How Do We Stay Organized While Planning Our Wedding?

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Many couples feel more than a little intimidated when the many tasks of wedding planning start to stack up. While the length of your engagement period can affect the difficulty of making your dream celebration happen, even a long engagement can call for good organizational skills. For couples who want to minimize stress before their special day, Texas Old Town does offer an All-Inclusive Wedding Package. With this package purchased, you can dictate what you want for your celebration and have us find vendors and make arrangements! If you prefer to do the planning yourself, give yourself more than enough time to accomplish everything on your list. The more time you have, the more likely you are to secure the vendors you want for your wedding. Extra time also allows you to make adjustments or corrections if earlier plans need to be changed. (more…)

Encouraging Guests To Make The Most Of Your Dance Floor

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When couples begin to plan the layout of their wedding reception area, they often set aside a portion of open space for dancing. While not every wedding includes dancing, it is a popular feature at weddings. When the dance floor is especially lively, it can sustain a festive mood throughout the remainder of your night, which can be of value even to those who choose not to show off their dance moves. Setting aside ample room for dancing is just one matter to address if you want your night to feel festive. You should also think about what music you want playing during your reception, and who should provide it. You also want to think about how you can entertain those guests who resist the call of  even the most enticing dance floor. (more…)

3 Benefits To Planning An Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

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The right wedding space can help you realize your vision for the celebration of your dreams. As you explore your options, you can find that an outdoor setting for your wedding ceremony offers certain advantages that can be hard to pass up. These spaces can be versatile enough to host a variety of different themes, and they offer a sense of openness that is difficult to contain in an indoor setting. Texas Old Town offers multiple outdoor venue options to couples hoping to say “I do” while surrounded by the splendor of nature. We also offer amenities that can make your efforts to plan and prepare for the event easier! (more…)

Tips For Sticking To Your Wedding Day Schedule

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You can expect to enjoy plenty of wonderful moments throughout your wedding, but will you have time to enjoy everything you have planned for your event? Setting a schedule can give you a clear picture of what your day will be like, and how much time you will have for different events . Having an outline of events can be particularly helpful during the reception, which will see you enjoy a mix of formal moments and more casual celebrations. Once you know what you want to do with the time available to you, the challenge will be keeping your evening on track. While some couples choose to manage things themselves, you may want to consider using an event coordinator to keep the evening consistent with your plans. (more…)

When Should We Start Planning Our Rehearsal Dinner?

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The wedding rehearsal, along with the rehearsal dinner, will be the final event you take part in before your special day, and it tends to be the last time the happy couple will see each other until the ceremony. While it is more relaxed than the actual wedding, it can still be a meaningful part of your celebration, and a great way to thank your family and wedding party members for their support. You should put plans in place for your celebration around three to six months in advance of the day in question. Before you do this, you should have a clear idea of what you want to do during the event, and who should join you. Texas Old Town can actually make your rehearsal dinner experience easier by allowing you to host it on site! That allows you to bring everyone together in one spot, and it can give you more time for rehearsing. (more…)

Working With Wedding Party Members Who Live Far From You

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You may be physically far away from someone you are close to, but that does not mean you feel emotionally removed from them. Many people will have at least one person in their life they want in their wedding party who lives far enough away to make personal interactions difficult. While this does not mean they are not right for the role of a groomsman or bridesmaid – or even the role of best man or maid/matron of honor – it can affect some pre-wedding matters. In this situation, you can collaborate with people to see how much time they can dedicate to seeing you in person before the event, or accept that they will simply not be available for everything. You should also look for ways to make their visit easier, particularly when they arrive for the wedding itself! (more…)

Reasons To Consider A Wedding During The Fall Or Winter

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While some couples choose a wedding date that has personal significance, many look for something that falls into a traditional “wedding season.” For outdoor weddings in particular, it can be exciting to have a date at a time when everything is in bloom, but you may find that a fall or winter celebration has advantages worth considering. Less conventional dates can inspire different looks for your venue, and open you up to different food and drink offerings. On a practical level, choosing an uncommon wedding date may make it easier for you to find wedding vendors who tend to be in demand. While your wedding can feel magical at any time of year, choosing a date that best fits your image for the ideal celebration can offer truly attractive advantages. (more…)

Planning Your Arrival To The Wedding Reception

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While the wedding procession will keep you and your partner (briefly) apart when your ceremony begins, you are able to arrive as a duo when enter your wedding reception. While some couples make more of this moment than others, your arrival at the reception effectively starts your event. Whether you choose to do something simple or elaborate, this can be a joyful moment. In addition to starting the second half of your event, this moment is typically accompanied by a formal announcement introducing everyone to the now-married couple. While it can be exciting to make your debut, your guests can be antsy if there is a long gap between the ceremony and this moment. When you think about the transition between events, consider ways to shorten it in addition to ways to make the most of your big arrival. (more…)

Arranging And Decorating Your Wedding Reception Tables

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After a beautiful wedding ceremony in the splendor of Texas Hill Country, your guests can join you and your partner to further celebrate your special day at your reception. The reception, while more relaxed than the ceremony, still calls for considerable planning, as well as smart decorating touches. One thing to focus on is how your tables are arranged and decorated. The right decorations help you sustain your wedding theme, and create a festive mood. The layout of your space can facilitate movement so people can mingle, or make their moves to the bar area or dance floor. Of course, after you have your layout, you will have one other challenge when it comes to seating – deciding where all of your guests should be placed! (more…)

Making Time For Wedding Photos With Family Members

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Your wedding will bring many people together, as you invite both friends and relatives to be a part of your celebration. While you can feel close to everyone you welcome to your event, it can be important to make time to enjoy this experience with close family members. While wedding photographers and videographers are tasked with capturing as much of your wedding as possible, you should take care to have plenty of images captured with you and your close family members. Alongside photos with your partner, these are images that you can be eager to frame and share in your home, or just preserve for your memories. While staged photos can help with this, you may want to coordinate with your photographer on capturing shots over the course of your reception as well. (more…)