Planning A Daytime Wedding Event

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A daytime wedding can be a lovely way to show off your outdoor setting. The sunshine can enliven our Texas Hill Country surroundings and give you warmth, light, and ample color during your ceremony. It can also be the motivation you need to make some less traditional choices regarding decorations, dress styles, and even what you provide for food and refreshments. Texas Old Town hosts weddings all year long, and we offer sixteen hours of venue access that you can use to create the celebration you truly want. By bringing friends and family members together during the day, you can have a magical wedding event that starts your married life on a bright, cheerful note! (more…)

Take Beautiful First Look Photos At Your Outdoor Venue!

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When couples take first look photos, they can capture more than just the moment of the bridal gown’s reveal. They take stunning images of the happy couple just before they walk down the aisle, which can result in images that both of you cherish. This session also serves a practical purpose, as it removes the need to do couple photos between the ceremony and reception! At Texas Old Town, you can find that our outdoor Texas Hill Country settings provide stunning backdrops for photos. In fact, you can take more than just your wedding day photos with us, as we host engagement photos, proposal pictures, and bridal portraits. (more…)

What Should We Do To Personalize An Outdoor Altar Space?

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Couples who express interest in outdoor wedding ceremonies can look forward to celebrating their love while surrounded by natural beauty. All of our Texas Old Town venues provide access to gorgeous Texas Hill Country landscapes. Because of this, you can find that you have little to do to beautify the area. Of course, you can still have a desire for some decorative touches. After all, what you add to the setting will help personalize it. For your altar space, you can find that a few smart pieces are all you need to add. This is because the altar boasts more than just a view of our Texas Hill Country landscape – you and your partner will also be the focus for your guests! (more…)

Are You Really Ready To Finalize Your Guest List?

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Choosing who you will invite to your wedding can be difficult, particularly if you want to keep your gathering on the small side. You and your partner will have plenty of people you wish to invite, and you can also have people your parents want to include. There are several things you should consider before you commit to a “final” list of people to invite. Beyond simply reviewing the list to confirm that everyone you wish to invite is on your list, think about how many people should have plus-ones, and whether you should let guests bring their kids. You should also make sure you are prepared for everyone on your list to attend. While this is not likely, it is something you should be ready to accommodate. (more…)

Establishing A Timeline Of Wedding Planning Tasks

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After becoming engaged, you and your partner can have a great time informing your family members and closest friends of the news. When you are done revealing your new relationship status to the people in your life, you can confront an important task – actually planning your wedding! Different couples need different timelines for planning, simply because engagement periods vary. For many, the engagement can last around one year, but longer and shorter spans are not uncommon. With that said, no matter how long or short your engagement period is, you benefit from establishing a timeline of tasks early in your wedding planning efforts. Important steps like selecting a date and finding the right wedding venue will help you determine how long you have. Our venue can make planning easier after this step by offering generous amenities, and by providing contact information for experienced vendors! (more…)

Planning The Dining Experience At Your Wedding Reception

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Your wedding reception is about more than just the meal you serve your guests. However, that meal is certainly an important part of the evening! Providing food and refreshments is part of hosting, but it also shows gratitude to your friends and family members who came to support your commitment to your partner. This second part of your wedding should feel like a natural continuation from your ceremony. In other words, you should strive to maintain the same theme and level of formality between both halves of your celebration. While you can make a wide array of choices regarding your food and serving style, make sure the meal feels as formal and inviting as the ceremony you plan to host. (more…)

How To Create Wedding Magic During Your First Dance

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The first dance tends to be one of the first events during a wedding reception. It can take place soon after your guests find their seats, or it can wait until after dinner is served (but before the dance floor officially opens). Your time together on the dance floor can be a fun and lovely moment, one that is sure to produce many lovely pictures. It can be a more traditional and conservative moment, or it can be a chance for you to dazzle the crowd with fun and surprising moves. No matter how elaborate you want to be with your dance, you should put time and effort into preparing it. Even if you keep this moment simple, your efforts at rehearsal can help you remain calm and comfortable while your guests’ eyes are on you. (more…)

How Should We Use Our Wedding Website?

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From the moment you share the news of your engagement, you can have friends and family members excited for the details of your wedding. Of course, it would be difficult to keep up with all of those questions while also trying to plan your wedding! Fortunately, you can use a wedding website to share information and updates, and to say more about your upcoming event than you can fit into your invitations. While wedding websites are not mandatory, there are certain uses for them you can find appealing. In addition to conveying information before your wedding, they can also serve as a way to share images and video from the wedding for invitees who were unable to attend. (more…)

Choosing Your Wedding Officiant For Your Ceremony

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Your officiant for your wedding ceremony sets the tone for your gathering, and ensures that everything proceeds properly. While hired officiants remain popular, this is a role that many couples fill with a close friend or family member. You should give your choice to hire someone or ask someone in your life serious thought. A professional brings experience to the role, which means they can offer guidance and take control if something unexpected happens during the event. However, someone you are personally connected to will be able to speak about you, your partner, and your relationship in a more meaningful and familiar way. (more…)

How Important Is Your Choice Of Wedding Colors?

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There are certain early decisions to make regarding your wedding that will impact many of your choices at a later time. One important early choice is what colors to showcase at your event. The right colors will help you convey your theme and tone, it will determine what decorations you want, and it will narrow your choices for what your wedding party should wear. Because of this, you should try to select your colors early. Selecting your colors and your wedding theme at around the same time will help you capture a real vision for your celebration, something that makes later choices easier. (more…)