What to Give Your Girlfriend This Valentine’s Day: Part One

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for GuysSure candies and flowers are nice, but there has to be some other way to show the one you love just how much you adore her, right, especially on February 14th? After all, just because she’s allergic to roses or on a strict no-chocolate diet, doesn’t mean you can’t still let her know you care on this holiday. Choosing a non-traditional gift is actually a great way to earn some metaphorical brownie points, too, by proving that you really get her, and aren’t just gifting her something because it’s Valentine’s Day! So, before you work up a cold sweat at the mere thought of the dreaded holiday, or head frantically to the mall, consider these gift ideas she’s sure to adore for this or any special occasion!


Tips on Giving Gifts Guests Will Actually Enjoy

Modern Wedding Favor IdeasSure, your wedding will be its own reward, a fun and entertaining night for all, complete with cake, champagne toasts and dancing. But most brides and grooms still want a special way to thank their guests for attending the wedding day of their dreams. After all, what’s a fairytale ceremony without loved ones there to play witness? But traditional wedding gifts like mini picture frames filled with the happy couple’s faces aren’t exactly going to live happily ever after on bookshelves. So how does a modern couple say “thanks” in a way that will actually be appreciated? Well, today we have rounded up some of our favorite wedding gifts, we think your guests will truly enjoy! (more…)

What You Really Want on Your Wedding Registry

What You Really Want on Your Wedding RegistryFew activities during wedding planning will be as team building, or downright fun, as setting up your wedding registries! (Although we think choosing a wedding venue is pretty fun, too!) Unfortunately in their excitement at holding a scanner gun, or online “shopping” to their hearts’ content, many couples end up opening a lot of gifts they don’t need, and missing the kind of things that would come in truly useful as newlyweds. With that in mind, today we’d like to offer some practical tips for setting up a wedding registry that will actually prepare you for your beautiful life as husband and wife! (more…)

What to Wear and Where to Take Engagement Photos? Part Two

How to Rock Your Engagement Photo SessionHe finally popped the question, and you said an elated “Yes!” Now comes the fun part. Yes; you’ll need to plan your wedding, but before that comes an engagement session. This is a chance to celebrate your unique connection, and to show off that new ring to all your friends. After booking a photographer, you may be a little lost as to how to prepare for your engagement photo session. Well, here are a few things to keep in mind so you can look stylish and so in love. (more…)

What to Wear and Where to Take Engagement Photos? Part One

Engagement Photo TipsOnce you’ve excitedly shared the news that you’re engaged, you may hurry into the fun work of planning your dream wedding. But in your haste to get to the altar, don’t forget to schedule engagement photos. An engagement session is a great opportunity to celebrate this special season in your life. After all, you only get to be fiancés for a short time! Commemorate it with beautiful photos you’ll cherish long after you’re husband and wife. Perhaps best of all, an engagement photo session is a great excuse to get dolled up, and also to make a connection with your wedding photographer, that way you two have already built a rapport when it comes to your wedding day. Here are a few tips how to make your first photo session as a couple a roaring success. (more…)

Yay! You’re Engaged! Now What? Part Two

Wedding Planning Made Simple with Your Dream VenueYou’re engaged, and now the whole world knows it. You’ve even taken the first step in planning, and booked the wedding venue of your dreams. But now what? There are seemingly countless steps necessary to take before you can walk down the aisle to the man of your dreams. Fortunately, the first few are not as hard as they may seem, particularly if you have some wedding professionals on your side. And lucky you, you do! At Texas Old Town we love helping our brides plan their dream weddings, by offering a convenient payment plan, providing a generous number of hours on-site, and recommending local vendors we’d hire for our own weddings. But we also love helping all brides by doling out some hard-earned advice, including some tips that can make wedding planning feel more like smooth sailing than a cold sweat! (more…)

Yay! You’re Engaged! Now What? Part One

Engaged? What Now? Planning Tips from Your Wedding VenueValentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while that means chocolates and flowers for most, it could mean a surprise engagement for some! Holidays are wonderfully popular times for popping the question, perhaps because of the intrinsic romance of spending a special day together (but also because it makes it much easier for your guy to remember the date). If Cupid is kind enough to bring you a stunning ring over the holiday, here are some helpful tips for what to do next, after the shrieks of joy, calling your mom, and texting your bestie, of course! (more…)

To Invite or Not to Invite, How to Answer That Pesky Question

Wedding Planning? How to Get Your Guest List Under ControlAh, the guest list, every bride’s personal nightmare. Just when you were getting excited to invite your closest friends and family to help you celebrate the biggest day of your life, you realize formulating the perfect guest list is not at all as simple as it sounds. Whether you’re planning to host a small, intimate destination wedding, or a lavish affair in your hometown, getting your guest list to a manageable number can feel anything but fun. Fortunately, there are some fairly painless ways to start whittling down that list in a way that ensures you are surrounded by love and support on your wedding day, without bursting your budget or breaking the fire code at your beautiful wedding venue.


Make Healthy Living Fun and Enriching for You and Your Groom

Healthy Cooking As a CoupleIf you want arrive at your dream wedding venue looking your best, and feeling just as great inside, there are several steps that can be taken. Yesterday we talked about how brides can take better care of themselves, by being kind about their bodies and taking time to de-stress. But you also want to feel even closer to your groom-to-be on your wedding day than you do today. So how can the two of you take care of yourselves and each other, while planning the wedding of your dreams? Hint: it’s getting hot in here, and it’s going to be great for your relationship! (more…)

Feel Your Best as a Bride with Some Self-Care

Bridal Habits for Self-CareEvery bride wants to feel like she’s glowing on her wedding day. Sure she wants to take her groom’s breath away, but it’s just as important that she feel her best, inside. Unfortunately many brides-to-be go to extreme measures trying to fit into their dresses, or reaching their personal bests physically. And they sometimes resort to drastic, even outlandish, methods that may leave them feeling moody, instead of magical on their big day. Instead of crash dieting or strange spa services, try some good old-fashioned self-care throughout wedding planning and especially leading up to your wedding, that will leave you feeling great inside, and looking gorgeous! (more…)