Hosting A Memorable Corporate Event

As the year reaches its conclusions, many businesses find time to reward the dedication and hard work of their employees with a year-end event. Texas Old Town offers a great setting for a corporate event, as well as a supportive amenities package. There is no single way to throw the “right” corporate event. That being said, any event will be of value when your company is able to show your staff how much they are appreciated, and valued. Because Texas Old Town can help with the decorations and clean up for the venue, you can concentrate on enjoying yourself. (more…)

Using A Wedding Book To Help Organize Your Planning Efforts

A wedding book, or wedding binder, is something many brides over the years have used to organize their efforts to plan their weddings. Some couples will find it easier to perform planning tasks on a computer, or a tablet, but many people still enjoy having a physical collection of everything they need to turn their wedding vision into reality. Your wedding binder can consist of important contacts, decorating ideas, and anything else that can help you organize your thoughts, and keep up with your responsibilities. If you need help finding the right people to reach out to, Texas Old Town can provide a list of vendors you can depend on. (more…)

Making Sure Your Bridal Look Fits Your Personal Style

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Your personal style deserves to be showcased on your wedding day. Much of that style will be present in the way you decorate your ceremony and reception spaces. Of course, you can also use your wedding day look to celebrate what you love about your personal fashion preferences. If you feel that the traditional bridal gown is a little too conventional for your tastes, you can explore how modern trends have changed the dress. You can also add to the uniqueness of your look by finding interesting accessories to wear, and by exploring different approaches to your hair and makeup. (more…)

3 Things To Address When Planning Your Reception Dinner

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Your reception dinner is a time for celebration. It will be your first chance to cut loose and enjoy yourself after your ceremony, and your opportunity to really interact with your guests. While there are traditions associated with the reception, it can also give you more freedom to create the event as you see fit. Taking time at the start of your planning to determine some of the bigger choices you have to make can bring your reception into sharper relief. Having that picture in mind can make the rest of your planning easier, and help you create a memorable reception for you and your guests. (more…)

Honoring Family During Your Wedding

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Many people are eager to take a moment and honor their family during their wedding, but you may be unsure of how you can include this in your event. While some family members can be included in your wedding party, and given official roles, others – like grandparents – may not fit so neatly in your plans. When you face questions like this, one thing you should keep in mind is that you have the freedom to exercise some creativity. You can include a moment for a family member to do a reading during your ceremony, to offer them a touching means of participating in your wedding. Many couples will purchase special boutonnieres or corsages for certain members of their family, to designate them as honored guests. (more…)

Helping Your Groom Feel Involved In Planning Your Wedding

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It can be all too easy to think of a wedding as something the bride is responsible for planning. In reality, couples will often find that a division of tasks will make it easier to prepare for your special day. What you may discover is that you have spent more time thinking about what you want from your ceremony, and you may have a clearer vision for what you want. If you want to find ways to include a groom who is less enthused about wedding planning, or just less confident in his planning ability, discuss what aspects are of interest to him. You can also find little touches that help him feel he has some control over what happens. These conversations can help make sure you both feel invested in your wedding plan, whether you intend to take on a DIY approach to your wedding, or if you prefer to purchase an all-inclusive wedding package. (more…)

Selecting And Ordering Flowers For Your Wedding

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Your flower arrangements can be one of the most visible, and most striking, elements of your decorations when it comes to your wedding. You can take the time to add flower arrangements at your ceremony entrance, or around the altar, to create an impressive visual. Arrangements at your reception tables can also add an element of style to your affair. Of course, there are other areas where you will need to select flowers. You will have your bridal bouquet, and you will need to find the right boutonniere for your groom. The members of your wedding party can also require flowers. If you are searching for the right florist to help you find the right choices for your wedding, Texas Old Town can help you find the right vendor for your needs. (more…)