Planning A Successful Reception Dinner For Your Guests

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As exciting as it is to have everyone present for your ceremony, your wedding reception can make a meaningful impact on your guests. The reception lets you celebrate your marriage with the people you are close to, and it gives you the chance to thank them for their presence with a lovely dinner and party. Planning the meal for your reception can be intimidating, as there are several logistical issues you have to confront. How should you arrange your guests? What will you serve, and in what way will you serve it? Pretty much every couple faces these questions, and there are no “right” answers – this is your event, and you should look for the arrangement that feels right for you and your guests. (more…)

The Right Dessert Options Can End Your Night On A Sweet Note

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We often associate certain desserts with certain events. We have favorite pies at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and your family may have a particular type of cake ready to serve at every birthday gathering. Of course, few desserts are as recognizable as the traditional tiered wedding cake. It may be hard for you to picture your reception area without imagining the cake, and the attention it attracts. What you should know is that you can do more with your dessert options. You can include a groom’s cake, which can offer an alternative flavor for guests, or even create a special dessert bar with an assortment of goodies. Because desserts are typically served as your wedding night is nearing its end, the right treats can be important to sending everyone home in their best spirits. (more…)

4 Tips To Help You On Your Search For Your Wedding Dress

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Wedding dress shopping is an important step during your wedding preparations, and one that can come up relatively early in your overall planning efforts. This can be a positive, exciting experience for many brides, but you should take care that you approach things in the right way. Exploring your wedding options without a plan for what your budget is, or what you want to see at the shops you visit, can lead to delays and frustration. It can also lead to you feeling overwhelmed. Fortunately, if you set your budget for your dress, and make plans in advance of shopping, you can have a better overall experience. (more…)

We Can Host Your Engagement And Bridal Photos!

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We are excited to welcome couples who want to enjoy their Austin wedding in a beautiful setting. With the right venue, and the right decorations, you can count on your special day to look amazing, and wow your guests. In addition to hosting your wedding, we can welcome you to take bridal and engagement photos on our site! When you arrange a session for photos, you can find the perfect spot, and create images you are thrilled to share, and save in your home. This is one of several ways we enjoy supporting couples who want to wed with us. Beyond simply playing host, our venue can help you plan and prepare for your walk down the aisle. (more…)

Sharing Important Wedding Details With Your Guests

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What should people wear to your wedding? Are you and your partner encouraging families to attend, or will you ask that people leave their kids at home? When it comes to making details of your wedding known to guests, you need to concern yourself with more than just the date and time of your event. Unfortunately, it can feel difficult to fit in details about the formality of your event, and your preferences on who, exactly, is welcome, into your invitations. With that said, you have other resources to effectively communicate with people. Many couples use their wedding website to provide important information that is too detailed, or just not the right fit, for their invitations and save the date notices. Of course, it is worth noting that the people you invite are people you know – when in doubt, reaching out directly can be valuable. (more…)

Warmly Welcoming Guests Who Travel To Be At Your Wedding

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For some guests, the act of attending your wedding will take more planning, more accommodations, and – simply put – more money. These are the guests who attend despite living out of an easy driving range. This could be family members from a different part of the country, or old friends who have moved away, or who you knew from a part of your life spent in a different area than you currently reside. Because out of town guests have to put a little more effort into attending a wedding, it is common for couples to do something that shows their appreciation. This can occur in the form of working with a nearby hotel on a group deal, or providing information on accommodations and local activities. You can also extend an invitation to attend your rehearsal dinner, or host a special gathering for them. (more…)

3 Tips To Help You Start Planning A DIY Wedding

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So you decided to showcase your creativity and craftiness by planning a DIY wedding. This approach is a popular one – in addition to making unique decorations, you can exhibit a rustic charm that can appeal to so many people. What you need to do now is start figuring out how to turn your wedding vision into reality. While making your own wedding decorations can save you money, it can be more demanding of your time. If you are not careful, it can also start to feel overwhelming, as you will need to make sure everything looks great in time for your special day. One of the most important things you can do is take time to plan out everything you need, and figure out how you can make the most impressive decorations, while avoiding unnecessary stress and time constraints. (more…)

Taking Care To Honor Both Families At Your Wedding

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While many important people will be seen walking down the aisle, and standing with you at the altar, you are likely to have a few family members on each side without a prominent wedding role. How can you make sure all of these important people receive recognition during your wedding celebration? There are ways you can acknowledge people like your grandparents, or other family members like aunts and uncles. Some couples can choose something simple, like the use of corsages and boutonnieres to note someone’s importance. You can also include a message in your wedding program, and create a family table near your table at the reception.  (more…)

How Should You Approach Creating Your Gift Registry?

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A gift registry, when correctly assembled, can offer couples the right materials to comfortably start their lives together. The value of traditional gifts, which often center around goods needed for the home, has changed – after all, many couple already live together before walking down the aisle. When you think about what to include on your registry, think about what could practically benefit you and your partner. That can mean upgrading certain appliances, or taking on new items you have yet to purchase. Of course, it can also mean encouraging people to offer different sorts of gifts. Honeyfunds, which help couples plan their honeymoons, and other nontraditional wedding gifts, are certainly acceptable. After all, this is your wedding – you should see to it that it suits your needs! (more…)

Make Sure You Have The Help You Need On Your Wedding Day

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Budgeting your time and attention will be important throughout your efforts to plan your wedding. With that said, effective time management is arguably most important on the day itself, where you will need to have everyone and everything prepared in time for your ceremony. The right professional support can make an important difference when it comes to your setup. Fortunately, the all inclusive wedding package from Texas Old Town includes setup and tear down services on your wedding day. Of course, you also need to make sure everyone in your wedding party is ready. Having professional stylists on hand can help, as they can work quickly to have everyone’s hair and makeup looking great in time for the walk down the aisle. (more…)