Tips To Follow When You Are Ready To Announce Your Wedding

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From the moment you and your partner become engaged, you can be thrilled to let everyone know about your big life change. Because news so often travels through social media, you may assume that all you need to do is change your relationship status on Facebook to effectively let everyone know what is happening, but you may want to hold off on this switch. Your close friends and family members can rightly assume that they will hear the news from you before the public does – sharing with everyone in such a public way may leave people feeling hurt. You can also find that once the news is official, people expect wedding details. While you do not need to have everything in place, you should have enough planning done to follow up with save-the-dates or invitations relatively soon after sharing your engagement. (more…)

Finding The Appropriate Length For Your Engagement Period

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The day of your proposal can be one of the absolute happiest of your life. After making plans to wed, you and your partner have an important decision to make – when should your celebration take place? Because committing to a date also means committing to a deadline for all wedding preparations, this is not a decision to take lightly! While some prefer to have a short engagement, others find themselves putting off that time to tie the knot. There is no single “correct” length of time for a couple to wait before the wedding. With that said, if you are trying to postpone because you worry about planning, you should know that Texas Old Town offers amenities that can make your engagement period easier. We can even offer an All-Inclusive Wedding Package, where we handle much of the work of arranging your wedding for you! (more…)

What Should You Do With Your Wedding Website?

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You can safely assume that guests, particularly close friends and family, will be excited for your wedding. With that said, you can also expect them to have questions about the upcoming event. If you want to make sure people have relevant information WITHOUT fielding questions throughout your engagement period, your wedding website can help. When you set up your wedding website, you can share information that is included on your invitations, and add further details that might be important. For example, you can elaborate on your dress code, or share a link to your gift registry. Of course, you can also take advantage of your site as a space to share more of your proposal and engagement photos. (more…)

Deciding On The Wedding Gifts You Want On Your Registry

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Building your wedding registry can be fun. After all, you have an excuse to browse stores and online inventories in search of products that can help you start married life in style. With that said, you might find yourself hesitating before making selections. If you and your partner already live together, or if the two of you already have all the appliances and other home items you can imagine needing, you may find yourself asking why you should ask for these traditional products. While you can ask for some classic registry gifts, you may want to introduce some modern alternatives. Some couples choose to make their registry all about their honeymoon, while others drop it entirely, or ask guests to give donations in their name. (more…)

Avoiding Obstacles At The Start Of Your Wedding Planning

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At the start of your wedding planning efforts, you have a healthy supply of something you will not be able to replace as you approach your big day – time! Simply put, if you want to create a successful celebration, you will have to be ready to devote time and attention to your planning efforts. You will also want to act quickly when it comes to securing your wedding vendors, as many experts can be hard to book without significant advance notice. While you may have ample time to arrange everything when you begin your preparations, an effective start can make life easier throughout your engagement period. Of course, if you are concerned about completing everything in time, we can make your planning process considerably easier with our All-Inclusive Wedding Package! (more…)

Should You Commit To DIY Wedding Decorations?

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Creating your own decorations for your wedding can ensure that your pieces look exactly the way you want. Of course, DIY weddings are beneficial to more than just people with specific tastes. Many creative brides-to-be love taking on projects because they can show off their skills, and bring a little of their personality into their ceremony and reception spaces. Of course, before you decide to dive into a DIY wedding experience, there are several considerations you should make. Even seemingly simple projects can prove surprisingly difficult. If you are not properly prepared, they can also become more costly, or more time-consuming, than you anticipate. (more…)

Forming Good Relationships With The Right Wedding Vendors

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Even the most organized couples can find wedding planning intimidating. In fact, even people who want to host a DIY wedding experience often have at least some professional help. By hiring talented wedding vendors, you can have an easier time seeing your wedding vision come to life. One reason people sometimes struggle to work with certain vendors is that they approach these professionals with the wrong attitude, or without the right information. You should be ready to articulate the specifics of what you need on your wedding day, and ready to fully discuss these matters with a vendor before you meet them in person. If you are trying to look for talented people to work your Texas Old Town wedding, you can be happy to learn that we actually provide a Preferred Vendors List to make your search easier. (more…)

These Tips Can Ensure Everyone Looks Their Best At The Altar

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You want your wedding ceremony and reception spaces to look amazing for your wedding, and you want to look your best, too. Because Texas Old Town provides access to bridal and groom suites as part of our standard amenities package, you can also have an easier time planning your day so that everyone in your wedding party looks amazing as well! You can count on having the space, and ample time, for everyone to dress at our venue. Having this space, and the right support on hand, can make it easy for everyone to be prepared to join you at the altar when your guests arrive! (more…)

Use These Tricks To Encourage Guests To Take More Photos

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Professional photographers at your wedding can provide you with images that feel like perfect records of your wedding experience. You can marvel at the way they captured your wedding ceremony, and their ability to preserve the fun of your wedding reception. With all that said, you can never have too many pictures from your wedding, and not all of the shots you collect have to come from your hired photographer. While your guests should keep their phones in their pockets during your ceremony, friends and family members can capture photos you love during your reception. If you want to have a wealth of images from your special day, a little advanced planning can help encourage your guests to take more photos throughout your wedding reception! (more…)

3 Strategies To Help Bring People To The Dance Floor

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There is certainly more to a successful wedding reception than an active dance floor. With that said, a festive atmosphere where plenty of people are showing off their moves can help you end your night in style! As with any successful party, a reception calls for some smart planning. In addition to making sure your space looks amazing, your dinner is a success, and that your favorite wedding traditions are honored, you should put some thought into how you can encourage dancing. Implementing some clever strategies can pay off in the form of a celebratory shindig your friends and family will remember fondly! (more…)