Wedding Menu and Cocktail Ideas for 2016

Wedding Cocktail Trends 2016Even brides on a budget know the one place you should never skimp, when it comes to wedding planning, is with the food. That’s because well-fed guests are happy guests, who will be pleased to pack the dance floor and celebrate your big day with you, late into the night. If you’re not sure what to feed your invitees, though, let the latest trends in wedding menus and cocktails serve as inspiration. Here are just a few of the big ideas for 2016 brides! (more…)

3 Tips to Avoid Prewedding Arguments

Wedding Planning Tips for Managing StressWedding planning can be stressful for even the most organized of brides. Unfortunately, that stress can also lead to a lot of fights between fiancés. But it doesn’t have to be that way. While you can’t completely eliminate stress from wedding planning, much less life, you can certainly choose to make this time an opportunity to learn to cope with stress and conflict, healthily, as a couple. So, next time you have a disagreement about the color of your cocktail napkins or which wedding venue to choose, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind. (more…)

Do You Need a Wedding Planner?

Should You Hire a Wedding Planner?You may have always dreamed of what your wedding day would be like. But once you get engaged, and start actually planning it, there are times it can feel more nightmare than fantasy. That’s because along with all the fun decisions – like what flowers to get, or what jewelry to wear – there are seemingly endless tedious choices to be made, like what time your bridesmaids need to get their hair done, or when the caterers need to have the reception hall cleared. While there are ample resources available online to help with the wedding planning process, it can still be overwhelming at times, trying to plan such a big day. So, while not every bride needs to hire a wedding planner, most can certainly benefit from their expertise, connections, and professionalism. Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you’re unsure whether you need a wedding planner or not.


Dessert Ideas for Winter Weddings

Smores StTation for Winter WeddingsFew seasons are more romantic or cuddly than winter, so it’s no wonder many brides opt to host winter weddings. If you’ve chosen a date during the height of the coldest season, though, you will want to incorporate ideas that help keep your guests warm and cozy. And one of the absolute best places to bring in a bit more warmth is the dessert table. Since guests are likely to congregate around the cake, anyways, you might as well make the table a source of entertainment as well as refreshment! Here are some ideas how. (more…)

Awesome Party Ideas for Ringing in the New Year

Hosting a New Year's Eve PartyWhether you want to spend New Year’s Eve hosting a lavish event for all your work acquaintances, or an intimate party with only your best friends and closest family members,, it is a great time host your own party. But worried your shindig will be like all the others? It’s easier than you might think to make your party one for the ages. It just takes a little creativity, and being willing to ask guests to commit to a costume, bringing cocktails, or at the very least, embracing the candid camera click. (more…)

3 (More) Key Questions to Ask Before Booking a Venue

Questions for Your Wedding VenueWedding planning can be stressful, but it becomes much easier as you begin locking down important details, such as a date, a location, and specifically, a wedding venue. While these are some of the biggest decisions you’ll be required to make, they certainly don’t have to be difficult. In fact, many brides find that these are some of the easiest choices to make. Once you’ve fallen in love with a venue, asking questions may seem like a formality, but it is important to take their guidelines into consideration. Here are a few more great questions to ask before you book that dream venue. (more…)

Style Watch 2016: Menswear for Weddings

Grooms Wear TrendsBrides aren’t the only ones wanting to look their absolute best on their wedding days. Modern grooms want to strut their stuff, too, in stylish suits, on-trend accessories and unique elements. Regardless of whether you’re planning for a rustic wedding venue or a lavish ballroom, help make sure your man looks handsome and confident on the big day, by outfitting him with great choices that celebrate his personal style and showcase his best features. (more…)