Who Should You Ask To Officiate Your Wedding?

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All eyes will be on the happy couple during the wedding ceremony, but the wedding officiant has the most active role during this portion of your evening. Once everyone is in place, they will be the one to seat the crowd, begin the actual ceremony, and oversee your union. While this is a significant role, it is also one that many couples feel is best suited for someone they are close to, rather than a professional. Would you be better off using a friend or family member in this position, or should you hire an officiant instead? The answer can depend on what kind of wedding you would like to host. While someone you are personally connected to can be more appropriate for a casual or nontraditional gathering, a more formal wedding can benefit from the presence of a professional. (more…)

Tips To Help You Start Your Search For Your Bridal Gown

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Brides are encouraged to take their time when searching for just the right wedding gown. After all, the dress you select for your special day will be closely linked to the wedding itself, it will draw considerable attention, and it will even help you convey the tone and theme of your gathering. While you want to give yourself time to locate a bridal gown that feels just right, you should still be prepared to start and finish your search early. After all, one or more dress alterations are likely going to occur in order to make the dress truly perfect for you. (more…)

How Should You Invite Your Bridesmaids To Join Your Wedding?

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A proposal is a magical moment, one that marks the start of your engagement period. For some weddings, the bride-to-be will create a “proposal” of their own when asking people to serve as bridesmaids. You can send out specially made invitations and gifts with your request that someone serve as your bridesmaid, create an official gathering (or virtual gathering) to make your request, or find some other way to extend this request. Of course, bridesmaid proposals, like wedding proposals, can stay simple. Ultimately, your goal should be to show your bridesmaids how much they mean to you in a way that suits your personality and feels right for the wedding that you intend to host. (more…)

Take Part In Our Bridal Garage Sale On January 24!

On Sunday, January 24, Texas Old Town is opening up our venues for our Bridal Garage Sale event! During this special event, you can check out a wide array of decorations and other wedding-related items being offered up by couples who have already wed. You can expect to see a variety of different styles that can suit formal gatherings as well as more relaxed affairs. In addition to giving you access to discounts on attractive and gently used pieces, this event can help you determine the look of your event as you check out what couples have successfully used to personalize their ceremony and reception spaces. This will also be your chance to tour our Texas Hill Country setting, as all four of our wedding venues will be ready to view! Texas Old Town will follow all state and local guidelines, and applying social distance rules, to keep guests safe from Covid-19. (more…)

Tips On Creating A Fun Family-Friendly Wedding Event

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Should you encourage your guests to bring their kids to your wedding, or ask that only adults be present on your special day? Either choice is valid, and will present their own benefits. While an adults-only wedding can help you invite more people, some couples feel that a wedding is not complete unless families are present to help them celebrate. If you plan on welcoming guests of all ages to your wedding, there are a few smart planning choices you can make to create a great experience for everyone in attendance! One thing to do is set up a special kid-friendly table at your reception. This space will keep your younger attendees occupied, which will keep them happy while their parents enjoy festivities with other adult guests. (more…)

How Your Vendors Help You Realize Your Wedding Vision

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While some couples enter their engagement period with a clear wedding vision, others will piece one together as they start the planning process. In both cases, it is safe to assume that talented wedding vendors will play a role in making their celebration a success! Texas Old Town can help couples who want to host an Austin wedding find the right professionals to assist with their event. Our Preferred Vendors List will give you names and contact information for talented people ready to execute your vision. If you are interested in more support, you can purchase our All-Inclusive Wedding Package! With this package, you only have to convey your vision to us, and we can secure services and make the right arrangements to make it a reality. (more…)

Requesting And Managing The RSVPs For Your Wedding

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The RSVPs you receive for your wedding let you know how many people to expect for your event, who is or is not bringing a date, and (when appropriate) guests’ meal preferences. In other words, the responses returned after your invitations go out provide information you need to complete plans for your wedding event! There are a few things you can do to make RSVP gathering and tracking easier. Give people a clear deadline for when you need their information, and make sure they know what details you are asking of them. If you receive incomplete information, or if people have not responded at the time of the deadline, be prepared to gently follow up with them. (more…)

Tips For Creating A Truly Stylish Wedding Exit

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A memorable ending to your wedding can create a moment well worth photographing, and it can help close your event in a way that satisfies your guests. You should think about both how you want your departure to look on film and how you actually leave the venue for the night. When you think about what guests should hold or throw, take time to look for options that are both visually interesting and relatively easy to clean. To take care of your departure, consider renting a luxury vehicle to pick you up and chauffeur you. While this portion of your event is the end of your night, there are a few matters that wedding party and family members will have to address. Make sure you have someone responsible for picking up decorations and gifts for you, and that the right help is available to clean up at the end of your wedding. (more…)

3 Suggestions To Help You Create A Magical Outdoor Ceremony

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With the right surroundings and the right decorative touches, an outdoor wedding ceremony can feel magical! Texas Old Town supplies you with a stunning Texas Hill Country landscape, one that can be perfect for your outdoor Austin wedding event. The landscape serves as a beautiful backdrop year-round, providing sprawling spaces and finely cultivated areas that are perfect for nuptials. To make the most of the wedding venue that you choose, look for decorative additions that personalize your setting without clashing or being swallowed by the landscape. Floral arrangements can help you fit your wedding colors in without taking away from the natural feel of your ceremony. (more…)

Make Sure You Check Out Our Bridal Garage Sale January 24!

On Sunday, January 24, Texas Old Town will open its doors and welcome couples to our Bridal Garage Sale event! Couples who have recently wed will be on hand to sell gently used decorations at exciting discounts, and our venue spaces will be available to tour. You can find a range of different pieces that work for weddings of different styles. Expect to find rustic and antique pieces along with modern, playful, elegant, and other styles on hand! To ensure that this event is helpful, fun, and safe, we are following state and county guidelines to protect against Covid-19, and social distancing practices will be in place. Make sure you bring cash with you to this event, as the couples selling goods may be unable to take other forms of payment. (more…)