Offsite Strategic Planning Meetings

Offsite Business MeetingFall means two things in Texas, neither of which is a guarantee of cooler weather. What its arrival does mean is that it is time to enjoy pumpkin-flavored everything, and also, that it’s time for your business to start planning for the next fiscal year! If you think your employees could use a fresh perspective, or you, yourself, need a break from the office, why not host your next strategic planning meeting at a beautiful, inspiring venue? Financial planning may not sound like a party, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be an enjoyable and productive experience. A great location can certainly help make sure it is both! (more…)

How to Honor Missing Loved Ones

Grandparents Wedding PictureAre you having a hard time picturing your wedding day knowing a very special guest won’t be present? Whether it’s someone who has passed away, or a loved one that cannot attend due to illness or other circumstances, there are many ways to honor guests that can’t be with you physically. This can help you keep them close at heart, and make sure they are honored on such a special day. (more…)

Do’s and Don’ts of Bridal Beauty: Part Two

Bridal Beauty Part TwoWhen preparing for a wedding, it’s all too easy to forget minor details, like what to pack in your makeup bag. Thankfully, a little careful planning ahead of time can help prevent last-minute snafus, like smudged eyeliner or a shortage of bobby pins. Even if you’re hiring a hairdresser and makeup artist to help get you glowing on your wedding day, it’s still important to create a foolproof game plan for your bridal look. That way you can face your groom fresh-faced and feeling beautiful, not frantic. (more…)

Do’s and Don’ts of Bridal Beauty: Part One

Bridal Beauty Part OneEvery bride wants to look and feel her best on her big day. And while it might be tempting to choose the latest beauty trends to guide your wedding day look, it’s a good idea to stick with a more classic approach, instead. Whether you choose to let your own signature style be your guide, or just opt for simple, fresh-faced makeup, keep in mind the most trusted of all the beauty principles, one that never goes out of style. There’s never a more appropriate time than your wedding day to just KISS – Keep It Simple, Sexy! (more…)

Game and Activity Ideas for Corporate Events

Corporate Party GamesIt’s not too soon to start planning your annual company Christmas party. In fact, the busy holiday season will be here before you know it. Now is a great time to get a jumpstart on planning your corporate event, from the food and drinks, to the games. Not all party games are created equal, particularly when it comes to corporate events. If you don’t want your employees wishing they were back at the office, choose fun and engaging games that are sure to make your party a hit! (more…)

Tips for Creating a No Conflict Seating Chart

Wedding Planning Seating ChartAre you excited for your wedding except for one pesky problem, the seating chart? You’re not alone. Unfortunately most modern brides find they are inviting at least a handful of people that just don’t get along. It can be stressful when you have guests that want to wish you well on your big day, but may not have love to share with some of your other invitees. Creating your seating chart doesn’t have to feel like torture, though. A little strategy goes a long way when it comes to planning your wedding, but especially when it comes to creating a table plan that will work for everyone, even your most adversarial of guests. (more…)

Questions to Ask Before You Hire Your Wedding Florist

Wedding Florist QuestionsOf all the decisions you’ll make while planning your wedding, few may seem as luxurious – or plain old fun – as choosing your florals! What girl doesn’t love the idea of choosing her dream flowers, getting to order lots of them, sharing with her friends and then stopping and smelling them on her wedding day? From bouquets to tablescapes, there is a lot to consider when selecting a florist, but there are some questions that can help make the process smoother. (more…)