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Three Tips for Sticking to Your Wedding Budget

Are you thrilled to be planning your wedding, but a bit nervous about whether or not you and your fiancé will actually be able to stick to the budget you have set for yourselves? For many couples, especially those that are paying for a wedding on their own, it can be incredibly important that they… Read more »

What Should Your Bridesmaids Wear?

If you are a bride that wants her friends to look and feel beautiful during your big day, then chances are, you are already on the hunt for something other than the mythical “typical” bridesmaid dress. You know the one. It’s made of ill-fitting organza, and somehow also includes an ungodly amount of taffeta, and… Read more »

Choosing Your Wedding Date

Your wedding is one of the most important experiences of your life and everybody wants theirs to be perfect. However, there are numerous decisions to make: who will be in your wedding party, who will you choose for the best man, the maid of honor, who will you invite? And then there’s the choice of… Read more »

Five Southern Traditions All Couples Should Consider! Part Two

Wedding planning becomes a lot more fun when you choose to only to adhere to the “rules” that resonate with you, and to take longstanding traditions and make them all your own! And whether you’re a Southern bride, or just inspired by their classic taste, here are some of our favorite wedding traditions that we’re sure… Read more »

Wedding Planning, Part 1: Is DIY Right for You?

Whether you’ve been planning your wedding day since you were in second grade or you only recently realized that marriage is a plunge you’re willing to take, you want your big day to be special. Thanks to the ubiquity of planning websites and crafting resources, do-it-yourself weddings have become increasingly popular. Yet, no one can… Read more »

The Wise Bride’s Guide to Outdoor Weddings

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of an outdoor wedding under the beautiful Texas sky or maybe you’ve just recently fallen in love with the idea spending your special day in a picturesque outdoor setting. It’s no doubt that outdoor wedding ceremonies have the potential to be unforgettable . . . but thanks to unpredictable Texas weather,… Read more »