Tips for Picking the Best Venue for Your Wedding

GetMarried Wedding PlanningYou may still be adjusting to that beautiful new ring on your left hand, but that doesn’t mean it’s too soon to start wedding planning. In fact, now is a perfect time to choose the two most important aspects of your wedding day – the date, and the place! There are a number of questions to consider when choosing where you will walk down the aisle, but once you have answered them planning will become much easier. Since the date and location will set the tone for your entire soiree, it’s a good idea to lock them in as soon as possible. (more…)

Trending Now: Wedding Dresses

Trendy Wedding Dress Features Sheer Lace DecolletageIndustry experts recommend that approximately 10% of a wedding budget should go the couple’s apparel and while a good look for the groom might be as simple a classic tuxedo, today’s brides have a lot more to choose from. Every bride has her own ideas as to what looks good for her shape, size, and preferences (not to mention the demands of her mom and girlfriends) but staying on point when it comes to wedding dress trends for 2015 will ensure that your wedding is incredibly stylish. (more…)

Questions to Ask a Wedding Caterer

Deconstructed Caprese Salad Shooters Part of this Wedding's CateringFood is usually one of the biggest aspects of your wedding you will need to budget for. In fact, most wedding planning experts recommend setting aside approximately 50% of your total wedding budget for venue and catering. Since food in an incredibly important part of the wedding – and, incidentally, one that your guests will truly appreciate – you should ask any potential wedding caterers the following questions before booking. (more…)

Who Hosts the Rehearsal Dinner?

Who Hosts the Rehearsal DinnerThere are no rules in today’s age of wedding planning. In generations past, the guidelines were more rigid about who pays for what aspects of the wedding celebrations and who is responsible for planning your wedding festivities. But as modern couples steer away from traditional rules, the boundaries of planning become more blurred. Who pays for the wedding? Who hosts the rehearsal dinner? The best plan is to discuss the wedding openly and honestly with your families to determine what is the best fit for everyone involved. (more…)

5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding VenueYour wedding venue sets the scene for your special day, which is why it’s such an important decision when wedding planning. Choosing a venue is typically the first major wedding-day decision that engaged couples make. But there’s more to pay attention to when reviewing venues than simply the location and ambiance. An event venue’s policies can dramatically affect whether or not you’re able to bring your vision to life. There are several important questions to ask your wedding venue before you finalize it as the spot where you celebrate your “I do.” (more…)

Team Building Activities for Corporate Meetings

Co-Workers Engaging in a Team Building Activity at a Corporate EventWhether you’re planning a quarterly strategy meeting or a corporate retreat to build camaraderie among your team members, the activities you choose for the meeting can have a big impact on how much your employees take away from the experience. All too often, boring, clichéd team-building activities (think trust falls and egg-spoon races) inspire little more than eye-rolls and boredom. However, these three activities might just make your next corporate meeting or event something that your employees will remember. (more…)

A Global Tour of Wedding Traditions

Fun Loving Newlyweds Taking a Selfie with Silly FacesWedding ceremonies are a central life event in nearly all cultures across the globe and they have held this vaunted position since long before mankind began writing down its history. Much has changed in the history of weddings, as we moved from marriages intended to close alliances between families to marriages conducted for the sake of love. And just as many of our American wedding traditions can be a little weird (hello, Chicken Dance!), many cultures across the globe honor wedding traditions that take a walk on the wild side. (more…)