experience you want. So how do you fit in all the people you can, without going over your maximum guest count? Different strategies have worked for different people. Some couples have cut down on their event size by making their event adults-only, while others have done so by being more conservative with plus-ones. (more…)

Creating A Wedding Registry With Items You Really Want

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If you fill up your wedding registry with items that you think you should include, you can find yourself with several gifts you are less than thrilled to receive. For couples who are not looking for the traditional housewares, appliances for the kitchen, and other home-building gifts, it can make more sense to choose a less traditional registry, or drop the registry altogether. With that said, even a couple with traditional tastes can find themselves disappointed in the items they receive if their list is not cultivated properly. No matter how conventional or unconventional you may be, you owe it to yourself (and your partner) to give the question of what gifts you might want on your wedding day real consideration. (more…)

What To Consider When Thinking About Your Wedding Favors

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Your Texas Old Town wedding can provide your guests with an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful outdoor ceremony, and a fun-filled reception! While your special day can certainly deliver great memories, a tasty meal, and opportunities for entertainment, your wedding favors let you give physical reminders of your wedding to those in attendance. While your favors do not need to be elaborate, or prohibitively expensive, it should be clear that you put real thought into them. To help connect the favors to the day itself, many couples will provide personalized items that commemorate the event, and the date. You can also choose to offer guests something practical – for instance, personalized fans can be greatly appreciated by guests who want to keep cool during an outdoor ceremony! (more…)

Making Style Choices To Complete Your Wedding Look

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While selecting the perfect bridal gown is crucial to creating your wedding look, this is not the only style choice you need to make before you walk down the aisle! To complete your look, you can seek out accessories that complement your dress, and find vendors who can take great care of your hair and makeup needs. You should also start thinking about what you want in the bouquet you carry . Rather than think of these as more pre-wedding responsibilities, think of these tasks as opportunities to create a truly singular bridal look! With the right selections, you can stun your guests – and your partner – when you make your appearance at the ceremony. (more…)

Do I Really Need To Plan My Wedding Around A Specific Theme?

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What does it mean to have a “wedding theme,” and how clear should you make yours? Is it something you really have to worry about? The idea of a wedding theme may seem daunting at first, but it can help to think about it as more of a guiding principle. When you start thinking about how to decorate your wedding ceremony and reception spaces, a selected theme can help you weed out many different options. As a result, it can be easier to start making selections, and creating the atmosphere you want for your special day. For example, if you want to create a cool, elegant winter wedding, you can confidently cast aside warm colors and summery floral designs. If you are trying to plan your special day, our Bridal Fair on August 25 can help you by introducing you to great vendors, and offering terrific deals on decorations! (more…)

3 Stressful Wedding Situations We Can Help You Avoid

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While you can feel great excitement over your upcoming wedding, you can be wary of situations that can lead to wedding stress. When you consider how important this celebration is, and how many people you are entertaining, you can understand why some stress is difficult to avoid. However, this does not mean there is no way to avoid the kind of anxieties that planning and hosting a wedding can sometimes cause! In addition to providing couples with a gorgeous Texas Hill Country backdrop for their ceremony, and accommodating indoor settings for their reception, we take care of guests with generous amenities. You can count on having plenty of space and time to make sure everything is ready on the day of your wedding. If you need more support leading up to the day itself, ask about our All-Inclusive Wedding Package! (more…)

Fitting Your Staged Photos Into Your Wedding Event

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A professional wedding photographer can find many moments worth preserving, which means you can look forward to a great series of pictures from your wedding ceremony and reception. While much of a photographer’s work involves capturing images of your wedding, and securing lovely photos of your guests, they can also produce great staged photos. These photos tend to include the happy couple, the members of the wedding party, and family members of the bride and groom. While you can be thrilled by the quality of these photos, you will want to limit how long they take. After all, the longer you take with staged photos, the longer it takes for your wedding event to officially resume. (more…)

Have A Plan In Place For The End Of Your Reception

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You and your guests can have so much fun at your Texas Old Town wedding that you can hope it never ends! Of course, the night will eventually draw to a close. Traditionally, a reception will end with a special farewell for the bride and groom, who may arrange for a special exit in a limousine or other vehicle. What you do in this moment is certainly up to you – many couples will use something fun, like bubbles, to help make the exit magical. Planning your departure can be fun, but you also have some practical matters to worry about. Make sure that someone is responsible for overseeing the removal of your decorations, and your gifts, after your evening wraps up, and your guests leave. (more…)

Determining Your Family’s Role In Wedding Planning

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When you wed your partner, you are bringing your lives together, and you are bringing your families together. Traditionally, support from the parents – usually the bride’s parents – will help with the costs of a wedding. While this may be a common convention, it is not true in every case, and it may not reflect your situation. You may have more help from your groom’s parents, equal support from both sets of parents, or little to no support outside of your own efforts to pay for your special day. Just as different couples receive different levels of support financially, people can expect different levels of involvement from family when it comes to wedding planning. The input you accept or reject from your family is up to you. While you may appreciate the guidance, and opportunities to honor traditions, you may feel that there are times when you need to stick to your preferences, and decline their suggestions. (more…)

Knowing What To Put In – And Leave Out – Of Your Invitations

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When you think about what should go in your wedding invitations, you may be tempted to fit in every detail that might seem relevant for your guests. Of course, this can create a few problems. You can find it hard to keep the invitations looking nice with too much text, and you can leave in distracting details that make it harder to notice the most relevant information. When it comes to sending out these cards, focus on making the date, time, and location as clear as possible, and leave finer points about your celebration for your wedding website. As part of our All-Inclusive Wedding Package, Texas Old Town can provide welcome assistance with your wedding invitations, while also overseeing many other vital tasks! (more…)